Chapter 0:


The Dragon World

Long ago the Demon Dragons and the other Dragons lived in peace with the humans. The Demon King wanted the world for himself, so he planned to cause destruction and chaos. Eventually the Demon King put his plan into action. The other Dragons didn't like that the Demon dragons were destroying the world, so they went in for war to stop the Demon dragons.  Jackson one of the Demon King's sons came in to help the other dragons put a stop to the Demon dragons. Eventually the Demon Dragons were put to an end and are held captive in a place away from everything where they can destroy as much as they want, but can't escape from thanks to the barrier that Kristina's mother had put up.

It has been several years since then, but the dragons went to live as humans since they are now feared by humans. Over time they have forgotten that they are dragons and why their village is called the Dragon Heart Village.  None of them dared to enter the Forest since none of the others came back and they feared what had happened to the others. 

Before they forgot that they are dragons they told stories about the dragon world, their adventures, and the war like Jackson wasn't the one that stopped the Demon dragons. I on the other hand know who saved me and was able to stop the Dragon King.