Chapter 1:

Part 0

Fragile Phantasy

In the country of Artempus, there exist powerful clans, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. The clans were the Ninja, Samurai, Vikings, Monks, Mages and Beastmen.

The Beastmen, who are human that can transformed into animal each with their own unique abilities, they formed their own separated clans. The First is the Lion Clan, who were the strongest and fiercest of the Beastmen, claimed the territory of the savannahs and deserts. The Tiger Clan, who were the most agile and stealthy, made their home in the jungles and forests. The Wolf Clan, who were the most cunning and loyal, took residence in the mountains and tundras. And the Fox Clan, who were the most intelligent and mysterious, inhabited the fields and plains.

Legends speak of a Beastman that could rule and conquer the four clans - Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Fox - can gain power on par with that of a god. This being was known as the Chimera King, and his power was said to be unmatched by any other creature in the world.

To become the Chimera King, a Beastman would have to defeat all four clans and absorb the powers of their leaders. This would grant him immense strength, speed, and agility, making him virtually unstoppable in battle.

But there was one way to stop the Chimera King's power from growing out of control - a Beastman who could transform into the Alpha form. This was a rare and legendary ability, said to be on par with the Chimera King's power.

However, for thousands of years, no Beastman had ever been able to achieve this feat. Many had tried and failed.

The Leader of the Lion Clan, who has the higher Chance to become the Chimera King, was named Rorik. He was once a loyal member of the Lion Clan, but his desire for power and domination led him down a dark path devouring the last leader. Rorik was consumed by his ambition to become the strongest Beastman in the land, and he believed that the only way to achieve this was to conquer and absorb the power of the other Beastman clans.

Rorik was a ruthless and cunning warrior, with a talent for strategy and tactics. He led his army of Lion Clan warriors with an iron fist, using fear and intimidation to keep them in line. His ultimate goal was to defeat the leaders of the Tiger, Wolf, and Fox Clans and absorb their power, becoming the Chimera King with the combined abilities of all the clans.

Rorik's conquest began with the Tiger Clan, whose the leader he defeated in a brutal one-on-one battle. He absorbed his power, gaining the ability to move quickly and silently through the jungle also sharpening his claws and fangs. He then moved on to the Wolf Clan, their leader also fell to Rorik's superior strength. With the power of the Wolf Clan absorbed, Rorik became even more deadly, His fangs and claws has grown sharper than any of his counterparts, and his reflexes and speed were unmatched. With the powers of the other clans added to his own, he was virtually unbeatable he was now closer on becoming the Chimera king.

Finally, Rorik turned his sights on the Fox Clan, whose leader was known for his intelligence.

As Rorik and his battalion march in the outskirts of artempus towards the Fox Clan, the people they passed by on the sidelines begin to murmur amongst themselves. They are scared, but also in awe of the power and strength of the Lion Clan and their leader.

"He's unstoppable, a true beast among beasts, he maybe the person who could finally unify the beast kingdom and become the chimera king" whispers one onlooker to another.

"Yes He crush the wolf leaders skull with a single blow of his paw," says another, wide-eyed with fear.

"Yes I saw him defeat the Tiger Clan's leader with my own eyes. He absorbed their power, and now he's even stronger," replies the other.

As Rorik approaches, the crowd falls silent, watching in fear and anticipation as the Lion Clan prepares to attack the next Beast Clan.

"Now his fangs and claws are sharper than any I've ever seen. I hope for our safety he won't become a tyrant," says another.

As Rorik and his battalion march towards the Fox Clan, a messenger approaches him with a scroll.

"Sir, the Fox Clan leader has sent a message. They do not wish to engage in battle and wish to negotiate a peaceful resolution," says the messenger, bowing respectfully before Rorik.

Rorik snarls in response, his eyes gleaming with a fierce hunger for power and conquest.

"Peaceful resolution? That is not what I seek. I am going to be the Chimera King, and I will not be stopped until I have conquered every Beast Clan and become the most powerful Beastman in the land!" roars Rorik, his voice echoing across the battlefield, He sees the Fox Clan's reluctance to fight as a sign of weakness, and he will not stop until he has added their power to his own.

He then order his men to kill the messenger brutally by eating his head, everyone on the outskirts that saw wrath is trembling with fear, As Rorik's battalion continues their march towards the Fox Clan's territory. And as they approach, the Fox Clan's temple is waving up a white flag in a gesture of peace.

Rorik and his battalion enter the Fox Clan, No one dare to stand against them, The people watched in fear as they marched through the streets, their weapons gleaming in the sunlight.

As they approached the entrance to the Fox Clan's temple, a small figure stepped forward to block their path. It was a young boy, no more than twelve years old, but he stood tall and fearless, his eyes fixed on Rorik.

Rorik laughed, amused by the boy's bravery. "And what do we have here?" he sneered. "A little fox cub trying to stop a lion?" thinking it amusing that such a small and insignificant creature would dare to challenge him.

The boy didn't flinch. "I am Kaito the son of the Fox Clan leader," he said proudly. "I will not let you harm my people."

Rorik's smile turned to a scowl. "You dare to challenge me?" he growled. "Don't Waste My Time Boy."

He signaled to his men, and a chariot pulled forward. Rorik climbed aboard, grabbing the reins, and urged the horses forward. The boy stood his ground, his eyes fixed on Rorik, his expression determined.

But just as the chariot was about to strike the child, a rugged-looking wanderer stepped forward and swiftly saved the boy from the chariot, his clothes tattered and torn. He looked like a beggar, but there was something about his kind, down-to-earth aura that inspired confidence.

Rorik sneered. "Who do you thing you are to intervene?" he demanded.

The wanderer didn't speak, but his presence was enough to give pause to even the bravest of Rorik's men. He had a kind, humble aura that seemed to radiate from him, and Rorik found himself feeling oddly hesitant and the wanderer gave the child to the civilian around to put him on harms way.

Rorik laughed, amused by the wanderer's audacity. "Very well," he said. "Let's see if you're as tough as you look, killed this insolence and that bastard boy" And he commanded his men who turn into a their beastmen form.

Rorik's lion-beastmen lunged forward, determined to capture the fleeing civilians with the boy, The wanderer stood between Rorik's men and the civilians fleeing with the boy. With his weathered frame and unassuming appearance, he seemed an unlikely match for the ferocity of the enemy, but as the first blow landed, something miraculous happened. The wanderer remained steadfast, his body absorbing the onslaught of attacks with an otherworldly grace. Though battered and beaten, he refused to back down, determined to protect the innocent at any cost.

Blow after blow landed, each one met with the same unyielding resistance. The wanderer absorbed their attacks with stoic determination, his body acting as a shield that let the civilians escaped. Despite his valiant efforts, Rorik's men continued their assault, pummeling the wanderer mercilessly until he lay unconscious on the ground, And yet, even in his weakened state, he radiated a quiet strength and inner peace that left his attackers shaken and unwilling to touch him.

As they intended to eat the adventurer his strange smell and dirty look prevented them from doing so, They left him there, lying in the dirt, the scent of the wilderness clinging to his clothes and the dirt and blood of battle caked on his skin.

They Continued to the temple without any resistance to the clan.

Rorik's eyes burned with a fierce, unquenchable hunger as he stepped into the temple of the Fox Clan. The air was heavy with anticipation and fear, and Rorik's chest swelled with pride at the thought of his conquest. The leader of the Fox Clan Aiku, a proud and noble beast, stood before him, his tail raised in a gesture of respect.

"Welcome, Rorik," Aiku said, his voice ringing with authority. "I offer you a fair and honorable duel. If you win, you may consume my power peacefully, without harming our civilians. But if you lose, you must leave us in peace."

Rorik's lips curled into a sly grin, and he nodded his agreement. "I accept," he said, his voice low and dangerous.

They bowed to each other, preparing to fight with dignity and respect. But as Aiku rose from his bow, Rorik suddenly transformed into his beastman form and lunged towards him, catching him off guard with a dishonorable attack. The leader's body crumpled to the ground, his life force slowly fading away, Rorik started absorbing and killing the Fox Clan leader on the spot. He reached down and tore a chunk of flesh from the fox's neck, savoring the taste of his conquest. And then he turned to his soldiers, his eyes glittering with a fierce, wild light.

"Kill all those who oppose me!" Rorik ordered, his voice echoing through the temple. His transformation into the Chimera King was complete, his fangs and claws sharper than ever, His body twisted and contorted, his skin turning into a scaly hide. Wings burst from his back, and his eyes glowed with an otherworldly light. and his power beyond measure. The remaining members of the Fox Clan trembled in fear, knowing that their fate was sealed under the rule of the ruthless Rorik.

The fox clan warriors tried to fight back, but they were no match for his newfound power. Rorik's battalion of Lion, Tiger, and Wolf warriors also transformed into their respective beast forms, ready to follow their king's command.

The people of the Fox clan were running for their lives, trying to escape the massacre. The once peaceful village was now a battlefield, with houses and temples burning to the ground. Rorik was enjoying every moment of it, relishing in his newfound strength.

As Rorik revelled in his newfound power, he was caught off guard by a sudden attack from a small fox beastman. "You killed my father!" Kaito the young boy screamed as he lunged at Rorik with his claws extended. Rorik simply chuckled at the boy's feeble attempt to fight him.

"You are no match for the power of the Chimera King," Rorik boasted as he easily dodged the boy's attacks. "But I admire your spirit, young one. Perhaps I will let you live a little as a reminder of my power."

The boy didn't back down. He continued to attack with a fierce determination, even as Rorik toyed with him. "I won't let you get away with this!" he yelled, tears streaming down his face. Rorik grew annoyed with the boy's persistence and decided to end it quickly. Rorik lunged forward with a roar, his massive claws aimed straight for Kaito's chest. Kaito managed to dodge, rolling out of the way just in time. He countered with his own attack, but Rorik easily swatted him away flames engulf his body.

"You're pathetic," Rorik sneered. "You're not even worth my time."

Kaito gritted his teeth as Rorik's flames engulfed him. Despite the searing pain, he refused to back down. Vanquishing the flame on his body, Kaito's resolve grew stronger as he forced himself to stand up"This isn't over yet!".

"You're nothing compared to me," Rorik sneered, towering over the battered Kaito then kicking him once again, sending kaito hurling towards the wall, but kaito has a lot of fight left on him.

He gritted his teeth as he struggled to stand once again, his body bruised and bloodied from Rorik's attacks. "Is that all you've got?" he spat, his voice hoarse.

Rorik let out a low growl, his eyes glowing with fury. "You insolent little fox," he snarled. "I'll make you pay for your impudence!"

Kaito tensed, ready to dodge, but Rorik's claws came too fast. He felt the searing pain as they dug into his side, sending him flying across the temple floor.

He gasped for air, struggling to get up, but Rorik was already upon him. The chimera king slammed him to the ground and raised his massive claw, ready to strike the killing blow.

But Kaito refused to give up. With all his strength, he pushed himself up and dug his own claws into Rorik's arm, drawing blood. "I won't let you win," he growled through gritted teeth.

Rorik howled in pain and fury, swinging his tail with such force that it shattered the pillars of the temple.

Rorik growled, his eyes flashing with anger. "You will regret that, boy." He lunged at Kaito, claws and fangs bared.

Kaito tried to dodge, but Rorik's attack was too fast. The chimera king's claws raked across Kaito's side, drawing blood. Kaito gritted his teeth, refusing to show any weakness.

He swung his bladed tail at Rorik, who deftly dodged the attack and countered with a fiery breath. Kaito managed to avoid the worst of the flames, but the heat singed his fur and made him stagger back.

"You can't beat me," Rorik sneered. "I am the Chimera King."

Kaito refused to back down. "I will protect my clan, no matter what," he said, determination in his voice.

Kaito leaps at Rorik with all his might, but Rorik easily dodges his attack and counters with a vicious swipe of his claws. Kaito's body goes flying and he crashes into a nearby wall, groaning in pain.

Rorik snarls, "Is that all you've got, little fox?"

Kaito grits his teeth, struggling to stand up. "I won't let you conquer my clan!"

Rorik chuckles. "You're too weak to stop me. You're nothing but a pathetic little fox."

Kaito charges forward again, his claws extended. This time, he manages to graze Rorik's arm, but it only seems to anger the chimera king even more. Rorik unleashes a powerful roar and transforms into his full beastly form, towering over Kaito.

"You're finished, fox!" Rorik roars as he charges at Kaito.

Kaito tries to dodge, but Rorik's claws strike him hard in the side, sending him crashing and reeling to the floor. Kaito struggles to get back up, but his vision begins to blur and he feels himself losing consciousness.

"You see, fox? You're no match for me," Rorik sneers as he approaches Kaito.

Kaito lay on the ground, battered and bruised, with barely enough strength to move. Rorik, the Chimera King, towered over him, his fiery breath burning the air around them.

"You fought bravely, boy," Rorik sneered. "But it's time to end this."

As Rorik raised his massive claw to strike the final blow, he caught sight of movement in the temple. Kaito's mother, the Queen "Please don't kill my only son, you could have everything, so please spare his life"was struggling in his grasp, pleading for mercy, Rorik With a cruel smile, began to threaten and Turtores the queen"Then die together with your son", suffocating her with his massive claws.

Kaito's heart sank as he watched Rorik's hand tighten around his mother's neck. "Please," she gasped, "someone help me."

Kaito felt his body shake with anger and fear. He had given everything he had to fight Rorik, but it wasn't enough. He knew he had to do something, anything, to save his mother.

With a fierce growl, Kaito summoned all the strength he had left and stood up, his eyes blazing with determination.

"Leave her alone, Rorik!" Kaito shouted.

Rorik turned to face him, his eyes widening in surprise at the sight of Kaito standing on his feet once more. Rorik laughed. "Then I guess I'll just have to crush you completely," he said, charging at Kaito once more.

With a fierce determination to protect his mother, Kaito felt a surge of energy coursing through his body as it glowed with a bright aura as his fox red fur gradually turned into a pristine snow white, the color of the purest winter snow. His black eyes gleamed with an otherworldly blue radiance, reflecting the power of his new form.. He accessed the legendary power of the Alpha, gaining a second tail and standing up to Rorik once again.

"You... you're the Alpha!" Rorik stammered, fear creeping into his voice.

"That's right," Kaito said, his voice ringing with confidence. "And I won't let you harm my mother, or anyone else for that matter."

Rorik let out a roar of rage and charged at Kaito, but Kaito was ready. He dodged and weaved around Rorik's attacks, With newfound strength, Kaito retaliate against Rorik, landing powerful blows and dodging his attacks with incredible speed and agility. As the battle raged on, Kaito's power continued to grow, until he was able to match Rorik blow for blow. The two fighters clashed in a spectacular battle, with the fate of the Fox Clan hanging in the balance.

As Kaito's transformation into the alpha reached its climax he gained his third tail, his body started glowing with a fiery aura, As he stood there, towering over his opponent, he seemed almost mythical, a creature out of legend. His form was sleek and muscular, his fur glistening in the moonlight like diamond dust. His claws were razor-sharp, glinting with a deadly sheen, and his eyes held a fierce, unyielding determination.

In that moment, Kaito was more than just a fox. He was a living embodiment of power, a being of pure energy and strength. His very presence commanded respect and awe, as if he were a god among mortals. Rorik was visibly taken aback by the transformation, his eyes widening in disbelief.

"This isn't true, can't be the alpha," Rorik stammered, taking a step back. "It's impossible."

Kaito stood tall, his eyes blazing with determination. "I am the true alpha, and I won't let you harm anyone else," he said, his voice deeper and more powerful than before.

Rorik let out a growl, baring his fangs. "I will destroy you," he snarled, charging towards Kaito.

Kaito stood his ground, meeting Rorik head-on. "I won't back down," he declared, delivering a powerful blow to Rorik's jaw.

Rorik stumbled backward, his eyes wide with fear. " can this be happening?" he muttered.

Kaito smirked. "You underestimated me," he said, readying himself for the next attack. "Now, it's my turn to show you what a true alpha is capable of."

But in the midst of their intense battle, Rorik spotted Kaito's mother, the queen who lose consciousness defenseless, With a sinister grin, he lunged towards her, aiming to take her out.

Kaito's eyes widened in horror as he saw Rorik's brutal charge on his defenseless mother. "NO! STOP!" he screamed as he lunged towards the Chimera King, but it was too late. Rorik's sharp wings, long snake tail, and huge claws and fangs all struck at once, overwhelming Kaito's mythical defenses and barriers sending him crashing to the ground.

The pain was unbearable, and Kaito struggled to stay conscious as Rorik loomed over him. "You're finished, little fox," Rorik snarled, his voice dripping with contempt. "You should have never challenged me."

As Kaito finally lies unconscious and defenseless, Rorik moves in for the kill, using all of his beastly power to crush Kaito's spirit. "Pathetic," Rorik sneers, his snake-like tongue flicking out between his teeth. "I thought you were supposed to be an alpha." Kaito was unconscious and defenseless as Rorik lifted him up by the neck, his grip tight and menacing. Kaito's mother lay motionless on the ground, her life hanging in the thread.

Rorik's eyes glinted with a cruel satisfaction as he prepared to deliver the final blow, but Just as Rorik is about to strike in that split second, something unexpected happened. A flying dagger plunged into Rorik's hand, piercing through the flesh and causing him to drop Kaito to the ground with a thud. Rorik let out a deafening roar of pain and anger as he turned to face his attacker.

"What the...who dares interfere?!" he shouted, his eyes blazing with fury.

The temple was shrouded in silence as Rorik, the Chimera King, looked down from the towering height and saw the approaching figure of the wanderer below the village. his eyes fixed on Rorik without a word as his footsteps echoing as he approached. A sense of awe, and mystery surrounding him and his face exude a down to earth Confidence on silence as a sign of reverence. Rorik was taken aback by the gleaming watch on his wrist and he felt a shiver run down his spine the stranger's presence alone was enough to make Rorik feel like he was facing something otherworldly.

As he gazed upon the wanderer watch, Rorik couldn't help but recall the rumors that had been circulating in neighboring regions. They spoke of a man with a peculiar watch who had managed to defeat a god. Rorik felt a knot form in his stomach, a great surge of fear and desperation within him, as he realized the gravity of the situation.

Looking around him, Rorik saw that all of his beastmen, who had invaded the fox clan, were now unconscious. The clan had been saved. He was filled with a sense of dread as he realized that he was alone, facing the greatest challenge of his life.

The Wanderer's eyes seemed to hold the weight of a thousand stories, and his calm and collected demeanor inspired those around him to be brave and stand tall. Even though he didn't utter a single word, the Wanderer's actions spoke louder than any words could.

"You think you can come here and take my power? You're just a foolish wanderer!" Rorik lashed out with all his might, unleashing his massive claws and sharp fangs, nervous he traces the magical prowess of the adventurer and felt that it has no magical energy,"For a moment you really surprised me there"Rorik relieve knowing the rumors were not true. But The Wanderer remained calm and collected, his eyes never leaving Rorik's as he approach.

"You insolence you will taste my full power for your punishment!!"
With a roar that shook the very foundations of the temple, Rorik transformed into his perfect form. A monster with the combined heads of a tiger, lion, wolf, snake, crocodile, shark, and fox. with wings of a dragon and a spiky scaly tail.

The wanderer stood his ground, without even uttering a word. Rorik attacked with all his might, unleashing a devastating flurry of blows that shook the very earth beneath them. But with just a second in the blink of an eye, the adventurer's watch flashed. With a quick motion, Rorik the Chimera King took his last breath.

Few Minutes later Kaito struggled to open his eyes, his vision blurred and his head throbbing with pain. Slowly, he sat up, surveying his surroundings. The sight before him was both awe-inspiring and terrifying. The once peaceful village was now in shambles, with broken buildings and injured people lying everywhere.

"Thank the gods, you're awake," a familiar voice said, bringing Kaito's attention to his mother, who was kneeling beside him.

"Mother, what happened? Where is Rorik?" Kaito asked, trying to stand up but his mother stopped him.

"Rorik is dead, my son. Someone came and defeated him," his mother said, her voice filled with gratitude.

Kaito's eyes widened in shock. "Someone? Who?"

"No one knows. But I saw a glimpsed of a man with a peculiar watch appeared out of nowhere and defeated Rorik," his mother explained.

Kaito's mind raced with questions. Who was this person? Why did he save their village? And where did he go? He get down to the village to acquire news.

As he looked around at the wounded villagers, "What happened?" he asked breathlessly. "How did we survive?" The villagers turned to him, relief etched on their faces. "We don't know," one of them said. "We were all unconscious, and when we woke up, rorik and his men were defeated and our village was saved."

He couldn't believe it his village was saved. But who was responsible? Kaito looked around, trying to find any clues as to who had saved them, But there was nothing as the wanderer was long gone, his footsteps already fading into the distance.

Kaito felt a twinge of disappointment, but also a sense of admiration for whoever it was that had saved them.

The once-devastated village was now bustling with life, as the villagers worked to rebuild what was destroyed.

"He saved us all," Kaito whispered, his heart filled with gratitude.

"He did, my son," his mother said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "And now it's our turn to rebuild our village and honor your father."

Meanwhile, the wanderer walked humbly beside the farmlands, taking in the beauty of the countryside. continuing on his adventure. he didn't want any recognition for his deeds, he just wanted to help those in need.