Chapter 3:

Part 2

Fragile Phantasy

KC's father had been summoned to the school, and he arrived looking like he had just emerged from a swamp, covered head to toe in mud. Despite his disheveled appearance, KC apologized for the inconvenience"Sorry about this dad".

"Don't worry, i have greate news for you later"With a determined air, he marched straight to the principal's office, where he was greeted by the stern-faced principal and KC's teacher.

As the teacher saw KC's father approaching, she scowled and thought, "Your son will pay for the things you've done." But KC's father took a deep breath and reminded himself that this was the last day his son would endure such mistreatment. With that, he began speaking with the principal.

Meanwhile, KC's friends were leaving him behind, heading home without a backward glance. Refusing to be left out, "Hey Wait for me!!" KC chased after them and grabbed Ed's shoulder. But Ed quickly shrugged him off, acting as if he didn't know KC at all, leaving him feeling confused and hurt. He bowed his head, wondering what he had done wrong.

Finally, KC's father emerged from the office, the strict teacher following closely behind with a somber expression. When KC saw his father, he rushed to give him a big hug, he's thrilled to see him "What is the good news dad".

His father gave him a wry smile "The good news is We are moving to the city, tommorow, because i had landed a job there, and from then on, You would study there as well". KC was overjoyed to hear this news.

With a smile on his face, KC handed his father a piece of paper on which he had written down his ultimate goal "Dad i wanted you to look at something". When his father read it, he smiled"Son you could be whatever you want to be i knew you could do it" and assured kc that he would always have his father's unwavering support.

"I will become the president one day," KC declared with conviction, "and I will prove to everyone that I am useful and valuable. I will inspire others to pursue their dreams, no matter what challenges they may face."

KC's father was moved by his son's determination and vowed to do everything he could to help him achieve his dreams. They returned home to a warm welcome from KC's youngest sister"Dad and bro are here!!", who was thrilled to see her father and brother. Their home was spotless clean, and their mother was working hard to prepare a special meal for them. With renewed hope and a supportive family behind him, KC felt as if he could conquer the world.

As they sat down to eat, KC's youngest sister proudly showed him her good grades. KC hugged her and told her "I'm proud of you sis". They all enjoyed the meal together, happy and content in the love and support they had for each other.

"Sleep early. No staying up late tonight. You're starting in your new school tomorrow," his father reminded them.

After their family meal, KC politely asked for permission to inform his friends before leaving town. However, when he visited their homes, their parents all said the same thing: "He's asleep, don't disturb him." As he gazed on his Friends closed windows, KC realized his friends had lost interest in him because he was more trouble than he was worth.

KC went home with his head down, feeling defeated. "Tomorrow, a new place, new experiences. I don't know if I'm nervous or excited, but I need to prepare. This is the first step to becoming president," he whispered to himself.

He studied all night until he finally fell asleep. The next day, thanks to his mother's preparedness, they left with all their belongings packed and ready to go. His uncle the driver of the bus greeted them.

"Good morning, kids! You seem excited!" his uncle greeted them.

"Good morning, uncle! Yes We are!" KC replied with a smile.

As the bus left their village, KC wondered, "This is my first time seeing the world outside the village. What kind of unique experiences will I have?" He was full of wonder and imagination.

Hours later, KC caught a glimpse of a towering building in the distance.

As she stared in wonder at the bustling city around her, KC couldn't help but whisper in amazement, "Wow, this is the first time I've seen all of this in person."

"Mum, what's that thing they're holding with a string attached to their ears?" she asked, pointing to people passing by with gadgets in hand.

"Oh, those are phones and earphones, darling. They have music on them, just like what you hear on the radio," his mother explained.

"Wow, I've never seen anything like it before," KC exclaimed with excitement.

"There are so many new things to see out there," her uncle, who was driving the bus, chimed in.

"I can't wait to explore more," KC replied, full of wonder.

"Come on now, get dressed, we need to go to your new school. We'll stop by our new house on the way so you can remember the way back later," her father said.

"Okay, I'm a little nervous but also excited," KC said before getting ready to head out.

Her mother sorted out her clothes, saying with tears in her eyes, "All we can pass down to you is the gift of education. We didn't finish school ourselves, but it's our dream to see you graduate. We'll work hard to support you, even if we have to take many jobs."

"I promise I'll graduate, Mom," KC said, giving her a hug.

After a few minutes of travel, his uncle announced, "Oh, we're here to your new house!"

KC looked outside and saw a small, run-down house.

"I'm sorry, darling, this is our new place, but we'll try to fix it up later," his father said.

"That's okay, as long as we're together, it's all good," KC replied with a smile.

"Alright, let's head to your school. It's just a walking distance from here," his father said.

After a short while, the bus pulled up in front of KC's new school.

"Here's your new school," his uncle said cheerfully.

"Wish me luck, Uncle. Game face on," KC said, hopping out of the bus.

As he saw the school, KC couldn't believe his eyes. A massive and long building was wrapped in a vast garden that resembled a park, a resting place for the students. In addition, a stunning pond could be seen in the distance, where some students were boating.

"Is this real? It's so beautiful. Is this where I'll be studying, Father?" KC said in amazement.

"Yes, of course. Let me take you to your classroom," his father replied with a smile.

As they arrived at the classroom, there were only a few students, and the surroundings were quiet. His father fixed KC's collar and reminded her to be careful, "Here's your lunch, be good, Remember, son, this is your chance to shine. Study hard, make friends, and be the best you can be," his father said, putting a hand on KC's shoulder.

KC nodded, taking in his father's words. He knew he had to work hard to make his family proud.

KC bid his father farewell, "Yes, Father you bet. Take care, please."

he walked into the classroom and slowly took her seat, feeling a bit shy. While waiting for her classmates to arrive, she thought of ways to greet them to make a good first impression.

"I hope they will like me and accept me as their friend," KC thought to himself.

A few minutes later, the classroom door opened and his new classmates started to file in. KC watched them closely, trying to gauge their reactions to him.

"Good morning," he greeted them with a smile.

"Morning," they replied, but their responses seemed hesitant.

KC felt a bit uneasy, wondering if he had done something wrong.