Chapter 45:

Book 2: Chapter 2: The Truth Part IV

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Book 2: Land of Sand

Chapter 2: The Truth Part IV


I entered the Third Hokage’s tent to find him still dressed and surrounded by scrolls with a lamp lit as he was busy doing paperwork. Even miles away from the village, he never seemed to take a break. That work ethic was one of the reasons why I looked up to him.

“Ah Yuki, it seems you’ve decided to take Sui’s advice.”

And that was one of the reasons I couldn’t stand him. “So if you know, then let’s get this over with.”

My eyes were red and towered above the Hokage like I could somehow pass judgment upon him when I was still being weighed down by just his knowledge. And by how his narrowed gaze wasn’t even fazed in the slightest, I relaxed, sitting down across from him all formal-like. There Hiruzen-sensei smiled.

“Would you like some tea before we start?”

“Uh sure, but where would we—”

“Summoning Jutsu!”

Enma appeared in a cloud of smoke with his ninja gear on, yet in his hand was a plate, kettle, and three teacups.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were a butler monkey,” I said, chuckling.

“I am a monkey king!”

“Stop teasing him Yuki, and could you get us better seats and a table? I’d rather not drink tea on the grass.”

“You know… isn’t it more traditional to drink tea like this?”

“Hiruzen, I believe that is too hard for the boy—”

“Alright, fine, give me a second.” I did a couple of hand signs and placed my hand on the ground. Outlining my chakra into four separate squares. I should’ve only divided it into three and let that shit flinger stand, but the look on his face was priceless when the ground rose up from under him along with the rest of us.

“Earth Style: Multi Earth Turning Palm Jutsu!”

Now I wasn’t good enough to make it look like an actual table and chairs that took way more concentration, but at least it gave the illusion they were.

“C-, you could have at least taken off the grass,” Hiruzen-sensei said.

“What? Do you not know how hard it is to–”

“Earth Style: Multi-point Earth Turning Palm Jutsu!” In an instant, some parts of the ground were elevated while other parts sunk until a finely crafted table and chairs were made. He was somehow able to even engrave his signature on the rock. Show off.

“Alright, alright, I get it. I need to train more.”

Hiruzen-sensei laughed at my little pouting. “Or at the very least, try not to insult those that are better than you.”

“I only insulted Enma.”

“You little shit–excuse my language Hiruzen–I am not worse than you!”

“You lost to Sui, and she says I’m stronger than her, so do the math,” I said with a smirk while Enma looked at me as if I was out of my mind.

“Ever think that maybe she just tells you that to boost your ego?”

“You know I’d love to find out, but me and the Third Hokage have more important matters to discuss.”

“Right…” Hiruzen-sensei said as he did a couple of hand signs. “Sound Trapping Jutsu!”

I felt the space change around us, and I assumed it was the same Jutsu he had used when we needed to talk in front of Tayuya and Sui. I didn’t see the point of it since they all seemed to know the truth about the Uchiha Massacre, but I guess privacy still mattered. Enma even disappeared after setting the table. I guess I didn’t need to make three seats.

“So Yuki, my pupil, what would you like to know?” The Third Hokage said, taking a sip from his tea. I went to take a sip from mine before noticing that it was fairly dark. Sugar I could do without, but I needed at least cream to help smoothen the bitter taste of green tea.

“Well, it’s like you overheard. I need to know the truth behind the Uchiha Massacre.” I said, finding that the third teacup was actually filled with cream.

“What truth? You know that Itachi Uchiha killed the entire clan. And apparently, he had help, according to you.”

“Alright, but why? Itachi was a lot of things, but to murder his own clan—” I thought back on the times it was us four: Itachi, Sasuke, me, and Yukino. Sure, was he awkward? Yeah, but so was Sasuke, and I’m sure Yukino teasing him didn’t help. The guy couldn’t take a joke and always looked serious, but he cared about us, about the clan, about Sasuke. He’d never do something like that for no reason. Or at least I hoped so. “—Something had to happen. I know Shisui died a year before. The clan never returned to normal after that. It never had the chance to. My sister even went as far as to suggest we kill Danzō over it.”

“Wait, the Shinigami said what?”

“It’s because she believed Danzō was the one who killed him. That he was the one who kept killing us whenever an Uchiha didn’t return from a mission. She always said it was his fault.” I scratched my head. “And after hearing about the Uchiha Coup de tat, she was right.”

I placed my teacup down, watching as the ripples in the water began to calm. A chuckle escaped my lips. It rang so hollow. Why did I even need to speak to the Third Hokage when I already knew the truth? Did I just need some form of solace in hearing it out loud? Was I that desperate for closure? I mean, the word coup was self-explanatory.

“My clan was killed because they were going to betray the village.”

I had finally said it. Something I hadn’t even told Sasuke. Think about it, sure an entire clan killed overnight was possible, but no one coming to help didn’t make sense. What was the point of being a part of a village then? There had to have been noise so much noise. I could only imagine what Sasuke saw. But for fuckssake we’re ninjas! Someone had to notice unless they were ordered not to. I-I mean, at the very least, wouldn’t there be a hunt for the guy who did it? No. Only a bounty was placed on his head. The greatest way of saying they did something without doing anything. Unless it was all we deserved.

“Yes, it was.”

“Why? Why. Why!” I shook my head, never once looking away from my reflection that kept shifting from black to red to black to red to black to red. Over and over all while I held onto my chair, keeping myself rooted. “Why would we ever do something like that? We loved the village. We protected the village for generations. We gave our lives during the Nine-Tails Attack. Our mother lost her sight fighting in wars for the village!”

Knowing no one else heard me scream, I was glad Hiruzen did his Jutsu. I promised Sui I wouldn’t lose control like that again yet when I stared at my reflection. I had them. The three spiraling scythes that haunted me. How she told me to live on. How my mother never wanted me to have these eyes. How my father hated it when my sister used them. How they made me feel as if I wasn’t myself.

“D-Did we all have to die?”


Is that really all he had to say

I felt a hand brush through my hair, and it was so gentle. So soft. I barely felt it. It felt nothing like someone who carried the weight of the village on his shoulders. It didn't have the roughness or firmness or strength in it. Rather it felt closer to someone who’s been crushed by it. Yet Hiruzen still tried his best. “And for that, I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry—” I would’ve yelled. I would’ve given him everything I had. Tell him that I hated him for being so weak. That I hated being the survivor boy. The one everyone whispered about as being lucky to even be alive. The older brother who had to keep it together even though he was older than me! That if the Fourth Hokage was still alive this wouldn't have happened! That this was all his fault! That I wished he was never my sensei. And yet I couldn’t. Feeling the drops of water slap against my face like rain, not even my Sharingan could stand the sight. I mean, who could when it was the Hokage crying in front of you....

“You know… Many within Danzō’s camp believes me to be naïve. Like I don’t know what’s going on around me. I may have aged, but senility has yet to reach me. I know there’s a storm approaching that’s bound to bring chaos to the Leaf.”

“If you know, then why don’t you stop it? You’re the Hokage, the strongest in the village. If you have the chance to stop it, then do it!” I yanked my head away from his grasp, but all he did was sigh.

“Then why haven’t you?”


“Tayuya is right there. An enemy of the village. You’ve seen it with your own eyes. Why haven’t you stopped her?”

“She’s not trying to wipe out an entire clan—”

Hiruzen laughed, a low hollow laugh that rang true. “Be honest. She’s a threat to the village, and you can stop her. But you won’t because—”

“I trust her.” The words trickled out of my mouth as I finally understood him. “Just like you trust him.”

“Enough to spare his life when he tried to take mine. Enough to turn a blind eye to his hidden organization until I had no choice but to dismantle it. And enough to allow his operations to continue even though he swears to me they aren’t. I’ve known Danzō my entire life. He’s my best friend, but having the compassion to find wayward ninja with nowhere to go like Tayuya. Shisui would have to be alive for that to happen. The most compassion he has is to make the hard decisions for me.”

“So, he was the one who ordered the massacre. And Itachi listened to him? Why the hell does everyone listen to Danzō! In what world would you listen to the guy who wants you to kill your entire clan, including your parents!”

Hiruzen let out a heavy sigh as he turned away from me. “It’s because Itachi didn’t want to see more lives lost. The Uchiha against the entire village would lose but not without destroying everything you’ve come to know and love in the process. And presented to a child like Itachi—”

“That idiot would choose any option that saved more lives.” I clicked my tongue as it made perfect sense, but that’s what made it worse because there had to be another way.

“While people like us would choose not to lose either and end up losing it all.”

I chuckled. “Is that right?

“Yes,” Hiruzen said, finally looking me in the eyes where I didn’t even have my Sharingan on. I didn’t need it anymore to face him. “It is.”

“And that’s why you let Danzō stay? To make the hard choices for you.”


I took one last sip of my tea. It had grown cold, tasting even more bitter than before, yet I drank it all. “You know, Hiruzen. I won’t be like you. And I won’t be like Danzō. In fact, if I ever get the chance, I’m going to kill him.”

“Ahahaha, then let’s hope it never comes to that because if you were to kill Danzō I would have no choice but to exile you from the village.”

“So you wouldn’t even avenge him,” I said, laughing. “I can live with that. I’m pretty sure Sui and Tayuya would follow me anyway, so I wouldn’t be alone.”

“And what about Sasuke? You’re just going to leave him behind.”

I stared at the empty cup and then back at Hiruzen. “He’s the reason I have to be the one to do it. Because if I don’t, he will. And not to look down on my little brother or anything he just couldn’t handle the isolation. He’s much too antisocial. Hell, I’m surprised he even made friends within his team.”

“Ahahaha, and you’re doing better? I remember hearing a strange rumor of a kid getting on the bad side of the entire Inuzuka clan.”

“That was not my fault,” I muttered. “Blame Kai and the fact that no one thinks I’m a real Uchiha.”

“And why do you think that?”

“Because I’m not an asshole.”

“That’s a joke, right?” Hiruzen said with a blank stare. “Because you’re at most tolerable.”

“That hurts, you know,” I said as Hiruzen continued to stare at me. I was sure he was surprised at how well I was taking the truth. I think he expected more anger, more frustration. Maybe even thought I'd kill him yet, the turmoil I held within is what made me an Uchiha.

“In truth, no one thinks you’re an Uchiha because the mask you hide behind is glass. Easy to see through. Easy to break.”

“And I think it’s time for my watch.” I stood up, ready to leave, as Hiruzen released his Jutsu. “Thanks for the chat Hiruzen. I don’t think it helped much, but at least I’m starting to understand how heavy this scroll really is.”

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