Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Oh My God

Volume 1-Turbulence

Hazel Stone was coming to the dance studio for a busy day at the studio. She was a choreographer who was well loved there. Everybody admired her dancing, except for the other choreographer Carter Jennings. Nobody knew why he didn't like her dancing. 

Hazel was really into him. But she couldn't tell him that. He didn't even like her dancing so how could he like her? So she kept her feelings buried deep inside her. Nobody knew it that she found him to be very hot, which he already was because she didn't let anyone know. 
She was walking home when she thought that she felt a guy behind her. It felt like a stalker but she didn't pay attention. When she stepped inside her apartment, a handkerchief came over her face. It was filled with chloroform and she passed out by just a sniff.