Chapter 0:


The Girl He Used To Know - Original HoneyFeed Version

Hi there,

This is the former home of one of my works - Unfortunately from drama, to a lack of innovation - To bugs that made the site unusable to me - My books are no longer being hosted here on HoneyFeed.

This in mind I'm leaving this note here to let people with an interest know that you can find all my works in updated versions over on RoyalRoad and ScribbleHub - With plans for other releases yet to come.

The version of 'The Girl He Used To Know' is staying here as it was intially written for a HF competition - However it should be noted newer versions with better grammer and formatting are available on SH and RR👍.

For more information you can check out the final chapters of either 'UnderCurrent' or 'The Girl He Used to Know' - Which both depict my odd journey with this website😅.

HoneyFeed had its merits, it got me some feedback and I made some good friends here - But it is in effect the training wheels of web-noveling sites - If you are even slightly serious about your art or simply want a website that will teach you proper formatting and has an actual userbase - Then do yourself a favour, take off the training wheels and seek out the website that is right for you😊.

Best Regards,


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