Chapter 0:


In Another World With A Katana System

12th March,7042

Esther Bagton sat on the chair in her dark room staring at her computer screen and reading a manhua ,page by page. She heard of this manhua from a co-worker the previous day and it was incredibly interesting, just as her co-worker had said. She heard the occasional hammering from next door but  there was another sound. It sounded like lightning and just as she was about to read the last chapter of the manhua, lightning struck on her and the only thing left was a computer and the ashes of a person beside it.

13th March,7042

Murmuring was all Esther could hear, the voices were inaudible but Esther could make out words like,’Awake’,’Vampire Queen’,’Reincarnation’,‘Evolution’. From these words she then realized she had somehow reincarnated, but she had to clear her mind. How had she died? By lightning. Where was she? She had no clue. Why was she here in this unknown place? From the voices she was probably the reincarnation of the Vampire Queen. She decided to confront the people talking and opened her eyes only to see a bunch of hooded figures. She was confused because of the situation and asked,”Where am I”,but she was ignored and one of the hooded figures said,”It seems she has lost her memories.”The others agreed and replied.”She also needs some training “.Esther got annoyed and asked once again,”Where am I”. The figures finally acknowledged her presence.”You are at the Castle of Vampir”a figure answered her. She nodded in understanding and asked again,”Why am I here?”.The figures looked at each other and nodded,”Well I’m sure you’ve figured things out”The same figure that answered her said. She looked at them,then nodded her head saying,”That I’m the Reincarnation of The Vampire Queen?”.”You’re correct,um we’ll have a proper discussion later,someone will escort you to a vacant room.I do hope it will be up to your liking.”the figure answered.She nodded and understood that her life will never be the same.