Chapter 27:

Xadulo's Goal: Kyshanne, and the Potions


Early in the morning, Kyshanne woke up earlier than the others, and decided to take a short walk. She looked around only to find the place more nostalgic, seeing images from her childhood.

‘Hey, mom! Can I pick those flowers?’, ‘No.’

‘Can I bathe in that river?’, ‘No.’

‘Can we visit uncle and grandma?’, ‘NO.’

‘Can I have dad back…?’, ‘NO!’

Kyshanne’s vision became blurry. ‘Can I at least feel that you love me?’ tears flowed. ‘No! Why do you have so much questions?! Why do you wish for so much?! You PEST!’ Kyshanne wanted to stop the tears, but couldn’t. She squatted, and continued wiping. “Dammit…!” she calmed herself, and stood. Looking around, memories still flooded.

“You’re out of my life!” Kyshanne’s mom dragged her into the Centre as she cried about how her grip hurts, and that she doesn’t want to go. “My whole life changed ever since that wrenched father of yours came! Now you’re going home! Back to that Human World…! And find yer human father there!”

“Dammit… dammit, dammit!” Kyshanne said to herself, hitting her own head. “…I don’t want to remember it…! Leave me alone, memories!” tears were still flowing. “Why are ya alone here?” Kyshanne heard Xadulo’s voice, and raised her head to confirm. “Xadulo…”, “You’ve been hitting your head, your hair’s all messy n…” Kyshanne hugged her tightly, then cried silently. Xadulo patted her back and said, “Let me hear it.”

“…So, in other words, you think you are a necromancer-human hybrid?”, “Basically… that’s how genetics works,” Kyshanne answered. “Gimme your hand”, “What?” Xadulo grabbed her left hand and sliced her wrist slightly to let out a little amount of blood. Xadulo took a drop and tasted it. “…you’re a pure necromancer,” Xadulo said. “How… can that be?” Xadulo licked the rest that was still sticking in her finger.

“I’m guessing your necromancer genes ate away the human genes. I find about half of these blood cells are a few days younger than you”, “…!”, “Maybe you were a full-blown hybrid when you were born, but the necromancer genes took over the human genes. …then maybe, all those who have necromancer genes will turn into necromancer, even if it’s only 1% …” Xadulo thought. “…! Ah! I just thought of something!” she suddenly said. “W-what is it?” Kyshanne asked. “I’m hungry,” her belly grumbled.

“Seril! Is the food ready yet?” Xadulo asked that immediately after the she and Kyshanne returned. “Oh, you finally came back. It’s almost ready, so kindly prepare,” Seril replied. Kyshanne was supposed to do what Seril said, but Xadulo tapped her shoulder to get her attention. She whispered with a smile, “Even though I said to tell me everything next time, you still didn’t.”

About 8 months passed, and Jack finally found all of the items in the list. “This is perfect! Just when we ran out of potions thanks to Xadulo playing with every last drop of them!” Jack said, hiding the anger behind his enthusiasm. “Now I can make enough potions fer your plan,” he continued. “You know I can read hearts, right, Jackie?”, “It’s your fault! Why would you sneak my potions to play with?! And without my permission!” Jack didn’t even try to hide it this time. Xadulo bowed and said, “I am deeply sorry,” in the bluntest way possible.

“Here! Carnelia, I’ve written my wish-list!” Xadulo said, showing Carnelia a paper of wishes. “…There’s rather a lot of it. Lots of wishes,” Carnelia said. But what bothered Carnelia was the second half of the wishes. ‘Go to the afterlife’, ‘Find out what’s there’, ‘Resurrect’, ‘find out what happens’. “These last ones… how are you going to conduct them?”, “You’re gonna help me, Carnelia!”

“Are the potions done? Jackie,” Xadulo asked. Jack, in front of a pot above a fire, replied, “Just one more. It’s the special potion you asked me to make,” Xadulo leaned at the pot and saw smooth, neon goo inside. “What does one help?”, “The potions Old Brints gave can make only one kind of stone: gravel. Unlike cementation, even the inside of the object can be turned into stone. There, I could say Brints wasn’t a scammer. But the one problem in gravel isn’t what I want.” Jack couldn’t understand.

“Hu~h…?”, “I meant that with this special potion, we can make not only gravel, but also different types of rocks, depending on the petrified object. Well, I’m guessing most objects will only end as gravel, anyways, but I only have one thing in mind I want to petrify.”

Xadulo called for Seril after the potion was done. “This is the final step. Please charge the potion for 5 minutes”, “What?!” Seril asked Pablo to cook food before he electrifies the potion. After five minutes, Xadulo covered the pot and said “Let it cool overnight”. The next day, everyone was awakened by Jack shouting “WOAH!”

“The potion! It’s as clear as water!” he showed the pot. “Isn’t that just water? Ridiculous,” Kyshanne said, and went back to her tent to sleep. Jack placed the whole thing in a jar. “The goo-y-ness of it also disappeared…”, “Can we differentiate it from water?” Pablo asked. “Yeah, at least I can. It’s denser than water anyways, and it has this rust smell, but very faint,” Jack explained. “Well, now we’re done with the potions!” Xadulo said.

“Carnelia, were almost half-way my wish-list. Help me with the next!” Carnelia’s eyes widened after remembering that the next in her wish-list is… ‘Petrifying my eyes after dying’.