Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: New Special Someone?


 I can easily fall in love with someone and that's what I hate the most about myself. I don't know why I'm like this. Just someone being kind and close to me can make me fall over heels for him. And right now, I'm having a new crush but the problem is of all the people you will fall in love with why your best friend. He knows everything about me including my type of guys and he understands it, but I don't want know his reaction when he learned that he's the new one in my heart right now. I never felt this kind of feeling in all years that we knew each other. So why now? 

"Haaaah" he sighed not knowing what to do. 

 "Is there a problem? Why are you sighing?"

 "It's nothing, Xei. Don't mind me, I'm just thinking about something" he forced a smile while saying this. 

*He have a bite of the sandwich in front of him* 

 "You're in love with someone again? Am I right?" 


"Ugghh, w-what ?!" "N-no, what are you s-saying?! Me in love?!" 

"I've known you for a long time, so I can easily noticed some things, and besides I'm the one who always comfort you when you're heartbroken or been dumped by your exes"

 "How can you say that (╥﹏╥)"

 "I'm just telling the truth" 

 "So... you're in love again? Who is it this time?" 

 "I won't tell you!!" 

 "Why? I'm your best friend and you always tell me everything. You never hide anything from me"

 "Sorry, but I really can't Xei"

 "Tell me, why you can't?" 

 "No reason, I just can't tell you😣"

"I won't stop asking until you tell me everything"

 "Ehhh! Xeiiii! Hmp." "I won't tell you anything hmmpp"

A/N: Hello I'm back, I hope you like it😊I'm kinda busy these past few months, so it's really hard to create a story(╥﹏╥)I just want to say that, I'm not really fluent in speaking or writing in English so I'm really sorry if there's a lot of grammatical errors on my stories. Thank you for everything everyone, I hope you'll still support me(≧▽≦)💕