Chapter 21:

Part 20

Fragile Phantasy

Max stood atop a hill, gazing out over the landscape below. In the distance, he could see a convoy of tanks and armored vehicles, heading towards his position. He grinned, feeling a rush of excitement at the thought of facing such a formidable challenge, he was ask by the president to stop any neighboring country from expanding their territory.

Without hesitation, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a watch. With a flick of his wrist, the device releases three separate weapons, each one more destructive than the last.

The first was a high-powered laser rifle, capable of slicing through steel and concrete with ease. The second was a set of plasma grenades, which could incinerate entire buildings with a single explosion. And the third was a pair of rocket launchers, each one loaded with enough firepower to take down a fleet of fighter jets.

Max aimed the laser rifle at the approaching tanks and fired. The beam sliced through the air, striking the lead tank and causing it to explode in a ball of flames. The rest of the convoy slowed to a halt, as the soldiers inside scrambled for cover.

Without missing a beat, Max hurled the plasma grenades towards the cluster of vehicles. The grenades detonated on impact, sending a shockwave of heat and energy across the battlefield. The tanks and armored vehicles were reduced to twisted heaps of metal, their crews vaporized in an instant.

As the smoke cleared, Max raised the rocket launchers and took aim at a nearby giant robot, towering over the landscape like a metallic colossus. He fired both launchers simultaneously, unleashing a barrage of rockets that slammed into the robot's armor plating with explosive force.

The robot staggered, but remained standing. Max grinned, feeling a surge of adrenaline as he prepared to unleash another round of rockets. But before he could fire, the robot suddenly exploded, sending chunks of metal flying in all directions.

Max turned to see his father, Henry, standing nearby with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"The watch is almost complete," henry said. "Its power is much more stronger than the first prototype thanks to the high advanced resources, we just need to add thousand more weapons variation to its system."

The weapons hummed with a sinister energy as they shimmered and transformed into a swarm of tiny, gleaming nanomachines. Max's eyes glinted with sadistic pleasure as he watched the tiny machines flood back into the watch, a perfect weapon for mass destruction.

"It's much stronger than the original," the head scientist exclaimed, his voice filled with awe. "It doesn't need to recharge, and it can access three weapons at once. The watch releases the nanomachines that become the weapons."unlike kc's watch that transform into one weapon, this just release nano-tech that become weapons.

Max grinned wickedly, his mind already plotting their next move. But the scientist's voice interrupted his thoughts. "But this weapon is not perfect yet," he said.

"What do you mean?" Henry demanded, his voice sharp with impatience.

"The watch's godly potential can only be unlocked if we absorb the original watch's energy," the scientist explained. "With that, it can do things we can't even imagine."

Henry's eyes gleamed with a dangerous light. "Then we must finish the portal," he said, his voice low and intense. "We need to capture the original wielder, who is now on the other side."

He ordered his men to follow him to the portal site, eager to check on its progress. One scientist approached him, his breaths coming in short gasps as he spoke. nearly out of breath from juggling so many tasks at once. "Sir, the portal is now 90% complete."

"What's taking it so long?" Henry snapped, his temper flaring.

"Sir, the last gem needed is incredibly difficult to find," the scientist explained, bowing low in submission. "We are doing the best we can, even tracking the most secluded parts of Earth," the scientist replied, then kneels to be given a chance.

Henry's fury boiled over, and he lashed out at the scientist who knelt before him, pressing his foot down on the man's head.

"You'd better find that gem, and fast," he growled, his eyes flashing with a dangerous light.

As if on cue, another scientist stepped forward. "Sir, we've located the last piece," he said, his voice trembling slightly. "But it's in a country that's extremely hostile and closed to outsiders. They've threatened to launch a nuke at anyone who approaches their borders."

Henry's mind raced, considering their options. The risk was high, but the reward was even higher. They had come too far to let a little thing like nuclear war stand in their way.

"Prepare the troops," he ordered, his voice low and steady. "We're going in."

As they prepared to depart, Henry couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement rising in his chest. They were on the brink of unlocking a new world that would make them unstoppable, that would give them the ability to reshape the world in their image. And he was the one leading the charge.

With a final nod to his men, he strode towards the portal, his eyes fixed on the future. Nothing would stand in his way.

The sound of the bombs filled the air, a deafening roar that shook the ground beneath their feet. Henry's heart raced from excitement as he watched from his space station to avoid the war, their bodies torn apart by the force of the explosion.

As the troops continued to approached the hostile country, the sky was filled with the blinding flash of nuclear explosions. Thousands of soldiers perished in an instant, their bodies incinerated by the deadly force of the bombs. But Max remained unscathed, thanks to the protective force field generated by the watch he stood tall, his eyes blazing with an unquenchable thirst for power. He had no fear, no hesitation, only a burning desire to conquer.

The force field continues protecting him from the worst of the blast and walking just like in a park closing in enemy territory, and he emerged from all the devastation unscathed. With a cold smile, he surveyed the wreckage around him, knowing that he was the only one left standing.

Undeterred, Max continued forward, a gleeful smile on his face as he unleashed a barrage of devastating weapons upon the enemy. Buildings crumbled, tanks exploded, and soldiers were scattered like leaves in a hurricane.

But even as Max decimated the enemy's defenses, they continued to fight on, launching wave after wave of desperate attacks. It seemed as though the battle would never end, With a flick of his wrist, Max activated a different kind of weapon, one that was even more destructive than the ones they had used before. The ground shook like earthquake and he felt a rush of power surge through him.

As he laid waste to the country's defenses, he forced their leaders to kneel before him, to beg for mercy. But Max had none to give.

Instead, he demanded that they hand over the gem they needed, the final piece in the portal that would unlock the other world and absorb the original watch power, So max could unlock his watch full potential. And they had no choice but to comply, cowed by his ruthless determination.

As Max walked away from the shattered ruins of the country, his eyes gleaming with triumph, he knew that nothing would stand in his way. With the power of the watch at his fingertips, he was unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with.

But in a second he glimpse something familiar in the wake of the destruction, reminiscing children's who look like him killing each other flashing right through his eyes in a moment, as max remember this he whispered "It's Survival of the fittest" a slight remorse is seen to his face.