Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 ( Ending)


Vithura (Bak Joan) opened multiple portals and returned to Little Richard’s bedroom.

Richard was levitating on his bed with the Maraes surrounding him. His skin was dry. From his back, dark tentacles-like things appeared. Richard’s mourning in his sleep indicated that he was alive. Vithura comprehended the situation. He lightened up his aura and ran toward the Maraes to attack them.

“His father got what he deserved. Release the child now!” he yelled.

The Maraes grabbed his leg with their tentacles. They became immune to the light. When Vithura lost his balance, the Maraes said,

“The birth of this boy was a sin for his father. He had to be born to this kind of man,”

Vithura couldn’t understand their words. He got up and attacked back. But the Maraes were so strong. Even though they were shadows, they could cover the light. Their strength had increased over time.

“Little Deav, don’t disrupt the way of our Lord, Rahu. This boy is the coming of Lord Rahu. Today we will awaken his powers (In his sleep). After the long waits, today is when the stars are right, and our lord will come back,”

Vithura was shocked after hearing about Rahu. Even for the Deavs (gods), Rahu was a bedtime story. Legends stated that he was born from the shadow of the universe. He had no form but a shadow. He existed in every shadow. With his dark and shadowy tentacles, he ate the stars. When this happened, all the planets surrounding the eaten star were frozen, destroying life. The Ancients had exiled Rahu from the Universe. And Richards was the return of Rahu.

Vithura understood that he couldn’t beat his foes. So, he needed to apply his cleverness. Richard once said a snake tried hypnotizing him in one of his dreams. On the same night, Vithura had fought a Marae in the form of a snake. He was aware that the actions of the Maraes from real life appeared in Richard’s dream.

His current fight with the Maraes might appear in Little Richard’s vision. How would Richard feel if his warrior boy lost to the Marae? He would feel depressed and helpless for sure. So, Vithura had to fight the Marae as his best. When the Maraes surrounded him with tentacles, he cut them off. As the Maraes were shadow beings, their tentacles regrew. But Vithura couldn’t show his tiredness or discontent. Even if he was too tired to hold the sword, Vithura kept fighting.

Vithura (Bak Joan) turned around at Little Richard and yelled,

“Master… With your strength, go…Go to the awakening!!!”

All of his strengths were gone. If not Richard awakened, everything would be doomed.

In his dream,

At the beginning of the nightmare, Richard was running from octopus-like, snake-like monsters. Then, the golden-armored boy came and fought the creatures. A creature hit the boy on a mountain. The warrior boy attacked back, lightening his aura. But upon hearing some words from the monsters, the boy disappeared. Richard couldn’t catch what they said.

In the middle of the nightmare, Richard tripped and fell. The creatures captured him, bound him with their tentacles, and took him to the middle of a forest. The surrounding was like a shrine. There, Richard saw the corpse of a giant unidentified creature. The dead one had dark rubbery skin and tentacles...

The monsters opened the creature’s chest and put Little Richard in it. As soon as he got in, the dead one began moving like a car opened by the key. Its organs pressed Richard. Richard became the same as the creature and was difficult to control himself.

Then the golden armored boy appeared again. The monsters attacked him but the boy resisted and kept on fighting. He seemed to be tired.

Richard could see the fight blurrily between the warrior boys and the group of monsters. He couldn’t hear the voices distinctly.

There was less difference between him and the corpse. He saw a fuzzy image of the warrior boy looking at him. The boy’s words as he heard:

“Master, With strength, Go, Awakening,”

“Awakening, Awakening, Awakening,”

When Richard opened his eyes, a great wave of power emitted. All the windows from the mansion opened, and the pieces of furniture blew away. And so were the Maraes. Bak Joan hit a wall but used his strength to return to Little Richard.

Richard wasn’t surprised to see Bak Joan in golden armor.

“I know it,”

Bak Joan (Vithura) gently patted Little Richard and said,

“The nightmare is over now, Master,”


After hearing an exclamation by Richard, Bak Joan could feel Richard’s body fall into his arm. He could see a dark thorn piercing through Little Richard’s chest. The thorn was the hand of a Marae from the darkness.

Bak Joan couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Bak… Bak Joan, I,”

Richard didn’t suffer long as the wound passed through his heart. He got to sleep eternally.

Bak Joan (Vithura)'s being a Deav (a god-like being) couldn't help him muted by the scene. Not being able to save Little Richard was a nightmare for him. He couldn’t fight the Maraes again. Tears rolled down from his widened eyes. Vithura was crying like a child, holding the bloody body of Richard.

The Maraes surrounded him and said,

“Boy, you deserve death for stopping in our way. But you don’t need to die. We don’t want others to own what we disown. The time to awaken our Master has passed. So, Richard was useless to us. But, we will wait to get this time again. Even if eons have passed, we will wait. When the stars are right, we will come with destruction to you and your beloved. We are shadows, who will make your life miserable. We are… Marae,”