Chapter 19:


Power of Fear

"Is that it?" A girl was running towards a garden.

She stopped near the entrance and looked at the sign on a red wall.

"Erstenal Garden, huh... and there is a pile of rocks on the side, like Jin said."

"Emiiii!!!!" Shika screamed from far away.

"I will bring back Ketsu... before Shika arrives." Emi entered the garden.

The garden was lush green with a hint of red, with six brown benches and dead bodies of bishops. In the middle of it all was a single boy chocking a dead body with blood coming from his neck.

"K-Ketsu?" Emi said with fear in her voice as the person she saw looked completely different compared to Ketsuki, but she knew it was him.

Ketsuki had a crimson red mask with black lines running across it and a red scarf wrapped around his neck. His clothes were jet black, and his black hair was as long as his body. He had red blood floating around him, and he had a red halberd made of blood in his right hand and a golden Zweihänder in the other.

"Welcome to this graveyard of bishops young woman." Ketsuki said in a deep voice.

"A true infected talking?! Ketsu... I will help you move forward!"

"Such hostility... Such benevolence... no matter." Ketsuki waved his hand, and six golden swords appeared in the air. "I will end you immediately."


Meanwhile, at Kiara's location.

Kiara was on the ground with several wounds all over her body.

"It seems you are no match for me, girl~" Cleopatra laughed while sitting on the shoulder of a muscular dead man.

Kiara put her hands on the ground and pulled out more skeletons.

"Destroy them my minions! I will reward you greatly." Cleopatra said seductively.

Two dead men each missing an eye, charged at the skeletons, and destroyed them with a wooden bat.

"The hell..." Kiara got back to her feet with her right hand still touching the ground.

"Hmmm... what should I do with your dead body, I wonder?"

"Whatever it is, I am sure I am not going to become your servant... ugly." Kiara spit on the ground.

"Girl... you run your mouth a lot. Ugh... Go kill her." Cleopatra was disinterested.

A dead man walked towards Kiara and raised his wooden bat, preparing for a swing.

"This is good enough..." Kiara suddenly pulled out a seven foot skeleton from the ground using her right hand.

The skeleton then punched the dead man into the wall, immobilizing him.


The skeleton Kiara summoned was different than the rest. Unlike the others, this one had more thicker and stronger bones. Where there were supposed to be empty eye sockets and several teeth, there was simply a mask made of strong bones. It also carried a plane short sword.

"That looks stronger... but you are no match for my army!" Cleopatra waved her hand in the air, and six men started to dig from below and came out of the ground.

"Yeah... too much for me to handle. Skeledrago , keep them distracted!" Kiara ordered and pulled out five more normal skeletons from the ground.


The six men charged at the seven foot skeleton Skeledrago and Kiara.

Skeledrago stabbed an enemy on the left, but the other five held its legs, toppling it over and breaking it.

"Ha! Now that your strongest has fallen, you shall di- Huh?!" Kiara had completely disappeared.

"Where did that bitch go?! Was no one keeping an eye on her... I WILL NOT LET HER MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF!"

Cleopatra's dead men destroyed the remaining skeletons and started searching every corner of the garden for Kiara, but little did they know she had already escaped.

"Ugh... I should hed back to the mansion. Making Skeledrago requires me to focus too much." Kiara said in a pained voice.

Meanwhile, Cleopatra looked at her hands in a pained expression.

"I have done more than seducing...I am known for more than that. I was one of the greatest rulers of Egypt! I hope one day... everyone will look up to me for what I truly love."


At Kajra's location.

"How lucky I am for the great Julius Caesar to visit me." Kajra said sarcastically.

Caesar ran his hand through his purple hair and stared at Kajra with his dead sharp eyes.

"You one of the leaders?" Caesar asked casually.

"I couldn't possibly be!" Kajra smiled.

"Liar... I can see that shine in your eyes. You are either a strong warrior or a wise leader like me." Caesar flailed his red robe dramatically.

"Want to find out?" Kajra pulled out his blue sword, It did not have a blade, it had water spiraling around it at high speeds to resemble a blade. It was Bedivere's Lacus blade.

"I like the way you talk!" Caesar pulled out a white cloth and wrapped it around his eyes. "Show me your swordsmanship!"

"Mister Caesar... Do you intend to fight blind folded?" Kajra sheathed his Lacus Blade.

"Of course! Fighting battles on the same level is exhilarating. Now, attack me already!" Caesar opened his arms with confidence.

Kajra, who was now unsure of the enemy's plan, drew a normal short sword.

"Stop wasting time!"

"Sorry for the wait." Kajra dashed towards Caesar and slashed his chest with all his might.


Kajra's chest suddenly started bleeding. The wound was at the exact spot at which he slashed Caesar. Except Caesar had no visible wounds on him.

"Oh? Sorry sorry I forgot to mention my power. In the past, I used to be the strongest person in the world. Nothing could touch me and my lovely Roman Empire! But the only ones who could reach... were my own people... I got assassinated because I was too powerful, and the one who killed me was a man who was like a son to me. You know, I never feared anything in my life but that day I felt it... I felt fear." Caesar clenched his fist with a pained expression.

Kajra used this time to stop the bleeding from his chest by tying a cloth around him.

"I know your story. You truly were a great leader." Kajra said truthfully.

"You talk like you were there..."

Kajra smiled. "You possess a troublesome power. Fear against assassinations. You tie that cloth around your eyes to avoid knowing the location of the enemy and where they will strike... and any strike you do not know of is considered as an assassination. The damage is also transferred to the enemy instead... how troublesome."

Kajra pulled out his Lacus blade once again.

"Haha! You figured it out. Well, how is that information going to help you? I am invincible!" Caesar laughed. "I am going to be rewarded by that red-haired kid and transfer all of it to Cleopatra... Ohh my precious! She will love it!"

"I expected you to be smarter..." Kajra said in a low voice.


"Oh sorry, its nothing." Kajra laughed.

"Go on, strike me again!" Caesar laughed louder.


"Hmm? I thought I would have to go on the offensive this time, but if you want to REALLY try again, then why should I stop you?" Caesar pointed at Kajra.

"Good... keep your hand right there."

"Oh? I am not sure what you are planning, but I'll play along." Caesar did as Kajra told.

"I am a hundred centimeters away from you."

"And?" Caesar had a confused expression on his face.

Kajra dashed towards Caesar. "Now I am seventy... forty... twenty centimeters away from you."

"No way are you -"

"I raise my right hand fifteen centimeters above my shoulder." Kajra did as he said.

Caesar took a step back out of fear.

"I am sorry... I slash with my blue sword downwards, severing your right arm from your shoulder." As Kajra's sword descended, Caesar had an expression of fear on his face. He was too slow to react, and as Kajra said, his blue sword severed Caesar's right arm from his shoulder.

"AGHHHHHAAAA!" Julius Caesar screamed in pain as blood flooded out of him at a fast rate.

"It was a gamble... If I executed my movements wrong even by a centimeter, I would have had my own arm cut off." Kajra sheated his Lacus blade.

"WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY??" Caesar tried to run away.

"I thought if I told you a detailed explanation of my position and movements with absolute accuracy, then it wouldn't have been considered an assassination." Kajra made a finger gun and aimed it at his own head playfully.


"It doesn't matter if that truly was or was not truly an assassination... what matters is that if YOU think it was." Kajra explained calmly.

"Fuck..." Caesar leaned across the wall and continued to walk away.

"I am sorry... you can not survive with those wounds." Kajra said in a sad voice.

"I can, and I will... after Alexander is done with his job at the mansion... He will help me... recover with his powers." Caesar said in a low voice and ran away from Kajra's sight in pain.

"Alexander? He couldn't have meant him, could he?" Kajra had a worrying expression on his face.

"I should be heading back... I hope we meet again, Julius Caesar." Kajra turned around and headed towards the mansion.


"Where am I?" Scipio asked himself while rubbing the back of his helmet.

After Akane lifted up Scipio from the back of his armor, she flew at a high speed and threw Scipio in a random location, which he was unaware of.

"I swear after I find that bitch I will tear her apart, stuff her in a box and send it to their leader!" Scipio shouted in rage.

"That sounds mildly disturbing for an honorable warrior, doesn't it?" A man in brown clothing said, who was sitting on a post box reading a newspaper.

"Oh? Wait... I know who you are! You were  Aina's biggest source of information... Jin!" Scipio instinctively took a step back.

"I do not know if I should be glad about being so famous... but no matter." Jin shrugged.

"I have hit a jackpot... instead of killing that bitch I can tear YOU apart, stuff YOU in a box and send it to YOUR leader."

"Please do not repeat yourself." Jin sighed. "But I cannot let your comment about Akane slide." Jin closed his newspaper.

"Oh? What can a simple newspaper man do to me?" Scipio drew his short sword and pointed it at Jin.

Jin stood on his feet.

"Scipio Africanus, the man who is best known to have defeated Hannibal Barca... have you ever heard of the phrase knowledge is power?"

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"Good." A hint of golden aura appeared around Jin. "Let me demonstrate."

Power of Fear