Chapter 1:

Nasty Maid Guys in the Locker Room of a Maid Cafe

Meipouchou Side Stories: Guy Maids Get Nasty

The crossdressing meido café Boys be Delicious♡ had seen better days. Once located in a large space not far from Akihabara Station, it had since relocated to a small nook on the outer edges of the city’s meido cafe district. It had always doubled as a business and as a refuge for young men fighting out their sexual and gender identities, and that’s why its owner fought to keep it open during the hard times.

But it was also the cause of a lot of tension between the employees who were crossdressing as a job and the employees crossdressing to explore themselves. Right now, that tension was boiling over in the locker room, after one of the straight, cisgendered employees had discovered a small puddle of semen on the locker room floor.

“I don’t care whose it is,” he yelled. “This is the room we all have to change in. It shouldn’t be used for that kind of thing.”

“I agree,” Kou, a gay employee with long, curly black hair, said, “so why are you yelling at me?”

“Because the grin on your face tells me that you know something,” the straight employee responded.

“I’m smiling because it’s hilarious how bent out of shape you’re getting over a little cum,” Kou explained. “I mean, they shoulda cleaned up after themselves, but maybe they didn’t notice.”

“How could they have not noticed?” the straight employee yelled. “You don’t just shoot rope all over the floor and then forget all about it.”

“I’m saying,” Kou chuckled, “that they were probably doing it in the bathroom at the end of their shift and then it dripped out while they were changing to go home.”

“That’s even worse,” the straight employee grimaced.

“It’s not a big deal,” Kou told him. “If you want to be a meido, you have to be able to handle at least this much.”

“Don’t tell me how to do my job. I’ve been a meido much longer than you have.”

“Look,” Kou said. He put on some latex gloves, grabbed a disinfecting wipe, cleaned up the mess, and disposed of the wipe and the gloves. “It’s a lot easier than throwing a tantrum over it.”

Ren, the shift manager with short brown hair, watched the whole thing with a silent frown. The straight employee had a point: Nobody should have to deal with this, but taking it out on Kou wasn’t fair. Before things escalated further, he decided to step in. “That deals with the immediate problem, but we need to do something to prevent it from happening again. You two go home, I’ll talk to the boss.”

“Yuuki-sama would never have allowed this to happen in the first place,” the straight employee snarled, slamming the door behind him as he left.

That stung. Yuuki, the androgynous cofounder of Boys be Delicious♡, and its one-time star meido, had been insistent that the café was not a hookup spot. Ren had been hired shortly after the cafe opened. He’d been here almost the entire time, and he’d rarely seen anything like this during Yuuki’s reign. The other employees respected him too much, and they knew that if they got caught, Yuuki would pay some kind of horrific prank to get back at them. The straight employee had just implied to Ren’s face that he wasn’t up to the job.

Ren had to admit he was right. He couldn’t compare to Yuuki, but Yuuki hadn’t been seen in the city for years.

“What are you still doing here?” Ren asked Kou. “I can lock up on my own.”

“I still need to get changed,” Kou pointed out. “Besides, they might have made a mess in the bathroom, and it could be a two-person job.”

“Alright, let’s check,” Ren allowed, following Kou into the bathroom.

There were two stalls, a sink, and a trash can in the room, and as soon as he stepped in, Ren could faintly smell the acrid scents of sweat and semen. The floor seemed clean, however. They hadn’t dribbled a trail all the way out into the changing room.

“Well,” Kou giggled, opening one of the stall doors, “one of them worked in the kitchen.” He waved the stall door back and forth so that two greasy palm prints caught the light.

“Didn’t you work in the kitchen tonight?” Ren asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I wasn’t the only one,” Kou replied. A naughty smile formed on his face. “You can frisk me if you want.”

“Cut it out,” Ren said. “He was right. Yuuki wouldn’t want—”

“Last I heard, Yuuki was working as a spy for the government,” Kou interrupted, “seducing men and women for the state. I don’t think he’s in any position to criticize.” Ren had heard those rumors as well, but he wanted to believe they were just that: rumors. “Besides, you’ve been staring at me a lot recently. I know you’re interested.”

That was also true. Ren hadn’t been attracted to a fellow employee since Yuuki left, but there was something about Kou that had drawn his attention.

“If—if it’s just checking,” Ren stammered, “that is technically my job.”

Still smiling, Kou hooked a thumb under his panties and slowly pulled them down to his ankles. Putting his hands up against the palm prints on the door, he bent over and stuck his butt out. Nervously, Ren walked up to him, knelt down, and lifted his skirt.

“Well” Kou asked, “does it look like I was fucked recently?”

“Uh,” Ren said, using one hand to pull Kou’s cheeks apart, “it’s hard to tell.”

“In that case,” Kou said, standing back up straight, “we’ll have to think of some other way to check.” Ren also stood back up, realizing where this was leading, and getting cold feet. This was a worse idea than he thought, but Kou wrapped his arms around Ren’s waist and pulled him close. To his embarrassment, Ren could feel his erection straining against his own panties, and rubbing up against Kou’s crotch. “Looks like someone’s excited.”

Ren could only gasp as Kou reached under his dress and caressed him through his underwear. He closed his eyes as Kou pulled his panties down, then he felt something wet and warm on him.

“What are you doing?” Ren asked, his eyes fluttering open. Kou was kneeling in front of him, his head under Ren’s dress. Despite asking the question, Ren knew exactly what Kou was doing.

“Just getting you ready,” Kou answered, emerging from under the dress. “You’re going to have to stick something inside me to check for cum, and I don’t think your finger will be long enough.”

“O—Oh,” Ren managed. “Yes, of course.”

What followed was a frantic ruffling of dresses and banging of the stall door as Ren pushed Kou up against it. He inserted himself as quickly as possible. In his excitement, he failed to notice how easily he slid into Kou, facing minimal resistance. He was focusing only on how hot and tight Kou was as he thrust in and out.

A lustful moan escaped Kou’s lips, and Ren cupped his chin, pulling it sideways for a kiss as they made love. Releasing the chin, he allowed his hand to travel down the side of Kou’s body, under his dress, and then up towards his groin. Wrapping himself around Kou, he stroked quickly as he thrust, desperate to get Kou off before he lost himself to his own pleasure.

“Ren!” Kou shouted out, clenching around Ren as he orgasmed into his palm. This brought Ren over the edge, and he unloaded inside Kou.

For several minutes, the two of them stood there, catching their breaths. Their recovery took nearly as long as their hurried lovemaking. As he came to his senses, Ren realized that Kou’s semen had dripped from his hand onto the bathroom floor, where it was now mixing with the cum flowing from Kou’s behind.

“Looks like we made a mess,” Ren muttered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to clean it up before anyone notices this time,” Kou said.

“This time?!” Ren shouted.

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