Chapter 56:

Book 2: Chapter 6: The Three Gates of Sound! Part I

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Book 2: Land of Sand

Chapter 6: The Three Gates of Sound! Part I

“Who would have guessed our first opponents would be the Uchiha and the Lab Rat.” The teen continued to stare down at us, yet the moment she leaned forward, resting her arm on her thigh, I realized something extremely important.

“You’re a dude!”

“Wait, what!?” Kasai and the teen both yelled, all while I heard someone else laugh. To be honest, I wouldn’t really call it a laugh due to how monotone it was. But after what just happened, I doubted my assumptions could get any worse. And soon enough, stepping out of the shadows was a big guy who stood beside the teen.

“I think he thought you were a girl.” The big guy said with a low chuckle.

“You know he has a point.” A guy with six arms said as he too, walked out of the shadows. “The lipstick. The eyeliner. They really do make you look like a girl.”

“You bastards! Don’t make me kill you—”

Appearing in front of the androgynous teen was none other than Kimimaro. I’d never mistake the sight of how just his presence brought Tayuya to her knees. And just like her, these three were the same as all of them stopped talking to listen.

“Shut it. All of you. Did you forget why we’re here?”

“No, of course not.” They all said.

“Then I trust you three can deal with them while I obtain the last ingredient.”

“Of course, Lord Kimimaro.”

“Good.” Kimimaro appeared between me and Kasai. He was still as fast as ever. Though Kasai was in better shape than me having the reaction time to avoid being anywhere near Kimimaro with a quick hop. Damn it! He can see him move without his Sharingan!

“Do not worry, Yuki Uchiha. I shall return shortly to finish what we started. Lord Orochimaru’s orders take priority. Though I hope you don’t die before then.”

I clicked my tongue at how confident he was standing next to me. “You should tell that to them.”

For once, a slight smile broke Kimimaro’s calm demeanor. “I look forward to seeing the result.”

And like that he was gone, leaving us with: “So, who would you two like to fight first? Jirōbō of the South Gate.” The androgynous teen pointed to the big guy who, now that I looked at him, he was definitely fat and balding with orange hair.

“Or Kidōmaru of the East Gate.” The androgynous teen pointed to the guy with six arms who, well... I didn’t really notice anything besides the fact that he had six freaking arms!

“Or maybe you’d like to fight me, Sakon of the West Gate.”

I looked at Kasai, who nodded as I dipped my hands into my pockets for four water-tagged kunai. One for my left hand and three for my right. A smile grew on my face as the world grew cold. Kasai had a feeling they would all come after us seeing as I was the one guaranteed to get baited. So we had a plan just for this situation.

“Tick-tock—” Kidōmaru said.

“Little Leaf Ninja—” Jirōbō continued.

“Who’s it gonna be?” Sakon finished.

“How about…” I threw three wired water-tagged kunai at them and one into the air. Completing the hand signs in a flash, I sent a trail of lightning from my fingertips. “All of you! Improvised Style: Storm Styled Laser Ballroom Jutsu!

“Rookie mistake!” Kidōmaru spat out what at first looked to be golden gooey pellets, yet the moment they made contact with my wires, they sliced right through three of them as if they were as hard as kunai.

“Hey Kidōmaru, you missed one,” Jirōbō said, pointing at the one I sent sky high.

“No I didn’t.”

Looking with the rest of them, I noticed my kunai got stuck to the… ceiling? It was hard to see at first, but at a certain angle, I could see the spider webs spread around us, almost like a dome. Though that didn’t stop my Jutsu from casting as streams of lightning fired off from it.

“You were saying?” I said, grabbing three smoke-tagged kunai, all while Kidōmaru chuckled.

“Idiot, try moving it.”

I pulled at the wire, and of course, it was stuck in the web where the storm hit nothing but the dome, which was surprisingly undamaged by the Jutsu. It was just like Kasai said Kidōmaru’s spider webs were almost impenetrable. Very fun stuff. Luckily my job was done, so all I had to do was run!

“Yeah… About taking on all of you… I think I’ve changed my mind,” I said, slowly backing away from their hilltop all while Kasai facepalmed. It was there I heard the three of them snicker, which awfully reminded me of Tayuya. My god, is that where she got it from?

“You know what kid, you really are a riot.” Sakon chuckled before appearing in front of me with two arms protruding from his left side, ready to knock me out. “I can’t wait to hear what you’ll say on death’s door—”

Kasai kicked Sakon back with a smirk as he stood in front of me. “Sorry to spoil you, but he doesn’t say too much. Gets all quiet. Doesn’t even scream.”

“Oh, couldn’t wait your turn, huh, Lab Rat.”

“I think I like Hyūga Trash better. Way more insulting.” Kasai said, giving me a quick nod.

I threw three kunai, no strings attached, at Sakon who dodged it with ease, and in a flash the area went up in smoke, covering my retreat.

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