Chapter 9:


Sweet Nightmares

The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed with my left hand handcuffed to the bed’s railing.

I have a splitting headache every time I wake. The doctor said it was probably caused by the beating I received. But, I know very well it’s from the guilt from that day. There was not a time I’m awake where I did not think of what I had done.

I regret killing Erica.

I regret having those nightmares.

I regret partaking in that experiment.

Most of all, I regret ever bringing up the subject, which was the start of everything.

I regret them all.

I was left all alone apart from police questioning and medical routines during my hospital stay. In my isolation, I began thinking that being branded as a criminal and going to jail would not be enough for the sin I committed.

As such, I started welcoming the visions I have of Erica, all bloodied and beaten, who I keep seeing in the corners of my room. I was thinking she was going to exact her revenge on me someday, and I would willingly accept it.