Chapter 0:

<Prologue> Light and Darkness

Satan’s Blessed Souls

A girl appears every night in my dreams.Bookmark here

Dark, empty, cold…Bookmark here

Dead.Bookmark here

Every time, the sequence repeated without fail. Bookmark here

The void is empty besides the dim light shining down upon the dead girl’s body. There is no other light source. No one else. Nothing else.Bookmark here

Covered in a trail of crimson blood, the liquid soaking through her white dress and pooling along my feet. Every night, I stood over her dead body, clutching a knife in my hand. I scrambled back, throwing the knife onto the ground as my knees give out. A scream comes out from my throat, yet I realize my ears won’t work. Bookmark here

Or is it my voice that has left me?Bookmark here

I steady myself again, try to stay calm again, slowly crawl towards her again. Bookmark here

Blank eyes like misty glass, beautiful black hair, with an almost calm expression. The most beautiful image of death, if only there wasn’t a hole pierced through her chest. Somehow though, I’d always come to the conclusion that she was an angel from heaven.Bookmark here

Someone had murdered an angel.Bookmark here

I stared back at those blank eyes, then back to the pool of blood around us. Bookmark here

And then,Bookmark here

I suffocate.Bookmark here

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