Chapter 5:


Colourland Series 5: Continued Battles

Chapter 17

Blackburnian vs Artby

" Blackburnian must win for the sake of Warbler " said King Bobby.

" Allie has had enough of this, she cannot take it "

" True, she has had enough " said Diana.

" She is in love with Warbler "

" That's why, she was hanging out with us ? " asked Crayon.

" True, she did hangout with us " said Colouruke.

" That was not the decision that is made now, she has realized her love for Warbler " said King Bobby.

" She knows what Warbler means for her for sure "

" Warbler loves her "

" Warbler has feelings for her "

" She did not say anything to us " said Colouruke.

" That is true, Allie would have said something " said Crayon.

" I get the sense that she did " said Queen Starling.

" Yeah, that makes sense " said Diana.

" Maybe they are claiming she did not to try to trick us " said Curtis.

" Why is that ? " asked Colourea.

" The dating site " said Diana.

" That site created some special Bird's Isle relationships, me and Blackburnian have created something special " said King Bobby.

" I have changed dating in Bird's Isle, me and our advisors have made it better "

" Dating is so great now "

" That site has done that ? " asked Colouruke.

" Yes, people know of what Warbler and Allie have done as a couple " said King Bobby.

" This site has done that "

" Colouruke, you must do what is best for Warbler "

" You must think of what he wants, not just what you want "

" He chose to hang with us " said Crayon.

" Colouruke knows this "

" This is where you misunderstand Warbler and the kind of person he is " said King Bobby.

" You have not understood him, we need him being understood "

" Warbler is a nice guy, so he will not say these things to you directly " said Queen Starling.

" Yes, Warbler's the man " said Lord Grackle.

" His power will do a lot in wars "

" He will help us get resources "

" These wars are wars good for Bird's Isle " said King Bobby.

" That is why me and Colour King are great for our respective lands while Challenger has not been good "

" That is very true " said Colour King.

" Challenger is not Colourlandish enough when he refuses to make Colourland better like this "

" Challenger is no Colour King " said Colour Queen.

" True " said Colourclever.

" By killing all these innocent people and taking everything from them " said Challenger.

" If they have to die, it is worth it " said Colour King.

" I care about Colourland unlike you "

" You are not Colourlandish in the way that I am "

" I am extremely Colourlandish "

" Nobody is as Colourlandish as me "

" Not invading these islands does not mean I am not Colourlandish " said Challenger.

" It gives that impression if that really is true " said Colourclever.

" Challenger must support these battles, it is good for Colourland " said Colour Dictator.

" Colour King is a great leader for this " said Colour Queen.

" You care about them more than our countries, I sense a man who is not good for their respective country " said King Bobby.

" I do get that sense as well " said Queen Starling.

" Well, it seems that Challenger will not do what is truly Colourlandish so we will have to beat him in the tournament " said Colour King.

" Yeah, he will lose " said Curtis.

" The people of Colourland want his elimination " said Colourclever.

" Yeah, that is for sure " said Colour Dictator.

" Challenger will not stop Blackin either " said Easeion. " He may be better than Crayon, but his ability is not enough to beat Blackin, Colour King or King Bobby "

" Yeah, Blackin will take this tournament " said Xax.

" His love and his power will bring his victory " said Whites.

" Yeah, Blackin's the man " said Blackina. " His desire for me is a desire that means a lot "

" I will make Crayon look like a sad motherfucker " said Easeion. " Everyone will get to see that I am the stronger fighter "

" For sure, bro " said Xax.

The fight was about two minutes away, Blackburnian and Artby were talking.

" You will be destroyed " said Blackburnian. " You have not been what Warbler needs "

" I am fighting for Bird's Isle "

" I have been a good friend to him, bread has helped him as a friend " said Artby.

" Bread has done a lot for Warbler "

" Our meals are great in Bird's Isle " said Blackburnian.

" While there is great quality bread served, it is not just that "

" Allie has demanded that you do not hang out with him "

" She wants more time with Warbler "

" She is in love with Warbler, she deserves to have Warbler there "

" They have a place together in Colourland " said Artby.

" They did have one, but now they are away from you all for good " said Blackburnian.

" They are so happy together and it is thanks to me and King Bobby "

" I must take action for my brother, just like all the rest of the advisors "

" Warbler deserves the best, not Crayon "

" I don't see what Crayon has to do with this " said Artby.

" All of us are hanging out with him "

" Crayon is one we feel is most responsible " said Blackburnian.

" Baking has helped Crayon " said Artby.

" I can tell it has done so "

" Well, he clearly is having the wrong baking since he has not done what is best for Warbler " said Blackburnian.

" You have no chance at stopping me, the fight is going to start now "

The fight began.

Blackburnian and Artby rushed each other with punches which both landed.

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Barrage while Artby used his Ultimate Heatwave Strike, the attacks hit their targets.

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Blast while Artby used his Ultimate Heatwave Blast, they were both hit.

" I am fighting for bakers " said Artby.

" Baking helps me so much when I fight "

" Well, you can fight for bakers but it will not change the outcome of this fight " said Blackburnian.

" We need you away from Warbler, it would be one thing if you didn't know at first but all of you were caught talking to him "

" Warbler and Allie were in the main area and they chose to talk to us " said Artby.

" Warbler was drinking too much is what I heard so he did not realize " said Blackburnian.

" This was not his intention "

" King Bobby has claimed that to be the truth "

" He might not want to admit that Warbler wants to hang out with us, so he claimed drinking " said Artby.

" No, it was drinking " said Blackburnian.

" The advisors all know that, you can believe what you want but I know the truth "

" Perhaps Crayon is putting you up to this, I could see that from him "

" You never know with him "

" No, he is not " said Artby.

" Crayon is the kind of person who would do so, but let's continue our fight "

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Artby used his Ultimate Heatwave Bomb, they both fell to the ground.

They both got up and they kicked each other.

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Blast while Artby used his Ultimate Heatwave Bomb, the attacks collided with each other and they both were hit.

Blackburnian then used his Bird Implosion against Artby's Heatwave Implosion, the implosions hit their targets down to the ground.

Fighters were talking.

" Blackburnian has this " said Diana.

" I hope Crayon knows what is happening here, he will see Artby lose and it will be his fault " said King Bobby.

" Yes, he has not been good for Bird's Isle " said Queen Starling.

" Artby could not hang with Crayon, he could do that for sure " said Curtis.

" It is not up to you " said Colouruke.

" Colouruke, Crayon has not been a good friend to Warbler " said Lord Grackle. " Perhaps being away from Crayon will be good for Artby "

" I could see it " said King Bobby.

" I don't see that " said Colourea.

" Same here " said Crayon.

" It is not up to Lord Grackle " said Colouruke.

" He is a great advisor " said King Bobby.

" Personally I do not care if Crayon hangs out with Artby but I do support Lord Grackle "

" Mostly it is Crayon not being around Warbler "

" Yes, that is what is important " said Queen Starling.

The fight then continued.

Blackburnian then used his Tenfold Bird Strike while Artby used his Tenfold Heatwave Strike, the attacks hit their respective targets.

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Blast while Artby used the Heatwave Implosion. Both of them were hit to the ground.

Artby then used his Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Blast, the attacks knocked each other down.

Blackburnian and Artby were talking.

" Your end is approaching " said Blackburnian.

" Bakers know that my end is not here, baking will prevent it " said Artby.

" Bread will stop me from losing "

" It will not, my ability is too strong " said Blackburnian.

" I will make sure that Crayon never hangs out with Warbler again no matter what "

" I will risk it all, just like everyone in Bird's Isle "

" I don't want any excuses here "

" Baking will guide me to victory, flour has done so much " said Artby.

" My love for bakers has done a lot "

" Not here " said Blackburnian.

" Well, let's continue "

" Warbler needs King Bobby winning "

Blackburnian then used his Ultimate Bird Blast while Artby used his Ultimate Heatwave Blast, the attacks hit their targets.

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Artby used his Ultimate Heatwave Bomb, they were both knocked to the ground.

Blackburnian got up and he then used the Tenfold Bird Strike while Artby used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike. Artby was slightly struggling but he was able to keep fighting.

" Bread has kept me in this fight " said Artby.

" I have made too many purchases to go down "

" So much baking has happened to make sure I keep going "

" No, it has not " said Blackburnian. " I will make sure that you are finished and away from Warbler "

" When Crayon and his friends hang out with him it is a disaster for Bird's Isle "

" We cannot allow Warbler to have his life ruined like this "

" Baking has helped Warbler a lot " said Artby. " Bakers understand his mouth "

" His mouth ? " asked Blackburnian. " You are kidding me "

" No, his mouth is a gateway that bakers use their baking to understand him "

" I don't know what you are trying to pull but it will not work " said Blackburnian.

" I'm not pulling anything, his mouth is a gateway " said Artby.

" Well, it isn't " said Blackburnian.

" I will continue fighting "

Blackburnian then charged up his Bird Implosion while Artby used his Heatwave Implosion, they both took damage.

Blackburnian used his Ultimate Bird Barrage while Artby used the Tenfold Heatwave Strike, they both were knocked down to the ground.

Artby was getting near the end, fighters were talking.

" Another friend of Crayon is getting eliminated " said Easeion.

" Hahahahahaha "

" Crayon is going to feel so fucking sad "

" This is awesome "

" Yeah, we are living it up when we see all of this " said Xax.

" It's great, bro "

" It is not over " said Colouruke.

" Don't be a fool " said Whites.

" Look at his condition in the fight, he is fighting the best advisor "

" He could have beaten Grackle or Dove but he is not strong enough for that "

" My lover Blackburnian is too good " said Diana.

" Yes, I love what he has done for Warbler a lot "

" He understands how great a person Warbler is "

" Warbler must love this " said King Bobby. " He gets to watch his brother defeat a friend of Crayon "

" Yes, truly great for Warbler " said Diana.

" He must have the best " said Queen Starling.

" Crayon is not the best for him "

" Crayon is not a friend he needs " said King Bobby.

Artby then started to speak.

" I will give it my all for every baker and my purchases " said Artby.

" Bread does so much, it helps fighting "

" Baking has changed my mouth so much, bakers have loved my mouth when others did not "

Artby then charged the Heatwave Implosion while Blackburnian charged the Bird Implosion, the attacks then hit their targets. Blackburnian was slightly struggling but he won the fight.

An announcement came on.

" The winner is Blackburnian, Artby is eliminated "

" The next fight is Xax vs Melissa "

" The match starts in 70 minutes from now "

" Enjoy the fight "

Fighters were talking.

" I have to fight Melissa " said Xax stunned.

" This is shit "

" I am upset about this "

" I want all Bear members to advance "

" Yeah, tell me about it " said Melissa. " We have the ability to all advance "

" We must give it our all though "

" Artby losing is great but having a Bear member be eliminated is not good " said Easeion.

" I do hope Crayon, Colourea and Colouruke are sad though "

" I do enjoy that "

" Same here " said Whites.

" I am sure they are " said Blackin.

" Challenger will end up seeing all of Crayon and his friends truly suffer " said Easeion.

" Hahahahaha "

" Yeah, Colouruke has not fought yet " said Xax.

" He will lose just like Artby " said Melissa.

" Colouruke will win " said Crayon.

" Not a chance " said Blackina.

" The next opponents are too strong for him "

" Yes, he will look embarrassing " said Easeion.

" The Bear will enjoy that "

" The organization is done " said Crayon. " There are six members, but this is not the Bear anymore "

" There are no more assaults or robberies "

" No more of that "

" True, the stealing will be no more " said Colouruke.

" Well, that is true " said Colour King.

" That being said, they are willing to work with us to eliminate any friend of Crayon for the time being "

" We will decide what to do in the future "

" I know we will make a great decision " said King Bobby.

" His friends will be finished " said Diana.

" Colouruke will fight hard " said Colourea.

" It does not mean he will win " said Colourclever.

" He has not been good for Colourland " said Colour Dictator.

" He has " said Crayon.

" You are lying " said Colourclever.

" If not Crayon, you are very wrong " said Colour Dictator.

" Crayon is wrong " said Colour King.

" Yes, he is " said King Bobby.

" Colouruke has done nothing wrong for Colourland " said Challenger.

" I just don't understand "