Chapter 44:

Another Announcement

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Greeting to all souls that read those words.

Those last few months have been pretty hectic. I sincerely apologize for not updating this story.

The thing is..

Whenever I had a little bit of time..

No, maybe I should start at the beginning. Right after I posted the last chapter a rainbow light lit up all around me.. to keep the story short I got isekaied away!

And what another world it was! Terrible, I mean.

When I came to I found myself lying in a grass. As a veteran in theoretical isekaics the first thing I checked was status, analysis, inventory. In other words - THE SYSTEM. I had it all. I was level 1. There were no enemies nearby. Nice.

The only downside was that I could not move. If you believe me and I do not believe myself, I got reincarnated as a f****** rock!

I really wish to know what kind of Deity of Reincarnation I must have offended? Was my novel so bad? Or were the updates not frequent enough?

Getting back to Earth had been a truly arduous journey! In the end only about month's time had passed, but for me it has been hundreds of years. If I did not get a regeneration skill I would have died from erosion!

The first few years were uneventful. Then I made my first friend - Goblin. No name. He picked me up. I tried talking with it, but I had no mouth. Our friendship did not last long. I was thrown at some rabbit, no horns included. Unfortunately the moron missed and I did not get even half an XP.

The next few years I spent cultivating. Cultivating moss on my back, or rather current-topmost side. While the stat increase mas minimal I have gained a new passive skill - Slippery When Wet. Oh, what a powerful skill it was. Did I mention goblins? Yeah, I occasionally saw them. The Starting Forest was full of them. And I finally a cute girl - an adventurer chasing after goblin ears came to my side. Did I mention my passive? Yup, you can guess were this is going. She slipped. What kind of adventurer slips and dies immediately! Goddamit!

This was how I found that in this world non-monsters were worth more XP than monsters.

Well that's how my adventure truly began. With new levels I evolved and picked new skills and abilities, like for example "Roll", "Tremble" or "Spacetime Continuum Bending".

I had many (un)fun adventures and finally regained my human form and returned to Earth.

I re-familiarized myself with all the old chapters I had already forgotten. With all those new memories of isekaing I had a plethora of new ideas. As I started to write all of them down..

I found myself in front of King.

O hero, summoned, demon king, go kill, then return - was the shortened speech. F***.

I swear next time someone summons me, I am gonna side with the demon king! Cut that out!

Oh and the announcement. I again completely forgot about the plot of the novel. I decided I will be turning/hijacking this novel to tell my tale of countless isekai experiences instead so that you may suffe.. enjoy them with me.

Werelynx out!