Chapter 1:

Yet we meet again

black lotus

"there's a storm coming..."Bookmark here

there standing at her window at the middle of the night with a worried look on her pale face looking up at the starsBookmark here

"any move he makes....who knows how bad it will affect the kingdom"Bookmark here

one of the maidens servants placed a hand on her shoulder smiling Bookmark here

"queen edenubima please try not to let it stress you out"Bookmark here

the maiden looked at the servantBookmark here

"right's eliza doing?'she askedBookmark here

"the princess is sleeping right now, since we started giving her the medicine her heart has been healing with no problem"Bookmark here

"im glad to hear that"she walked to her bed flopping down on it"and the kotori siblings...?"Bookmark here

"they should be arriving by tomorrow morning"Bookmark here

"good..."she felt tired, all she wanted was to drift off to sleep and block out all the noise and stop her duty as queen for one dayBookmark here

"my queen, the princess has left the castle again!"Bookmark here

but she knows that wish can never be granted. Another servant came in her room breathing heavily Bookmark here

"damn that girl...tell the guards to wait for me at the door" edenubima got up from her bed and stretched"seems like this is the hundredth time i have to hunt her down"Bookmark here

somewhere in the forestBookmark here

eliza sat on a rock flipping through her bookBookmark here

"her room is filled with countless of books but none of them tells me how to cast a single spell..."Bookmark here

a black cat sat beside of the female keeping her company Bookmark here

"say kon...what do you think about strangers living in the castle?....i mean its already filled up with the council"Bookmark here

she picked up her cat and placing it on her lapBookmark here

"can demons even be trusted...controlled or not  don't think i can trust them"Bookmark here

she sat there silent watching the fireflies fly in the airBookmark here

"i wish...papa was here..."Bookmark here

"someone help me!"Bookmark here

eliza jumped up from the rock knocking kon off of her lap looking around searching where the scream came fromBookmark here

"a beast stay here"Bookmark here

she started to run following the track of the magic that lingered in the air Bookmark here

"telling by this magic its a level 10...should i try to find mother or..."Bookmark here

the female jumped tree to tree searching the area as she goes. Eliza jumped off of the tree letting her wings spread, her shirt ripped leaving only a white band covering her chest Bookmark here

"lady eliza  down here!"Bookmark here

she looked down seeing a boy waving his arms, she landed making her wings visible no moreBookmark here

"my father he's acting strange he wont stop attacking my brother!"Bookmark here

"do you mind leading me to where he is?"she askedBookmark here

"this way"the boy started to walk through the bushes pushing the branches to the sideBookmark here

they arrived at the house seeing a man digging his nails into a younger boys neck Bookmark here

"he's possessed?"Bookmark here

eliza held her hand out, a long white stick appeared in her hand. She looked at the boy and smiledBookmark here

"you don't worry about a thing alright? im not leaving here until your family is saved"she faced the man and the boy and towards them"now be a good boy and hide"Bookmark here

the boy nodded and ran as far as he couldBookmark here

"you took over that mans body....i'd love to know the reason"Bookmark here

the man slowly turned his head at the female, his eyes were blank, his teeth were now fangs Bookmark here

"what a surprise...its rare to find a half blood angel"the man dropped the boy leaving holes in his neck, he ran to eliza shaking in fear Bookmark here

"any soul that invades a humans body will not be aloud to walk this earth...ill ask you once to return to the underworld"Bookmark here

the man looked at the female and smiledBookmark here

"really now...but i just got here, i've been hoping for someone to play with so why don't me and you have a little bit of fun young lady?"Bookmark here

eliza appeared in front of the man pointing her staff near his chin Bookmark here

"i have no intentions of spending time with a filthy sinner like you..."Bookmark here

her hand was soon smacked away. She soon flew back from the impact of the demons kick leaving a dent in one of the treesBookmark here

"you radiate so much magic at that size, this generation seems amazing!"Bookmark here

eliza stood up and dusted herself off. Her wings came visible once again letting her take flight, looking around trying to see if the boys were gone she held her staff up focusing her magic on itBookmark here

"ill try to end this with one blow...i won't allow this to waste my time!"Bookmark here

balls of ice appeared beside of the female Bookmark here

"hujan dingin"Bookmark here

like lightning the balls of ice came shooting down at the demon. The demon knocked them down with no problem, he appeared in the sky throwing multiple punches at the female, every hit was being blocked with her staffBookmark here

"you truly are the daughter of that bastard hirako! "Bookmark here

she grabbed the demons arm pressing the tip of her staff against his stomachBookmark here

"spirit wave"Bookmark here

a shock went through the demons body Bookmark here

"ack-"Bookmark here

he spat out blood and looked up at the femaleBookmark here

"this is suppose to be some kinda spell to knock me out of here?"Bookmark here

"that is correct, if i can't weaken you with my spells then ill resort to this as many times as possible"Bookmark here

the demon placed a hand on the females stomach Bookmark here

"your not the only one who's born from the spirit realm kid"Bookmark here

a shock wave bigger than the females went through her body Bookmark here

"spirit wave"Bookmark here

eliza grunted in pain, she kicked the demon to the ground leaving a dent in the ground, she landed on the ground waiting for the demon to stand on his feetBookmark here

"whats the matter?...out of magic already?"Bookmark here

she felt his magic coming from behind her. She didn't have a chance to try to protect herself she were already in a headlockBookmark here

"that's the good part about being dead"Bookmark here

she felt his hold on her getting tighter and tighter making her gasp for breathBookmark here

"we have unlimited magic!"Bookmark here

'what should i do? 17 yet im not powerful enough to defeat a level 10 beast spirit...think eliza think!'. She felt like her act of confidence were fading away, ever since she were in infant she dreamed of fighting by her mother's side, illness or not she still wants to do her duty as a female warrior, But go through the height of risking her life?...she still hasn't learned how to except death yetBookmark here

the female bit the demons arm and slid her arms out of his grip grabbing him from the chin pushing his head up as high as possible. The demon smirked and suplexed the femaleBookmark here

she spat out blood, her heart felt like it was going crazy making her feel unsettling pain, that didn't matter to her right now, she will make sure she will complete her job and go back to the castle knowing the people in the kingdom will stay safe Bookmark here

"mind if i join in the fun kiddos?"Bookmark here

eliza's vision went blurry, the only thing she could see was a woman with long fluffy black hair holding herBookmark here

"who....?"Bookmark here

hearing eliza's the female smiled and looked at herBookmark here

"you can rest child....i'll take over from here"the female said Bookmark here

everything went black...Bookmark here

once she opened her eyes again she saw that she were back in her bedroom covered up with her pastel pink blankets Bookmark here

"liza..."Bookmark here

she looked beside of her seeing her mother sitting beside of her bedBookmark here

"may i ask what was your reason for sneaking out of the castle this late?"Bookmark here

eliza sat up"forgive me mother..."Bookmark here

"it's time you see a beast spirit don't be reckless and try to take it on, thanks to kagami she's the reason why your sitting here right now"Bookmark here

"oh...?"Bookmark here

"speaking of kagami she's been waiting outside to talk to you, this will be a good time to thank her" edenubima looked at one of the guards letting  them know that it is okay to let the woman inBookmark here

"mrs kotori, the queen would like to see you now"Bookmark here

the woman eliza saw back in the forest came running into the room"you've grown so big eliza!!!"Bookmark here

she jumped on the female hugging her tightBookmark here

"im sure you remember your little playmate kagami from when you were five, from now on her and her brothers will be staying in the castle as my allies"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

(hey um....i won't say im a begginer but i will say im still a learner, if it feels like i rushed the story could someone tell me? it would be a big help for me to improve with things like my grammar)Bookmark here

black lotus

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