Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Shadows in the Luminous Sky Lounge

Tiger Blood: Blood Moon Hunter

"Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. This is Zhang Guan speaking, and we are here to deliver news about the recent discovery of a colony of bats in a narrow cave located not far from Shanghai Port.

"According to Dr. Bei Ling, a bat specialist, this sea cave has been naturally eroded by salt water and has become an ideal hiding and breeding ground for bats, allowing them to thrive away from the rest of the world.

"Not only has this been happening near Shanghai Port, but data from the past few years indicates that the bat population has been on the rise. There have even been reports of people seeing swarms of bats illuminating the sky above their houses.

"We will be back shortly after this... "

As the azure firmament was obscured by inky plumes and the nocturnal raptors became a ubiquitous presence in the sky, the moon shone brightly amidst the darkness, bringing a glimmer of hope to humanity.

In the Luminous Sky Lounge, one of the many nocturnal gathering spots in Shanghai where the common populace congregated to revel, a colossal video display above the bar streamed the latest news bulletin presented by Zhang Guan.

The air was thick with a mixture of fragrances and sweat, emanating from the bodies scattered throughout the dance floor, like pools of water.

As a performer took the stage, raucous laughter and exultant shouts erupted from a cluster of onlookers.

Amidst the susurrus and babble of the revellers, a young man in his twenties was seated at the cocktail bar, sipping on a mug of beer.

He had a tall, muscular build but otherwise looked like an average guy, with messy black hair that partially obscured the drunkenness in his eyes.

He wore a black leather jacket adorned with multiple pockets at his waist, unconsciously giving off an air of someone in the security profession to those around him.

"Uncle, one more!" the young man raised his head, showing clear, sober eyes that contradicted his swaggering hands that almost dropped the big rounded glass.

"Careful with that Little Brother," the bartender caught the young man's beer glass and refilled it.

"Hehehe…" The young man chuckled and took a sip of the beer. His name was Jin Tianyi, a 20-year-old college student at Shanghai Jianqiao University who worked as a security guard in a certain apartment to pay and support his studies.

Growing up in an orphanage, he had learned to be self-sufficient and independent, as he had no one to rely on but himself. He is frugal and responsible with his money, preferring to save rather than spend on unnecessary luxuries, but not this time.

"So, this is a nightclub where people come to have fun," he thought to himself, scanning the area with a vigilant gaze from beneath his messy hair.

The dancers on the platform wore revealing outfits that exposed their smooth and slender waists and long legs.

Most of the men in the club were aroused by the sight of the dancers on the platform, who wore revealing outfits that exposed their smooth and slender waists and long legs.

"Not bad, cheap and good looking. No wonder my classmate said most of the dancers are as beautiful as chicks in our college," he mused.

Due to his current financial condition, he had no close family or friends to speak of. He was used to being alone and did not seek out the company of others.

Just as he finished his observation, he caught the scent of sweet rosemary perfume and heard an alluring, soft voice that could enchant many young men.

A young lady approached Jin Tianyi with a sultry smile. "Hello handsome Big Brother. I don't believe we've met before. Are you new here?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

She had almond-shaped eyes with deep, brown shades and intimidating eyebrows that exuded seriousness. Her pale skin and slightly curved smile made her appear inviting, and it seemed like she was trying to lure him in.

She wore loose black clothes and high-heeled boots, and her figure was not unattractive, with a curvy shape that was not too exaggerated. As Jin looked her up and down, she returned his gaze..

Jin raised an eyebrow, but returned her smile. "That's right. It's my first time at this place," he said.

The young lady chuckled, not because of his generic response, but because of how he maintained politeness between them. Her small laugh, along with her pretty figure, attracted a few young men who were already coming toward them.

"I'm used to coming to this place. How about a glass of beer?" she asked, shifting her almond-shaped eyes towards the glass of beer standing beside him.

Jin, who had been observing the situation, politely declined the young lady's invitation and moved six seats away, saying, "I'm sorry, maybe next time."

The young lady was taken aback by his cold response and aloof demeanor. Just as she was about to approach him, someone touched her shoulder.

A typical young, handsome playboy appeared out of nowhere, his face coming in at eye level with the young lady's and blocking Jin's view.

"Hey, it's Elder Sister Li! You're as beautiful as ever!" another young man piped up, his eyes ogling Li's curvy figure.

"Hehe, how about a round with us, Elder Sister?" yet another young man slapped her thigh, slowly caressing her smooth, white skin.

Elder Sister Li, who had been smiling before, suddenly changed her expression. Her lips turned downwards as she slightly raised her head, disgust apparent in her almond-shaped eyes as she looked at the three young men who surrounded her.

Meanwhile, Jin calmly watched their interaction as they harassed the young lady. He sipped his beer, wanting to watch the fun.

"It's not like I know her, not even close," he thought inwardly. Despite the blatant harassment in front of him, he felt no urge to act or help her like a hero saving a damsel in distress.

"They know her. It seems they are her regular customers," he thought. Seeing the situation getting worse, he decided it was the right time to go home.

But just as he was about to withdraw his attention, the handsome playboy suddenly turned and looked at him with vicious eyes. He tapped his two other friends and pointed at Jin.

"What did I do? Why are they looking at me?" Jin puzzled. But just as the three young men whispered something to the barista's ear, he noticed that Elder Sister Li was looking at him and smiling.

Now he understood where the trouble came from. However, from the corner of his eyes, he saw the three young men head towards him, with the handsome playboy holding a iron bat in his hand.

As soon as the iron bat came into view, Jin's swaying hands and seemingly sober demeanor became tense. Placing his beer on the table, he turned around to face the three young men heading towards him.

"I came here for fun, but they force me to work," he muttered in a low voice, his words like thunder striking through the bar, silencing the room.

All eyes were now on him, as the patrons gave him enough distance to fight.

"Who is that fool?" someone whispered.

"Doesn't he know his opponent is one of the young sons of the local gang boss?" another replied.

Jin's ears perked up upon hearing their words. Yet, even after learning their background, there was no hint of fear in his eyes. "A man's worth is measured by his courage and words," he inwardly muttered.

"Even if I lose my job, at least I still have dignity." His messy hair, which usually covered his face, now showed his narrowed gaze as his eyes locked onto the incoming people, like a tiger eyeing its prey.

"Don't blame me for your foolishness," Jin warned, taking a stance and rolling up his long jeans, bending his arms and body.

The normal-looking guy aura vanished from the eyes of the people, as his height of 190cm towered over all the people in the club. The looking-down eyes, along with his revealed sturdy build, gave people a hint of fear.

"You look good, 'Big' Brother," the handsome playboy spoke in disdain, observing Jin's posture as if ready to fight a big battle.

"Hahaha!" His two friends followed suit, laughing and gesturing for others to join in.

However, Jin was not affected by their ridicule. His eyes remained focused, as for him, this was not a joke. He could suffer a brain concussion or disabled limbs if he didn't take this fight seriously, which would affect his daily earnings to support himself.

"Yo, my cute Little Brothers," he said casually, without any additional words. But to the others, especially the trio, his words were like a mockery, as if he was already looking down on them due to his advantage of height and gym body.

Suddenly, just after Jin spoke, his vision started to shake, and the world seemed to shake with it. Glass by glass, containing the ingredients for cocktails, fell from the open shelf.

Simultaneously, Jin, whose vision was shaking, tried to stabilize himself as he felt a weight crash into his body. But unlike Jin, the rest of the people were caught off guard, falling to the floor.

"What happened?" people wondered. But before they could find out what was going on, a blinding light appeared, along with a screen, filling their view.

[Aetheria has entered planet Earth]

[As the dominant species that rules the entire planet, you will be rewarded]