Chapter 6:

06 Crows Come to Roost 3

The Four Wheel Saga

Shigeo was a bespectacled fifteen-year-old. You would rarely ever find him practicing taekkyon on the training grounds.

Taekkyon was the flagship martial arts of Karasuma village; its progenitors were the legendary fighters- Byeon and Subak of the now-extinct- Joseon kin. Every kin member is drilled in the martial arts from the age of six.

Shigeo's talents, however, lay elsewhere. Every news flash, sensational tidings, and remote hearsay found its way into his knowledge. He was the one to ask about every general information or even scandals.

Shigeo would hang around the offices and pluck anything vital that he overheard or spotted in writing. He would hunker at the citadel library during his leisure, reading about history, magic, and agriculture.

Today, however, he was in higher spirits than usual.

Shigeo: "Thanks, Kento. Ahem! Brothers and sisters. I have some thrilling news. It's about the Legacy Trials."

The Mikashita kids set to mutter amongst themselves.

Akako: "If I am not wrong, Shigeo, the village holds the Legacy Trials every three years? The next one is perhaps two years away? What about it?"

Akako was Kento's first cousin, the daughter of Raiden Mikashita (the second eldest among the Mikashita, after Senju).

She was a bold, sharp fighter with sea-green curls and an athletic frame. Her boldness spilled over to her personality, making her out-spoken and blunt. To be fair, such character flaws were common traits of the members of the mightiest kin in Karasuma.

Shigeo: "That is correct. But hear this- the Village High Council was convened last weekend. The Overlord was present, along with Lord Heydrian and Chief Strategist Hakaku."

The mention of Lord Heydrian made the teenagers exchange glances. He was a mysterious old man who came and went as he pleased. Heydrian reported directly to the Overlord.

Shigeo: "Some critical financial issues were discussed by the Hyougi, including our stocks of grains, legumes, salted eels, and iron. I also read a banking article from the Karasuki bulletin that talked about balancing budgets before spring and-"

Kento: "-Shigeo! Why not tell us the thrilling portion of the news first? You can see our cousins eagerly waiting."

The young prodigy nodded and pricked his glasses up the bridge of his nose for dramatic effect.

Shigeo: "The most important topic deliberated was the need for expanding the Legacy unit. We know it is the most elite military group in the village. For their services, Karasuma charges the highest commission. Other villages are happy to pay over five gold coins for hiring a double-stripe squad."

The boy realized he had droned on again and diverged from the topic.

Shigeo: "Anyway! Some zealous decisions were made. First, Wait for it... The Legacy Trials will now be held every year!"

There was an instant surge in murmurs among the gang.

"Every year?"

"Is this why Daigaku preceptors are here?"

"When will it begin?"

Shigeo: "Calm down. I will share everything I know. Second. The age bar for entry into the Legacy Trials has always been seventeen. They have brought it down to fifteen!"


"Is this a prank?"