Chapter 7:

Chapter 7: Hope?


Everyone had eyes on the two monsters as they walked toward each other. One filled with hatred and the other filled with great resolve.

Zou smiled nervously as he stared at the back of his leader. Taking a look out of his aura, it glowed bright gold.

“I have seen this aura before .”

He chuckled.

“He’s not playing around.”

The figure no longer hid his intense killing intent and released it out onto the world. Zou eyes went stiff as he saw the aura of the figure. His body became heavy as he stares at the figure. Dagen on the other hand shows no signs of quivering in fear.

Dagen stomped and shot like a cannonball as he rushed at the figure. he was still just a hundred meters away from the figure. But It took him a mere blink for one to close this distance, leaving the figure unable to do a thing. His eyes gleamed as he deliver his right hook.

Shocked, the figure barely managed to dodge its devastating right hook. A strong gust of wind blew as he deliver its right hook breaking the ceiling on top of them. He drew a sharp breath as his eyes gleamed red.

The figure showed a small hint of fear. Reed smiled as he saw Dagen inflict fear onto the figure.

“So p-powerful! Maybe Dagen can kill this figure.”

Dagen and the figure vanish. Not even Zou and Reed who were observing him very closely, noticed his movement.

The next thing everyone knew, he was behind the figure and cutting of the figure’s retreat.

“So fast!”

The figure was somewhat startled. Zou somewhat felt that Dagen was holding back.

Dagen can’t go all out because of the people around his surroundings, he can’t risk killing or injuring one of his people and the survivors.

The figure didn’t slow down at all, going straight for Dagen.

The figure was a monster…no a demon it killed Rone, Rashef, and Brecc. Reed puts all of his faith on Dagen on finishing the monster.

‘Please end this!’

The figure spread out its purple wings. A black aura surrounds the figure as it prepares for another attack, but this time the figure focuses all of its energy on its right arm. Dagen pulls all of his weight onto his fist dragging it outward. This may be one of the strongest punches he has unleashed.

Zou noticed Dagen’s stance and shouted to the hunters.


The hunters were quick on the uptake. They shield themselves preparing for the impact, they shielded the survivors.

Dagen rushed forward bringing his fist up on the figure preparing to end it all.


The figure had long guessed his plan and his mouth perked into a peculiar smile.

Just when they were about to clash, The figure vanish from his sight, only to appear behind Dagen.


Zou and Reed were shocked as it misdirect Dagen on attacking him full force. Not only the figure was strong it was also smart, It baited Dagen making him think that the figure was ready to end it all. The figure’s cackle came from behind Dagen. It rushed forward towards Zou.

Dagan eyes went cold as he saw the figure rush toward one of his men. Zou readied his spear as the figure closes its distance. Before the figure collided with him, he managed to catch up with the figure.

Before it can jerk its head Dagen punched the figure. The punch connected and sent the figure flying.


Zou heave a breath of relief as he saw how fast his leader was to catch up to the figure.

“T-That was close, thanks a bunch.”

Zou looked at Dagen who was looking at the rubble where the figure was sent flying. He noticed his expression as he puts on a serious face. His right arm can’t stop shaking.

Dagen looks at his right arm still shaking upon impact.

“This is the first time, I felt my arms shake.”

The figure jumped out of the rubble, unharmed, but his arm looked inflamed.

Raising its eyes on Dagen, The humanoid was now serious.

Dagen pushed Zou out of the way. He raised both of his arms as the figure made a direct impact on him. A strong gust of wind blew the young lad further away from them.

Zou managed to avoid the such devastating blow that the figure has to offer.

Dagen stood its ground the best as he can. He felt his feet back a little upon the impact.

The figure smiled and raised vanish within the sight of Dagen and appeared behind him. He was flabbergasted to discover this figure's speed. He managed to jerk his whole body and grab the figure's fists in both of his hands.

“T-That was close”

The figure kneed Dagen’s unprotected stomach. He stood his ground. He pull his head back and headbutted the figure. His head bleeds as it connected to the figure. The figure was somewhat unharmed. The figure smiled and managed to overpower Dagen but pushed him downwards.

“Tch!! so powerful!!!

The ground below them breaks as the figure pushed Dagen down. Proving itself as a predator and him as the prey.

The figure managed to make Dagen kneel as it continues on pushing him down.

But not long after. While the figure was distracted Zou swiftly threw his spear at the figure. It managed to catch his spear and looked at him.

“It looked at me!”

It smiled at him wickedly, and that smile sent shivers down his spine. Dagen took this opportunity, he transfers all of his energy through his legs. He managed to stand up and overpower the figure, he roared as he pushed the figure down. The figure was once again shocked. Dagen raised his left arm and deliver a devastating hammer fist down onto the figure. He rained down punches onto the figure left and right. Each strike sent the place shaking. Dagen raised both of his fists and slammed them into the figure.

The figure lay there its head etch to the ground and his lower body poking out.


Dagen lets out a sharp exhale.

“T-This monster is dangerous, need to kill it.”

He stands up and raised his right arm preparing to end it.

The figure snickered as it slowly stands up.

The figure let out a deafening roar and charged at Dagen with blinding speed. Dagen barely had time to react as he dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding the creature's massive claws. He spun around and landed a hard punch on the demon's back, but it barely seemed to register the blow. The demon spun around, swiping at Dagen with its claws again. This time, Dagen was ready, and he managed to parry the attack with his own fists.

The two fighters circled each other, each looking for an opening. Dagen knew he couldn't match the demon's strength and speed, but he was determined to find a way to win. Suddenly, he saw an opportunity. The demon had left its flank exposed, and Dagen lunged forward, delivering a powerful punch to its side. The demon howled in pain and staggered back, giving Dagen a moment to catch his breath.

But the demon quickly recovered and charged again, its eyes blazing with fury. Dagen braced himself for impact, but instead of attacking him directly, the demon conjured a blast of black flames and hurled it at him. Dagen barely managed to dodge the attack, but he felt the heat singe his clothes and hair.

The two fighters fought with great speed and power making the whole area covered in smoke of dust.

Everyone waited in anticipation hoping to find the hunter. After a while, the dust and smoke began to clear out.

Zou nervously swallowed hoping to see his leader standing victorious.

To their surprise, they saw Dagen standing still. The figure was nowhere to be seen near him.

Everyone’s eyes widen and soon they celebrated his victory. While everyone celebrated, Dagen’s expression didn’t change instead of celebrating his victor, his expression was grim. Reed saw his expression as he stared at where the figure previously was standing.

Then a dark mist began to form in front of him. He doesn’t seem fazed by it, as he continuously stands there.

Everyone saw the mist as it manifest in a familiar form.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The figure slowly manifests itself from leg to head.

Everyone’s expression darken as they saw it regenerating itself.

The figure touched its neck and gently extend its neck by looking upward and bringing its head backward while keeping its shoulders and back stationary.

The figure looks at Dagen and grins wickedly. he grabs his shirt and rips it off. Revealing his muscular physique, his body was full of scars. Dagen stood with one of his hands behind his back, his head at a 45-degree up angle, like a veritable expert.

The figure grins widen, as it saw Dagen’s pose.

The demon figure let out a low growl and charged at Dagen, its massive claws gleaming in the dim light. Dagen braced himself and threw a punch, but the demon dodged easily and slashed at him with its claws. Dagen ducked and weaved, avoiding the blows with impressive agility. He felt a surge of confidence as he landed a solid punch on the demon's jaw, causing it to stagger back.

For a moment, it seemed like Dagen had the upper hand. But then something changed. The demon figure seemed to be...playing with him. It moved in a way that was almost casual as if Dagen was nothing more than a mere annoyance. Dagen couldn't understand it. He had fought many opponents who had underestimated him, but he had never felt so completely outmatched before.

A black and white aura surrounds him.

In spite of appearances, Dagen showed he had what it took to fight the figure. But if Zou and other powerful hunters in the area were to team up, the figure was dead meat.

Zou wanted to help him but he felt a big gap between their abilities. So he silently stood down.

Dagen gritted his teeth and launched himself at the demon again, determined to show it what he was made of. He threw punch after punch, but the demon seemed to barely feel them. It simply stood there, its eyes glowing with amusement.

The figure moved again, and this time it was faster than before. It darted around Dagen, striking him with its claws from every angle. Dagen felt his strength fading as the wounds multiplied.

The more they fought, the more their surroundings began to break. pillars were being broken, debris was smashed, and the ground was split open. The noise was deafening, a cacophony of crashing and grinding.

“Tch, at this rate they are going to bury us alive.”

Lea tapped Zou’s shoulder.

“We have to get out of here.”

He nods to that response.

He looked around the area looking for a quick getaway.

Unfortunately, he saw nothing.

“Tch, if I can’t find an exit.”

He runs up to a wall.

“Then, let’s make one.”

He lurched backward and threw his spear into the wall. After the dust and smoke were settled to his surprise he managed to dig into a large cave.

Without hesitation, he signaled everyone to follow him.

“Everyone! In here!!”

Everyone stood up and headed towards Zou.

While they are making their exits a bunch of shadow knights appeared in front of the hunters.

“Tch, great timing as always.”

One of the hunters fends off the shadows.


Lea looked at Zou.

“You guide the survivors out of here, and ill fend them off.”


“There’s no time.”

Lea seems conflicted for a moment but nods.

“Okay, as soon as you finish them off, yo-”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll try to finish them off quickly.”

Lea bites her lips and then proceeds with her task.

Zou cracked his knuckles.

“Alright, you fuckers.”

His spear glowed in bright yellow.

More shadow knights emerge through the ground.

Front, back, left, and right.

He was completely surrounded. Without hesitation the shadow knights rushed him, Zou smiled as he took one step killing the shadows surrounding him with one step. He was fast that it looked like he only step one step. Not long after a group of shadow knights emerged once again.

“Another late guest, I should have known.”

He readied himself again taking a stance with his spear. But this time the shadow knights started to emerge even more from the ground.

Each one of them rushed him, While he successfully fend them off.

Meanwhile, the rest of the hunters and survivors continued to move through the cave quickly but cautiously. In the midst of chaos, a part of Reed knew what would happen next as the shadow knight began to emerge out of the ground.

But this time the shadows in front of them glowed in a strange color.

Everyone stopped dead in its track as they saw the shadow.

“They managed to follow us here.”

Lea clicked her tongue as she raised her staff.

Without a moment's notice, the shadow lunged forward.


It ran past Lea and the other hunters.


Lea jerked her head.

The shadow stopped in front of Rei.


Reed sprints and outreach for his hand.

As time seemed to slow down, Reed caught a glimpse of Rei’s expression. She smiled with teary eyes and mouthed some words.

The shadow grips Rei’s head with its two hands. A bright blue aura emits on Rei’s head.

Reed continued sprinting in hopes of saving her.

The shadow quickly lets go of her as her body flops down to the ground.

“You bastard!!!”

Reed unsheathed his blade.

He raised his sword overhand.

The shadow vanished and appeared in front of him.

Reed's eyes widen in response.

He gritted his teeth and swung his blade towards it.

The strike connected as he managed to pierce through its shadowy skin. It was a small cut.

Reed looked at it with rage-filled eyes as he continue sliding his sword down to its body.


With no reaction, it stands still like a statue.

Then. It grab a hold of its head and did the same thing that it did to Rei.


“Air Spear!”

Lea shouted as a green arrow was shot toward it.

The shadow deflected the arrow with great ease.


Not long after, it let go of Reed as his body flopped to the floor.

“Air spear!” shouted Lea once again.

The spear managed to pierce through the shadow.

“A hit!”

The shadow looks at them before it evaporates in the thin air.

“Quick! Check their conditions!”

“Yes, mam.”

The hunters jogged toward the two unconscious survivors.

They quickly check their conditions.

“There’s a pulse.”

“This one is still breathing.”

Lea sighed out of relive.

“Lay them down here.”

She quickly heads towards the two and heals them.

‘No exterior injuries. It seems they have been attacked mentally.’

She ponders as she continued on healing the two unconscious survivors.

‘Why did it attack only these two?’

It managed to deflect her Air spear with ease when she first cast it. But when the second air spear it pierced through. She grab a nearby rock and carved a strange symbol on it.

Rei groaned as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Ah, your awake.”

Her vision was slightly blurry, and Lea’s voice reverbed in Rei’s head.


Rei touched her head.

Lea noticed it and quickly soften her voice.

“Relax and lay down for now…”

Her head began to throb as she recalled what happened to her a few moments ago.

She began to have a panic attack. Pulse beating in her ears, blocking out all other sounds.

Her breathing becomes intense.


Lea saw her panicked expression of Rei and quickly held her hand's attempt of calming her down.

“Hey, relax.”

Sweat poured down her body as she breathed very heavily.

Lea grabbed Rei’s stiff shoulder.

“Hey, relax eyes on me.”

Rei’s eyes panned over the area and there she spotted Reed's body silently laying down.

She shoved Lea out of the way and crawl towards Reed.

“Reed! Reed!” She shook him awake.


Lea stands up and grabs Rei.

“He needs to rest.”

With teary eyes, she tried her best to fight off Lea’s grasp.

“Reed! Reed!”


Lea knocked Rei out.


She reaches out for him as her voice slowly fades out, and her eyelids begin to drop.


Lea gently placed down Rei.

‘What was that sudden outburst?’

Not long after Reed’s body moved slightly.

He groans and slowly gets up. As he proceeds on getting up his head throbs.


He touches his head.

The area was blurry and he felt like he was just woken up from general anesthesia.

“Easy now.”

Lea carefully supported Reed.

Reed’s eyes panned over the room with great panic.

“Where is Rei!?”

“Relax, she’s fine.”

Reed looked over Lea’s shoulder and saw Rei laying soundly.

He felt great relief upon seeing her.

Reed takes a moment to keep his composure, before asking.

“What happened to the shadow.”

“I managed to kill it.”

Lea looked down.

“I’m sorry, If I have been faster, I could have prevented it.”

His eyes gazed upon hers, trying to search for a reason to not feel guilty. He didn’t find one.

They both said nothing, leaving a silence in the air.

“How is she?”

Reed managed to break the tension by asking her.

“She woke up earlier than you.”

“Then, why is she still…”

“I knocked her down.”

Reed jerks her head up, eyes wide, like a rabbit in the headlights.

“Why did you do that?”

“She woke up in a panic earlier, the first thing that come to her mind was to search out for you.”

Reed looks at Rei.


“I’m surprised you woke up more calmly than her.”

“A-ah y-yeah…”

He nods.

“Miss Lea!”

A hunter entered the area.

“What is it.”

“We managed to find a safe route, where we can silently make our escape.”

“I understand.”

Lea looked at the two.

“Take them with you.”

“What do you mean, Ma’am.”

“I’ll be here for a while. I have some unfinished business.”


Lea raised her hand making the hunter silent.

“This is an order.”

He was silent for a moment, then he gave her a salute.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Lea smiled.

“uhm… before you go, Miss Lea, I’ve got something to tell you….”

Lea raised an eyebrow.

“What is it..”

Reed nervously gulped and face Lea with great determination etched to his face.

“I know how to beat the beast and save everyone.”

End of Chapter 7