Chapter 1:


Colourland Series 5: Preliminaries

Chapter 1

Training Hard

Morning came, King Bobby and the advisors then woke up and they then ate their breakfast. They then headed outside and they went to an area where they were training their moves.

" We need all the power in the universe " said King Bobby.

" We will crush this tournament "

" Warbler will be found and our victory will happen "

" My brother will be back with us " said Blackburnian.

" I know he will "

Lord Grackle was able to use the Bird Implosion.

" My abilities have gotten so good " said Lord Grackle.

" I cannot wait to use my skills at the tournament "

" Crayon must go down, Crayon cannot ever be a friend to Warbler " said King Bobby.

" Warbler has been let down "

" Our meals are better, we are making his life better " said Queen Starling.

" Very true " said Curtis.

Colour King had woken up in Colourland with all his officials.

" That Challenger will pay " said Colour King.

" I am so Colourlandish, Colourland needs to be as Colourlandish as possible right now "

" I will not allow him to continue to do what he has done "

" I did so much for Colourland "

" The people do not like Challenger " said Colour Dictator.

" Yes, they must have Colour King in charge " said Colourclever.

" Colourland will belong to us and Colour King will lead " said Colour Queen.

" True " said Colourclever.

" Indeed " said Colour Administrator.

" I need to be the leader of Colourland, my opinion is so good " said Colour King. " People must agree with me for the sake of Colourland "

" My opinion is truly Colourlandish, I will stop Challenger for the sake of Colourland "

" Colourlandish people understand how Colourlandish I am and want me back "

" Now we will head out for training " said Colour Queen.

" Yes " said Colour Administrator. " Colourlandish people see a jackass when they see Challenger "

" When Colour King is there people do not call him one at all "

" Yes, Colour King is not called a jackass at all " said Colour Queen.

" Colour King must regain power "

" Yes, I must and will do so " said Colour King.

" I know of my skill "

" I wonder if King Bobby has returned as well "

" He might have " said Colourclever.

" I know of what he has been doing for Bird's Isle "

They all then heard about the tournament, they then started to train.

They then noticed King Bobby.

" Well, this is now the ultimate alliance " said King Bobby.

" The last time we met in person was very long ago " said Colour King.

" It is a great sight to see "

" We will make our countries as good as possible, that Challenger guy must go "

" We want Warbler and we must take him from Crayon and his friends " said King Bobby.

' We know of what Crayon has done "

" Well, good training to you all "

" Thanks, we will do great " said Colour King.

" We are allies, it must stay this way " said Queen Starling.

" Crayon and his friends will be stopped, Warbler will be in Bird's Isle at the end " said King Bobby. " Me and Colour King will be the finals "

" Yes, for sure " said Colour King.

" There is no stopping us "

" Challenger is not going to beat me more than once "

" Nor will he do the same to me "

Colour King and his officials then were training their moves.

Crayon and his friends got up and then they were contacted by King Bobby. The message said this.

Crayon, you cannot hide forever. All of us are training our abilities, we will meet at the tournament if not sooner. We expect Warbler and Allie back in Bird's Isle at the end of this. We do not want you hanging out with him, Allie knows how much she loves Warbler so she will agree.

She has shown these feelings so much now. The amount that she loves Warbler is so high. I cannot have you and your friends interfere with this. They are not good for Warbler or Allie. They are a great couple, you must understand. You will need to train harder than you ever have to even have a chance here.

King Bobby Blackbird

" Allie does love Warbler but Warbler doesn't want to be around these guys " said Colourea.

" I wonder if Grackle and Dove will enter " said Colouruke.

" I could see it " said Artby. " Bakers want more of our friends to fight "

" Bakers love our friends, they bake for them "

" They like friends fighting "

Crayon and his friends then made their breakfast and they went outside and they saw Challenger.

" Good morning " said Challenger.

" Good morning, Challenger " the four of them said.

" There will be tons of training now " said Challenger.

" We were messaged by King Bobby " said Crayon.

" He wants Warbler and Allie in Bird's Isle instead of here "

" His demands will not succeed " said Challenger.

" We will fight hard "

" Yes, we will do so " said Crayon.

" Warbler enjoys being around us " said Colouruke.

" Bakers want us hanging with him " said Artby. " Baking does so much "

" I love bakers, my love for the baker is extremely strong "

" Well, we should go train " said Challenger.

" The tournament is super tough " said Colourea.

" We will need it "

" Let's go " said Challenger.

They then headed to their regular training spot and then they started their training.

Challenger used the Electrocution Implosion, Crayon used the Bird Implosion, Colourea and Artby used the Heatwave Implosion while Colouruke used the Deepsea Implosion.

" Awesome power " said Challenger.

" We are still very strong " said Crayon.

" We will crush this tournament " said Artby.

" Bakers want a customer of theirs to win over people that do not eat at the bakeries "

" When a customer wins, it is better for bakers "

" How so ? " asked Colourea.

" It makes bakers happier and prouder of themselves, they love themselves more " said Artby.

" I will be a customer that does that "

" Uh, okay " said Colouruke.

" Well, we should use our blasts " said Challenger.

" Yes, that is a great idea " said Crayon.

Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Blast, Crayon, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Blast.

" Awesome to see " said Challenger.

" It's asskicking time " said Artby.

" We will give King Bobby one "

" King Bobby is a man that will not go down easily but we should be ready " said Colouruke.

" Baking always prevails and so does customers " said Artby.

" Baking never dies, bread will always be eaten by me "


" Well you do enjoy the bread a lot " said Colourea.

" Bread never dies " said Artby.

" Uh, okay " said Colourea.

" Time to use our bombs " said Challenger.

Challenger used the Ultimate Electrocution Bomb, Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Bomb, Colourea and Artby used the Ultimate Heatwave Bomb while Colouruke used the Ultimate Deepsea Bomb.

" Nice exploding " said Challenger.

" Bakers love that from a customer " said Artby.

" I like being a customer who can do that, it feels good "

" Do they ? " asked Colouruke.

" They sure do, customers can protect the baker " said Artby.

" Great customers have made sure that bakers can truly bake "

" Customers are very useful in different ways "

" From purchases " said Colourea.

" Not just the purchases, the way a customer fights can truly inspire a baker " said Artby.

" It is truly inspiring for a baker to bake when they see that "

" Well, we should use our strikes " said Challenger.

Challenger used his Tenfold Electrocution Strike, Crayon, Artby and Colourea used their Tenfold Heatwave Strike while Colouruke used his Tenfold Deepsea Strike.

" Awesome strikes " said Challenger. " Extremely proud "

" It is great " said Crayon.

" I do all of this for bakers " said Artby.

" Always for a baker, they want tournament victories and lots of them "

" Bakers love this tournament "

" Well if there is bread to baked then maybe " said Colouruke.

" The fighters will want bread, crave bread and demand bread " said Artby. " They understand what is at stake in the tournament "

" Bakers are needed "

" Well, we should head to the bakery " said Colourea.

" Yeah, we could use some bread " said Crayon.

" How could we not " said Artby. " It is impossible for us to not need bread "

" We need bread, we will give the best asskickings ever "

" Let's go " said Challenger.

Meanwhile in the Bear hideout, Xax had woken up.

" Easeion " said Xax.

" I am glad to see you are here "

" Xax, we will get our revenge " said Easeion.

" I cannot believe that Crayon has made me look bad more than once "

" I'm a legend, not a dumbass "

" This cannot stand "

" We will make sure that Crayon makes nobody look bad again " said Xax.

" I know we can do so "

" Xax, neither of us have seen you in a long time " said Blackin.

" He was part of the Bear under Brett " said Easeion.

" We must train " said Blackina.

" Our power must be unlimited "

" My desire for Blackina keeps me going, I cannot ever stop loving Blackina " said Blackin.

" I never forget to show my feelings for her "

" That is what I love to see, now let's train our abilities " said Blackina.

" Great idea " said Xax.

The four of them then started training their moves and they were glad to be able to use intense power.

Meanwhile Warbler and Allie had then heard a knock on the door.

" I wonder who that is ? " asked Allie.

You never know " said Warbler.

" It looks like Lord Grackle "

" Lord Grackle ? " asked Allie.

" King Bobby wants us away from Crayon and his friends "

" This could be very bad "

" He didn't see us but we took a close look " said Warbler.

" Yeah, I am not sure " said Allie.

" Same here " said Warbler.

" Warbler, we know that you are here " said Lord Grackle. " Crayon is not here, this is a good time "

" You can get away from him much easier "

" Good time ? " asked Warbler.

" Yes, you must let me inside " said Lord Grackle.

" Bird's Isle is counting on it "

" Now, you know of my ability so I suggest that you listen to me right now "

Lord Grackle was let inside.

" So, what brings you to our house ? " asked Allie.

" King Bobby needs to see you two " said Lord Grackle.

" We are staying at this hotel "

" Colourland Superhotel ? " asked Warbler.

" I have heard of it "

" I have heard good things about it " said Allie.

" Yes, the rooms are so good " said Lord Grackle.

" I am with Curtis "

" Curtis is at his room right now, I was sent here "

" I suggest that you two come with me "

" I hope Crayon does not see anything " said Warbler.

" Crayon is not a man that should concern you, you two can be around us instead " said Lord Grackle.

" Crayon did not support Bird's Isle "

" We support Bird's Isle and you two much more than Crayon does "

" King Bobby says that he is not someone you should be around, King Bobby knows what is best for you "

" Crayon does not "

" Crayon is not the man that his friends think he is "

Lord Grackle then got inside this car they had rented, they got inside. The car then drove them to the hotel where King Bobby and his advisors were there.

" Warbler " said King Bobby.

" This is great "

" I am happy that Lord Grackle was able to find you two this soon "

" My brother is now back with us " said Blackburnian.

" You two will train with us " said Queen Starling.

" We do not know the rules of this tournament but we will do extremely well " said Curtis.

" Crayon is not someone that you can hang with " said Draco.

" He sure is not " said Rourke.

" Now we know that you two will want a room to yourselves " said King Bobby.

" Grackle and Dove will try to enter " said Queen Starling.

" I wonder what they will do " said Diana.

" I think that they will be against us " said Blackburnian.

" We will deal with them "

" I know that Warbler is stronger than them " said Queen Starling.

" Now, I will pay for a room for you two " said King Bobby.

" This place is amazing "

" Yes, it is " said Draco.

King Bobby brought Warbler and Allie to the ground floor of the hotel and they had a room which they checked into.

Meanwhile King Bobby called Crayon who answered.

" Crayon, we must discuss something " said King Bobby.

" King Bobby ? " asked Crayon.

" What do you want to discuss ? "

" Warbler and Allie are at a hotel, Lord Grackle brought them there " said King Bobby.

" You stay away from them, we do not want you around "

" Warbler needs us not you, stay away "

" He's our friend " said Crayon.

" Just like Allie "

" No he is not " said King Bobby.

" His brother Blackburnian is sick of it "

" Blackburnian hates the idea of him being around your group "

" He wants the best for Warbler "

" He is a great guy "

" Colour King has returned, I will work with him to make sure of it "

" Colour King ? " asked Crayon.

" Yes, he is back and stay away from Warbler " said King Bobby. " He will take Colourland back from Challenger, you will see it for yourself "

" Warbler is going to eat better "

" Challenger has trained a lot " said Crayon.

" We will find a way to take him down " said King Bobby.

" He can be defeated "

" You will see me at the tournament "

" Yes, we will see you there " said Crayon "

" We will give it everything "

" These battles will be great " said King Bobby.

" Me and Colour King will be the final two "

Crayon and his friends got their bread from the bakery where Artby thanked the bakers and they left.

" Colour King has returned " said Crayon.

" What ? " asked Colouruke.

" Warbler and Allie have been taken by Lord Grackle to this hotel " said Crayon.

" These events are terrible " said Colourea.

" Yeah, this is not good at all "

" Baking will stop it " said Artby.

" We will keep training " said Challenger.

" Bakers want us to win " said Artby. " Colour King and King Bobby will be stopped "

" That is a dangerous alliance " said Colouruke.

" Knowing our luck now, some Bear members are back as well "

" It would not surprise me " said Crayon.

" Things really could go that way "

They then headed home, Challenger headed to his office.

" That King Bobby is too much " said Crayon.

" We will defeat him " said Colourea.

" Bakers know what they are doing" said Artby.

More time continued to pass, Crayon and his friends enjoyed their supper.

Meanwhile Colour King had met with Challenger.

" Colour King ? " asked Challenger.

" You know what I am here for " said Colour King.

" The tournament " said Challenger.

" Yes, we must prove how Colourlandish we are " said Colour King.

" Us and King Bobby are going to be in the final four with Colour Queen "

" Perhaps Crayon " said Challenger.

" It is going to be a gathering of the truly powerful "

" Crayon is not strong enough " said Colour King.

" Colour Queen, Queen Starling and Colour Dictator are stronger honestly "

" Challenger, I assume that you are cracking down on the protests "

" Protests ? " asked Challenger.

" Why the protests ? "

" They are not Colourlandish and they are not respectful of this country " said Colour King.

" Challenger, has any leader allowed protests ever ? "

" Crayon has not been protesting, so what does that say "

" Crayon has the right to not do so, but other people who want to protest are allowed " said Challenger.

" Plus Crayon and his friends have a lot of training to do so "

" Protesting is not illegal "

" That is a decision that you will end up regretting, protests are not good for Colourland " said Colour King.

" I will claim my victory "

Well, the tournament has a lot of strong contenders, it will not be easy " said Challenger.

" We will meet again " said Colour King.

Colour King left and he headed back to his place.

More time continued passing, Crayon kissed Colourea goodnight and they all went to bed.

Morning came, The Bear were awake and then Whites woke up from being knocked out a long time.

" Blackin, my cousin " said Whites.

" This is amazing "

" Whites, it is great to see this " said Blackin.

" I am glad that you are back "

" Yes, it is wonderful to return " said Whites.

" This tournament will be great for the organization "

" It will " said Xax.

" Blackin is a great man, he will win it all " said Blackina.

" I will make sure that our victory is guaranteed " said Easeion.

" I won't hesitate to cause a lot of injuries here "

" Crayon is a man I want to suffer, Bill and Tara have still not awakened "

" The Bear will get their revenge "

" Tons of Bear members want his end "

" Our organization will not hesitate to steal " said Whites.

" Yes, we can take from the fans " said Xax.

" They will have some good shit "

" That is for sure " said Blackin.

" We must be very careful there, I don't know how they are going to plan this tournament " said Blackina.

" Now we should train our moves " said Blackin.

" Yes, we cannot beat Crayon otherwise " said Easeion.

" All of us want a crack at him "

" Yes, for sure " said Xax.

They then started training their moves in the hideout, they were happy to do so.

King Bobby and the advisors woke up while Warbler and Allie did the same.

" Good morning " said King Bobby. " It is time for us to get ready for training "

They got ready and they then headed to their training spot.

" Learning the Bird Implosion is a must " said Curtis.

" I must know it "

" Yes, we need that power " said Queen Starling.

" Now it is time to begin " said King Bobby. " We must keep Crayon away from Warbler "

" He is having the life that Bird's Isle needs "

They all then started, they all trained their bombs, blasts, strikes and implosions.