Chapter 1:


Colourland Series 5: Matches

Chapter 7

The Evening At The Tournament

Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with Easeion.

" So, Easeion as you know Crayon is fighting next " said King Bobby.

" You fought against Warbler but now we are on the same side "

" Yes, I will diss Crayon during the match " said Easeion. " I will fuck with him good so good "

" Hahahaha "

" We need him to lose, I don't know about Electro as a fighter " said King Bobby. " Me, Challenger and Colour King are stronger than Crayon so Electro should have a shot "

" Electro believes Challenger to be a dick " said Easeion.

" Electro's victory will be important " said King Bobby.

" Yeah, Crayon will look so sad and useless which is the way I want him " said Easeion.

" Crayon will feel worthless , I will be smiling like the rest of the Bear "

" I want him feeling terrible, I want him to feel ashamed of himself "

" There is something I like about that "

" Well, we do need him to stay away from Warbler " said King Bobby.

" If that makes him do that, then that is good "

" Yes " said Easeion.

" I will be going " said King Bobby.

" See you later "

Electro and Oceanoke were together.

" Challenger's a dick " said Electro.

" Crayon will defend him which is not right honestly "

" It annoys me "

" Perhaps Crayon is not aware of what is happening in Colourland " said Oceanoke.

" That must be why "

" Crayon is a guy that never understood Colour King and what he did " said Electro.

" Colour King was not a dick "

" He understood Colourlandish people very well and he wanted them to not commit crimes against the country "

" Yeah, Colour King is great " said Oceanoke.

" He is a great leader "

" I am winning my fight tomorrow " said Electro. " The confidence is through the roof now "

" Good " said Oceanoke.

" Crayon must fall down and look not like a hero "

" If he was a hero, he would find Challenger to be a dick " said Electro.

" So, he isn't one "

" True, he is not one " said Oceanoke.

" I hope more Colourlandish see that he isn't one "

" I believe that they will " said Electro.

Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were together in the hotel.

" Crayon is going to look like a moron " said Xax.

" I am going to diss him during the fight " said Easeion.

" Electro is going to win " said Xax.

" We are united in our disdain for Crayon now "

" We will all be living it up and enjoying ourselves "

" Crayon will be a sad motherfucker " said Easeion.

" I do not want him to feel any joy in this tournament, his joy must be destroyed "

" As a Smithson, I will get revenge "

" Brett, Bill and Tara are counting on me so much "

" I will not let them down "

" This alliance will guarantee that " said Xax.

" Not to mention our skills "

" Yes, we are too strong " said Easeion.

" Hahahahaha " they both said.

Challenger was confronted by Blackin.

" So Challenger, you will go down " said Blackin.

" My love for Blackina is a love that cannot ever stop, I have a special desire "

" This desire is so strong "

" We'll see about that " said Challenger.

" I love Blackina so much, my love for her beautiful body will guide me to victory "

" It gives me so much power, my techniques are stronger due to that kind of loving "

" I know how to love Blackina "

" Her body ? " asked Challenger.

" I am confused here "

" Yes, you have seen her body for yourself " said Blackin.

" It is a great body, so great "

" Yes, I have " said Challenger.

" I just don't see how her body will change that "

" It doesn't add up "

" You will see for yourself " said Blackin. " Her body does so much, you will understand her body and what it will do "

" She will win her next fight "

" Challenger, you will see it for yourself "

" We will see " said Challenger.

Blackin then left towards where Blackina and Whites were and they were talking.

" Electro vs Crayon will be very interesting " said Whites.

" Easeion has promised to diss Crayon during the fight "

" We will get to see if Crayon deals with that well or not " said Blackina.

" I hope that he doesn't for our sake "

" I hope he doesn't " said Whites.

" It is better for Crayon to feel less good "

" Yeah, that would be perfect " said Blackina.

" Crayon's downfall will be good for the Bear " said Blackin.

" I will win this for Blackina "

" My cousin will do this " said Whites.

" Easeion will get to Crayon and make him screw up really bad "

" Yes, I do think he will " said Blackin.

" Hahahahaha " they all said.

Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were together with Grackle and Dove.

" Electro will be a good opponent to fight " said Crayon.

" I am ready "

" You will give him a nice asskicking, bakers want that from you " said Artby.

" I have given some good asskickings for baking, baking is very important "

" Baking is so important to a baker, bakers are very important for fighting "

" Fighting ? " asked Colourea.

" Baking is so important when I fight " said Artby.

" Bakers know that they are very important "

They do ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, they know that they are well admired for baking, customers get it " said Artby.

" Customers understand what it means to buy bread, they never ever forget that "

" Uh, okay " said Crayon.

" We will be enjoying these fights " said Grackle.

" Same here " said Dove.

" I will be rooting Crayon on " said Colouruke.

" Bakers love us, they want us to win " said Artby.

" Baking does that, baking makes bakers want us winning a tournament "

" Baking ? " asked Dove.

" Baking is something that does so much, I will love baking more by the month " said Artby.

" Well, we should eat " said Challenger.

" Good idea " said Crayon.

They ate their supper which they enjoyed, meanwhile Warbler was with Allie.

" I am happy to see you here " said Warbler.

" King Bobby was so strong " said Allie.

" Yeah, he is very powerful " said Warbler.

" I want Crayon to beat Electro, King Bobby will be rooting for Electro "

" Yeah, that is for sure " said Allie.

" Crayon should be able to win "

" This is a fight that will be very intense " said Warbler.

" It is, I love you Warbler " said Allie.

" I love you as well, Allie " said Warbler.

Allie then kissed Warbler and they embraced each other.

Meanwhile Blackburnian was with King Bobby, Queen Starling and Diana.

" So, I heard that Easeion will diss Crayon during the fight " said Diana.

" Yes, he will do so " said King Bobby.

" Crayon has not been a friend to Warbler that he can have, I have done so much for Warbler " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler's potential is out of this world "

" If Easeion can harm Crayon, then it benefits us "

" Yes, his potential is out of this world " said Queen Starling.

" Easeion can do what is needed "

" We will save Warbler for the sake of Bird's Isle" said King Bobby. " Bird's Isle is a great place and it is place designed for Warbler "

" Warbler must be in Bird's Isle not with Crayon "

" Yes, he must come with us when you win " said Queen Starling.

" The dating site has done wonders for him, Crayon never did that for him " said Blackburnian.

" Not once "

" Yes, Electro needs a victory tomorrow " said King Bobby.

" He will get one " said Diana.

" Crayon must lose for the sake of Bird's Isle, Bird's Isle needs him to lose " said King Bobby.

" Bird's Isle needs Warbler this way, I'll never go against Bird's Isle "

" Same here " said Queen Starling.

" Bird's Isle is great " said Blackburnian.

Crayon and his friends were confronted by Easeion, Electro, Oceanoke and Xax.

" So what do we have here " said Easeion.

" This will be fun "

" You are a dick, Challenger " said Electro.

" Colour King is just saying that " said Challenger.

" He wants you against me "

" No, he is right " said Electro.

" Challenger, you have ruined this "

" Electro is right " said Oceanoke.

" He has not done that, bread goes against that " said Artby.

" Yeah, no " said Oceanoke.

" No bread will change what is going on " said Electro.

" True, bread does not change what is going on " said Oceanoke.

" Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " He's a dick to Colourland "

" That makes no sense " said Artby.

" It makes tons of sense " said Oceanoke. " I know what we are doing "

" Crayon has a match to lose tomorrow " said Xax.

" He does " said Easeion.

" He will win " said Artby.

" No, he is not going to do that " said Easeion.

" Crayon is going down "

" I will experience him losing "

" No, he is not " said Colouruke.

" Crayon will not win " said Oceanoke.

" Crayon will look like he cannot fight " said Electro.

" I will do that against him "

" I have what it takes "

" I know you do " said Oceanoke.

" We will see in our match tomorrow " said Crayon.

" Yes, we will " said Challenger.

" Well we are heading off " said Easeion. " Electro is going to win and you will look sad "

" Hahahahahaha "

" Yeah, Crayon will lose " said Xax.

" I am happy to see it " said Easeion.

They went to their seperate areas, Crayon and his friends continued talking.

" I was approached by Blackin " said Challenger.

" What did he want ? " asked Colourea.

" He was mentioning Blackina's body " said Challenger.

" He was talking about how beautiful her body is "

" What ? " asked Grackle.

" I am confused " said Colourea.

" Who knows " said Dove.

" I have no idea " said Crayon.

" Well, he will be fighting soon " said Colouruke.

" He is thinking things about Blackina's body that will not change fighting "

" Baking does, not Blackina " said Artby. " Baking helps fighting a lot "

" Bread does so much for the fighter "

" We will keep eating delicious bread which will guide us to victory "

" Uh, yeah " said Grackle.

" Yeah, we can head there before 6pm most days " said Dove.

" True " said Crayon. " I wonder who else will fight tomorrow "

" Blackin and Blackina maybe " said Colouruke.

" That is a possibility " said Challenger.

" Well, let's head to our rooms " said Dove.

They headed to their respective rooms. Meanwhile Melissa and Whites were talking.

" I am curious about what Easeion will do " said Melissa.

" I know that he will help the Bear " said Whites.

" Crayon will be off his game " said Melissa.

" We need that " said Whites. " He will feel so weak, the way we want him "

" Electro will have no problem " said Melissa.

" He will shock Crayon in the fight " said Whites.

" Crayon will look hopeless, the lack of hope is what we all want " said Melissa.

" You are someone I admire "

" Thanks, you too as well " said Whites.

" I like hearing that " said Melissa.

" I am glad you do " said Whites.

" I am happy you are here with us, you are truly a great Bear member "

" I am " said Melissa.

The two of them embraced, Crayon and Colourea were talking.

" I love you " said Crayon.

" Same as well " said Colourea.

" I will fight hard tomorrow " said Crayon.

Crayon and Colourea were kissing each other while embracing each other at the same time.

Meanwhile Warbler was called by King Bobby.

" Warbler, you know what is going to happen tomorrow " said King Bobby.

" Electro is fighting Crayon " said Warbler.

" We must support Electro for the sake of Bird's Isle, we must want Electro to win " said King Bobby.

" It will be an intense fight " said Warbler.

" Electro is strong "

" Warbler, Electro will take him down " said King Bobby.

" Electro is working with Colour King, who is going to bring back the partnership "

" I will see you tomorrow morning "

" See you then " said Warbler.

Meanwhile, Blackin and Blackina were kissing each other and were talking.

" Your body, it's beauty is great " said Blackin.

" There are so many beautiful parts of it "

" Thanks, I need that " said Blackina.

" I love hearing that "

" Our love and our power will make us gain a tremendous victory " said Blackin.

" Our desires for each other are so strong " said Blackina.

" Yes, nobody can love as much as I can ever " said Blackin.

" I am just too much in love for you, Blackina it seems to be "

" It is my Bear leader darling " said Blackina.

" Yes, it is me " said Blackin.

Eventually, night came and everyone went to bed.

Morning came, everyone came downstairs for breakfast.

" Crayon, enjoy being sad " said Easeion.

" You are going to lose "

" I am looking forward to this elimination "

" I mean it's great that Crayon will be gone this early "

" Woohoo "

" Crayon has a fight to lose today, Crayon's losing " said Xax.

" The fight will decide this " said Challenger.

" Crayon has shown lots of skill "

" Electro, you are ready " said Colour King. " You must make the next round and fight Challenger "

" Challenger's a dick, I will beat Crayon " said Electro.

" Yes " said Oceanoke. " I will be rooting for you to defeat Crayon, he has not understood Colourland "

" Yeah, it seems that way " said Colourclever.

" Understood Colourland ? " asked Artby. " Baking helps him understand it "

" He understands what bread does for it "

" That does not make sense to be honest " said Colourclever.

" Crayon does not get the harm that Challenger has done for Colourland "

" I have to agree " said Colour Dictator.

" Challenger is not a leader that we believe is a good one "

" This is why we want Colour King " said Colour Administrator.

" It does make sense, bread has helped his mouth taste better " said Artby. " His mouth is one of the best mouths now "

" Baking has tranformed his mouth "

" What Colourclever said is proving to be true " said Colour Dictator.

" I don't think that bakers have transformed his mouth but I believe that Crayon understands Colourland " said Colouruke.

" Crayon will be sad and frustrated " said Easeion. " He will beg for Colourea, I will enjoy this "

" I will love him losing the fight "

" This moment is huge "

" You won't get that satisfaction " said Crayon.

" Crayon, you are going to look like a dumbass today, that is just how it will be " said Xax.

" Yes, he will look like one " said Easeion.

" Yeah right " said Colourea.

" He will look like one " said Easeion. " I will be laughing my ass off "

" We will be living it up at the stadium when he loses the fight " said Xax.

" Yeah, it will be awesome seeing him lose the fight " said Easeion.

" He won't lose " said Grackle.

" Grackle, you are not right about that " said Colour Administrator.

" What proof do you have ? " asked Dove.

" I know what Electro can do " said Colour Administrator.

He will shock Crayon with his electrical techniques "

" Yes, I will succeed " said Electro.

" That is true, you will " said Oceanoke.

" We all want his victory " said King Bobby. " I care about Warbler, Crayon has not been a good friend to him "

" I have done so much for Warbler, it is not good for Bird's Isle if Crayon hangs out with him "

" Who Warbler hangs out with can change Bird's Isle a lot "

" Warbler must have great friends not friends that interfere with what is going on between him and Allie "

" Warbler loves Allie a lot "

" I don't see that " said Colourea.

" Colourea, you are just not getting it " said King Bobby. " You are not aware of Bird's Isle and the connection that Warbler has to it "

" Bird's Isle is counting on Electro " said Diana.

" They sure are, my brother Warbler needs this victory " said Blackburnian.

" Warbler needs a life that is better "

" My brother means too much for Crayon to win these fights "

" I will win this match today " said Electro.

" Yes " said Queen Starling.

They then enjoyed their breakfast which they ate, after that everyone then headed to the stadium.

" This match means so much for Warbler " said Lord Grackle.

" Warbler is a man that we will make sure is saved from Crayon " said Curtis.

" He cannot hang out with Crayon " said Draco.

" Yeah, it's not good for Warbler " said Rourke.

" Bird's Isle needs Warbler not hanging out with Crayon " said Curtis.

" That is why Electro will win " said Draco.

" The partnership with Colour King must happen" said Rourke.

" Yes, go Electro " said Draco.

" He will beat Crayon " said Rourke.

Crayon and Electro got into their respective areas.

" Crayon, I will never allow you to defend Challenger " said Electro.

" I will fight hard " said Crayon.

" Challenger has been a dick " said Electro.

" Defending him is never acceptable "

" I will not put up with it "

" Why not ? " asked Crayon.

" He has not been good for Colourland ever, Colour King must be in charge there " said Electro.

" I will fight for him and his vision for Colourland "

" His partnership with King Bobby must happen, it was so great "

" It really wasn't " said Crayon. " Lots of nations were invaded that were not threats to either Colourland or Bird's Isle honestly "

" Challenger has been too much of a dick, anyone that defends him must fall down " said Electro.

" I cannot let you support him like this "

" You must understand what I am saying "