Chapter 10:

The Demon And The Wolf (VII)

Child Of Darkness

The moment it saw the silver arrow sailing towards it, the Enigma knew it was going to die. Its claws were grounded as it continued to spew barrage after barrage of liquid fire. It was trying to bait her the entire time but at the end it was the one who fell in her trap.

The Enigma was going to die. That’s what it thought.


The ground rumbled once again, sending powerful shockwaves than ever before. Even the Enigma seemed confusing since it wasn’t the cause for this. The ground below it shifted as its left leg dropped in causing the left side of its body to abruptly fall on the other side leaving the right shoulder blade vulnerable. The arrow sliced through the air and pierced its right shoulder blade through and through, missing the Enigma’s head only by a centimeter.

If the fall was even a second late he would have died. The rumbling was caused by the sudden expansion of fire and ice continuously freezing and burning. The explosion was so powerful that half of the garden was nothing but a pit of reddish brown soil now. The school building which previously had only a damaged window was now falling apart, huge debris of wall fell on the ground and among them Aiden and Kudelia were falling too.

The Jæger would have seen them only of she was still on the ground unfortunately she was still falling with no solid ground to land on she frantically willed the leftover ice to form a thick surface.

However the Enigma had spotted the two falling down, this was his chance to defeat the Jæger. She was distracted and of he attacked the two unconscious Guardian she would definitely notice and will try to save her and when she does he will strike her. That will be the end of her.

His face covered in evil smirk as his wounded claws prepared to make the blow on the falling figures.

The sudden road from the Enigma startled the girl, who had just landed on the frozen ground. Her eyes widened when she saw the Enigma's claw prepared attack the two Guardians.

She didn't have time to think or devise a plan. She did what her instincts willed her to do. Without wasting a second she manipulated all the particles around her and once again leaped towards the duo, but the Enigma was faster than her. She wouldn't make it, she was going to use her bow but even then she wouldn't make it. There was only one way left and that was to use her last reserve of Astarte and use the ice to cushion their fall and at the same time propell her body between the Enigma and Guardian and take the hit hoping it will not be fatal.

And she did it. 

"Aurum Mercurous Vincula" 

She chanted her incantation and willed all the Astarte particles within her to gather near the building creating a slide like surface to catch the duo and save them. And on other hand she quickly summersaulted mid-air and aimed her bow on the opposite direction to change her direction towards the Enigma so that she could hit.

Her heart was hammering in her ribs, as the coldness around her began to fade, her yellow eyes slowly turned back into the original olive green. Her Illunis Art was coming undone but she had no other option. She took a deep breath and fired the arrow on the opposite direction, which gave her enough push to change her direction mid air and slice through the air in high speed and stop the Enigma. 

Her arms were stretched out as she tried to manipulate the Astarte for one last time hoping to atleast form a shield of ice to evade the attack of the claw but it was useless, she had run out of Astarte. With no other option she used her arms as a protective shield against the claws of Enigma but it was useless and the next thing she knew was that a sharp metallic blade had pierced through her intestines and she was falling down.

The crash wasn't as hard as the one before but the pain was still the same. Luckily enough she had fallen right besides the black haired boy. She was out of options, she hated to say this but she had no other option in her condition there was only one thing that awaited her if she fought and that was death.

"Hey Guardian Boy. This Enigma is stronger than I thought I would need your help"