Chapter 5:

Chapter 05 A Day in School

The Forest of Lost Dreams

The new day had begun, and it was a dreary Monday morning. Sarah had school to attend, and she quickly got dressed in her school uniform. In a rush, she made her way to the school, eager to make it to class on time.

After a few minutes of walking, Sarah finally arrived at the school gates. As she entered the building, she could feel the weight of the day's responsibilities begins to weigh on her. She made her way to her classroom, where she knew she would be spending most of the day.

As she entered the classroom, Sarah couldn't help but notice the somber atmosphere that hung heavily in the air. The students in the room were quiet, and there were no sounds of chatter or laughter that she had come to expect from a typical classroom. Sarah quickly realized that this was going to be a tough day.

As she walked to her seat, Sarah noticed that her usual spot was taken by a boy who was daydreaming and staring blankly out the window. Despite her timid nature, she mustered up the courage to ask the boy if he could move so that she could sit in her usual spot. However, the boy completely ignored her and continued daydreaming.

Feeling a sense of embarrassment, Sarah looked around the classroom for an open seat. She found an empty spot next to the boy and reluctantly took it. She tried to ignore him and focus on the lesson.

The bell rang, signaling the start of class, and Sarah felt her anxiety increase. She didn't have any friends in the class and felt alone and isolated. The boy next to her continued to stare out the window, seeming completely disinterested in the lesson.

As the class went on, Sarah felt herself getting more and more frustrated. She wanted to learn and make friends, but it seemed like everyone in the class was either disinterested or actively avoiding her. Sarah tried to make small talk with the boy next to her, but he never responded.

Despite the difficulties she faced, Sarah refused to let the day get the best of her. She focused on her studies and tried to make the most of the situation.