Chapter 50:

Book 2: Chapter 3: Team 9 vs. The Celestials!!! Part IV

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Book 2: Land of Sand

Chapter 3: Team 9 vs. The Celestials!!! Part IV

Snapping out of it, I stared up at my girlfriend. “S-Sui, I thought you were—”

“I was but–” Sui let Tayuya climb out of her arms before shaking her head. “I have two arrogant ninjas for teammates. Worse, they both can barely hold themselves together.”

“Oh, and you’re doing any better, Sis,” Tayuya said, noticing Sui’s change in attitude.

Sui looked at us with white and red eyes using both her Sharingan and Byakugan for a change. A slight tremble shocked my body as I was sure she wasn’t delighted to be using her Sharingan. Honestly, I think she was only happy using it against me. Hell, she didn’t even have to hide it anymore because Hiruzen knew Sui had both the Sharingan and Byakugan. Yet she still did it. I didn’t know if it was out of habit or because she only wanted certain people to see it. Either way, the Celestials were not on that list.

“Stop ignoring me!” Ryūgan screamed once more throwing another temper tantrum. “Garian! Devour them!”

Having recovered from missing Tayuya, the Garian Dragon rose up high. This time it targeted all three of us, aiming to eat us with one bite.

“And why shouldn’t I ignore trash like you?” Sui said as she began weaving hand signs faster than I could see. Yet it was definitely over 30 hand signs, at least, because it wasn’t until the Garian Dragon was right above us that she finished. “When you use such an inferior copy. Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!”

Creating water from nothing, out of the ground rose a true water dragon. It was smaller and slimmer than the Garian Dragon, but it still ripped right through the thing as its eyes glowed golden before swooping down at Ryūgan. Hōki swiftly moved out of the way while Ryūgan stood still, simply speechless, marveling at the beauty that was Sui’s technique. Letting the dragon engulf him in water as it flooded part of the crater. Surprisingly when his body rose up from the water, he coughed, signaling he was alive but down for the count.

“Another one with those devil eyes. Danzō said nothing about you having them. Nor did he say you could use the water dragon technique. Were we played?”

“Heh. I was wondering why my brother hadn’t showed up yet after I sent Kabura.” Sui chuckled as she glared at Hōki. “It looks like Yuki was right. Though I should’ve known he’d go this far to shut us up after we discovered his little secret.”

“What secret?” I asked confused, as I didn't remember knowing anything besides kicking his butt, which no one would believe anyway.

“Yuki, you killed Danzō.”

“I-what—no, I didn’t. He’s still alive.”


“I don’t get it. How is he alive then?”

Sui shook her head. “I wish I knew, but he’s afraid of you and, by extension, us for knowing about it. Which is why he sent these B-listers after us.”

“You’re calling us B-listers, but you had to run away from me,” Suiko said, having finally caught up to where we were. I guessed that armor really slowed him down.

“As much as I enjoyed having a punching bag, my team needed help.”

“R-Right, we still have the Infinite Armor…. We can still win.” The life returned to Hōki’s eyes as he said. “Suiko, destroy them!”

“Already on it.” Suiko swung his mace at Sui, only for her to dodge it in a blink as she appeared behind him with a yawn.

“You’ll never hit me going that slow. Just sit tight while I take care of your leader.”

Suiko shrugged his shoulders as he glared at me and Tayuya, “Go ahead, and while you do that, I’ll kill those two. Make it a fair trade.”

“Suiko, you bastard!”

“Sorry, Hōki, but I have a job to do, and it’s a stalemate. I can’t kill her. She can’t kill me. That sort of thing. I’m sure you understand—”

“Did you just threaten to kill the ones I love?” Sui’s face grew dark as she glanced towards me. Why is she looking at me like that! “Yuki, I’m killing that one.”

I quickly nodded my head rapidly. “Sure. Go ahead. Whatever you say. Do anything you want. I will not say no.”

“Wait, how come she gets to kill?” Tayuya said, clearly having an issue with my bias towards Sui. Which, by the way, was not bias! I just didn’t feel like being on the receiving end of lightning cloaked dom Sui.

“Tayuya… did you just hear yourself right now?”

“I’m just saying if you let me kill that fucker with the dragons, we wouldn’t be out of chakra right now.”

I stared at Tayuya, who didn’t look like she was going to let this one go. There I weighed my options. I could either deal with the devil, who explicitly said not to make deals with her. Or deal with an angel which was honestly not the best fitting description of her at that moment. In the end, I sighed as I had to do what was right. “Fine, I take it back. Can you not kill him Sui? It’s only fair.”

Sui clicked her tongue. “Pushover.”

“I am not a pushover! Just hurry up and get this over with so I can go back to being the cool one.”

Sui giggled. “Man, you make it so hard to stay mad when you say cute things like you’re the cool one. When everyone knows it’s me—”

“I’m sick of this teen romance bullshit. Now die—” Suiko went to swing his mace only to stop as the sound of chirping engulfed the crater. I didn’t even know Sui could do that, but I should’ve known since her brother could. Yet that wasn’t what she used. No, she just had to one-up me as the words slid out of her mouth like a knife:


“Wow, so you were still hiding something like that.” Suiko laughed. “Good, waste your chakra, and maybe I can kill you as well. Infinite Armor!

The wolf’s eyes on the armor glowed red as Suiko prepared to tank the lightning building up in Sui’s hand. Using only one hand, not even needing the other nor a kunai to help keep the lightning stable, Sui simply blitzed Suiko appearing in front of him in a flash. At the time, I had some doubts about that technique even working as it should’ve just absorbed the shock, yet the moment Sui’s Raikiri came into contact with the Infinite Armor, it cracked then everything became white for a moment. And when the light faded, Sui stood tall, shaking the blood off her hand while Suiko laid on the ground with a hole in his side.

“You’re lucky I aimed for a kidney instead of your heart. I always knew dating Yuki would be difficult.” Sui let out a sigh. “Now, where’s the last one.”

“No need to look, little sister.”

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