Chapter 83:


Royal Princess of Blood

Mera can be blinded by admiration.

At first that was merely an initial theoretical observation, nothing final, however, now I have arrived at that solid conclusion. I have lowered the possibility of Mera being an infiltrator to around 20%.

There were not many signs that supported the possibility of her being an infiltrator. In addition, her emotions towards me also supported the possibility that she was clean. However, I could not be satisfied by such a thing, especially considering that she’s always near me.

Therefore, I decided to do a little test.

One that cannot let Mera get the idea that it was planned, therefore, I must give no hints of my briefing with Vernon. Mera wasn’t stupid. In fact, she was observant and fairly smart, and that was why I was being careful.

The plan was to let her feel threatened, let the anxiety build up within her. Then when the time was right, I’ll reveal that we knew she was a traitor. If done impressively, it will certainly make the traitor think that her mission had failed. And thus, having no choice, go straight for the primary mission.

With my performance as the pure princess, everything went well.

However, if Mera was not a traitor, then everything goes well for me too. I predicted how she would react to my heartbroken and terrified performance. The despair in her eyes, the hopelessness, the heartbreak, I expected it and strived to intensify those.

Mera became broken inside to the point that Vernon seemed to have felt guilty.

Regardless, I have another goal in mind.

If Mera wasn’t a traitor, then she was truly loyal to the crown and kingdom. She wouldn’t do anything against it, after all, she had her family to worry about. In addition, she may even be loyal to me. But I am not satisfied with that. I want something even more.

Not plain loyalty, and not to the kingdom and the crown.

I want her utmost devotion to me.

Me alone. I mean, that would put me at ease even more.

Thus, I let her wallow in despair for a while longer. However, I deemed that making it way longer would instead have the outcome I didn’t want.

After breaking her apart, I would rebuild her, recollect the broken fragments, and reform her.

I saved her.

Then as I hoped, it ended up as I wanted.

However, as it happened, it was… way more than I had expected. Her eyes intently stared at me with vast passion as our faces were so close to each other that I almost tried to kiss her just for a little tease.

But decided not to since it would be weird at that moment. In any case, she offered way more to me, and she was full of conviction while doing it that it almost gave me goosebumps. Nonetheless, it happened the way I wanted it, so all’s good. If she had realized she’s in love with me now, oh well, all’s well if it ends well.

But let’s not think of it as love, admiration differs from love.

Then that admiration was what blinded her and offered everything to me.

Hm…. Things like this end up in love though.

Eh, whatever.

Oh yeah, long time no see. Forgot to greet you after a long time, how rude of me.

Anyways, after some alone time with just the two of us, I urged Mera to take the day off and rest while showing my most worried expression. It would seem she was so mentally exhausted that she agreed with not much of a resistance.

When I left her inside the maids quarters, I saw Vernon with a pair of maids. Seeing how worried they were about Mera earlier, then they may be close to each other at a certain level.

I approached them and asked them their names. The girl Macey was the one who was rattled the most and very uneasy, while the other named Ellie only seemed confused and appeared to not be that concerned about being accused of colluding with the betrayer.

I told them that everything was fine now and they had nothing to worry about. Thankfully that these two were the only witnesses, I preferred not to escalate this spectacle for the sake of Mera, so I ordered them to not speak of this to anyone. And if they knew and learned anyone else that saw it, have that person also swear to not spread it to anyone.

As I was leaving, Macey sighed deeply in relief. While the other, I noticed her eyes lingered towards me as I left. She must be tougher than the other one.

I might need to ask Mera about those two next time.

“Your highness, I presume that Mera is alright now, yes?”

“Yes, I’m glad she didn’t hate me because of what I have done.”

“Then her loyalty can go unquestioned now.”

“Yes, she is my vassal. Tell my father that, but do not disclose what I have done to get to that conclusion.”

“... Your… vassal…?”

Well, she is now certainly loyal to me.

“Or you could just not mention this to my dear father. The choice is yours.”

“I will think about it. But on the good side, there aren't many witnesses. So I think we can control how information about this goes out.”

“If Macey and Ellie are close friends of Mera, then they would also prefer not to speak to anyone about this.”

And that works excellently for me. I’ll be pissed if it suddenly gets leaked.


Next morning, the moment I first saw Mera, she had a bright smile on her face. In her eyes glinted a new light as she looked at me.

“Are you alright now, Mera?” I asked innocently with great worry.

“Yes, milady. I am completely fine now to serve you.”

I nodded my head happily with a sweet smile at her bright words. When we got out as we were heading for the bath, Vernon confronted Mera the moment he arrived then bowed his head.

“Mera, I apologize for what happened yesterday.”

My maid was particularly surprised, unexpecting that Vernon would outright apologize. With a dumbstruck face, Mera shook her hands.

“N-No, I… You had to do it, so I don’t think you need to regret what you did.”

In other words, she was saying there was no need to apologize whatsoever. However, Vernon wasn’t content.

“Even so, I still feel guilty for what I have done, and I believe an apology is in order.”

It might have felt a bit weird for Mera to see her superior bowing his head and apologizing with regret.

“Uh, in that case, I forgive you… Sir Vernon.”

With all of that done, I went to take a bath and then breakfast. Everything went the same more or less.

Oh, I should mention that Rogan didn’t snitch me, so that was great of him. I was thinking of visiting him, but that would just give some hint that I was the one who tipped him. I suppose not anyone could easily think I am the one responsible because I was the pure princess.

What does a princess like me know of such a dangerous matter?

Nothing at all. I am not involved in it whatsoever, I don’t have the spirit to do such a thing and do something significant without the knowledge of my family.


That aside, it would seem my family had no idea about what happened with Mera. Apparently, Vernon decided not to tell my father, and the two maids have kept their mouths shut. Regarding Vernon though, I don’t know what to feel about him hiding crucial information to his superior and no less the King.

Vernon’s no push over, damn.

Alright, I am now planning to do my next task. I have noticed strange movements lately, and I have successfully obtained information that may prove useful in the future if things went to the negative side.

I will need to speak with my brother after I am satisfied with my attack spell.

I’m getting good, I imagine it may only take two days when I get to act. Firebolt was a scary spell when you have a vast amount of mana. I’m also trying out a new thing I can make with my mana. Then most importantly, I can now use my shields fluently. I could now position it in any direction that I wish, and resize it as I want. Needless to say, it was now way stronger than my first tries. But of course there were some limitations, even though it was pretty annoying.

Today I practiced my spells and improved them, and I did it for almost a day in the training grounds. I would often need to find some shades to shield myself from the sunlight, but I will need to go out into the sun when I practice my firebolt to fire at the strawmans.

Tsk, the sun burns.

What am I now? A vampire?!

Yeah, well, as pale as I am, of course I’m pretty sensitive in direct contact with sunlight. I could have worn my cloak, but that would just be weird and wouldn’t really feel that comfortable wearing it here in the palace grounds while I’m training.

Me aside, Mera was pretty motivated to learn and train her magic and had shown decent progress today. Good Mera! Good! You might become a good shield for me or something, or a distraction for me to get the kill. Whatever use will be appreciated!

Did I just sound heartless in your ears? Well, what are you so surprised about?

Mera was loyal to me and I’ll value her, however, there will just be times when you just have to decide and use what you could use.

Wouldn’t you use a hammer to a nail? Or wrenches to tighten bolts?

Okay, if you’re worried, I’ll still take care of her, okay? Loyalty is not easy to come by. Put value on what is valuable.

After a day’s training, right about late afternoon, I took a bath since I was sweating way more than Mera did. Hell, Mera didn’t even sweat that much in the heat. My body was just really built differently. But doesn't that just make me more precious?

Then, we returned to my room.

“Mera, retrieve refreshments please. An orange juice would suffice. Get for two.”

“Two?” she asked, puzzled.

“One for me, and one for you.”

“For me…?”

“What? I want to spend some time with you.”


Her eyes went wide as her cheeks flushed red. Then with a lowered head as she avoided my gaze, she complied with my order and then returned with refreshments for two on glasses with a few cookies.

“Come sit down.”

I pointed at the chair on the other side of the table. Mera sat down with hesitation, fidgeting after doing so because of uneasiness. How amusing as always.

Then we enjoyed a leisurely time together.


Night time, the windows closed and curtains loose, covering the view of the outside. I sat at the side of the bed as my palm held out before me. A crimson flat hexagon floated above it, then I made it move around my arm. Impressively, I did it so casually, not even breaking a sweat.

This was the same Palm Shield spell, I only changed it to my choosing. Listen, the palm shield was not a fixed shape, therefore, I am free to shape this barrier as I liked. I can make it a circle, a box, oblong, or any shape. I can even make it in the shape of a chopstick.

I spread out my fingers and let the small crimson hexagon go between my fingers. I then tried to change its shape akin to a knife, and it did. However, I discovered there was a downside to this. I couldn’t easily cut something.

This spell’s purpose was to repel, not attack, therefore, I could try stabbing someone with it, however, a lot more effort will be required. If that’s the case, then using a real blade would be way better.

The crimson construct vanished as I wished it to be, then I folded all my fingers except for the index one. I controlled my mana carefully, then a tiny ball of flame appeared atop the tip of my finger.

When I was done with it, I dispelled the spell then as I was about to try my experimental spell, I had a strange feeling. Thus I instantly turned to look at the window. With focused eyes I glared at the window.

I sensed something, it was like someone was watching me.

Not letting it pass, I rushed to my window and swept away the curtains and looked through the glass. However, there was nothing.

That being said, I doubt I was mistaken. Whatever could that feeling be, it could be real for all I know, someone must have indeed tried to watch me.

I moved my face closer to the glass window, then observed every detail that I could see.

But I saw nothing.

I raised my head upward, then sighed deeply.

Seriously, this feeling better not disturb my beautiful slumber.

I hate being interrupted from my sleep. Sleeping after all was a great thing. I mean, who would hate sleeping? Sleeping is the best there is!

I returned the curtains to how they were and sat back down on the bed. I had changed my mind on trying out the last spell I was about to try out, it works well anyway. I’m just going to shift to an important practice for now — just returning an old skill, I have been doing it recently away from anyone's eyes.


I cleared my throat and pressed my fingers on my throat gently.

“Aaaah. Aaaah.”

I deepened my voice and changed some things, but it hurts my throat.


This will indeed take a while.

After plenty of time had passed when I was satisfied with my progress after a time of practice, I laid down on the bed, a single lamp lighting up my room. I covered myself in my sheets and closed my eyes.

In the end, I wasn’t disturbed in my sleep.

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