Chapter 18:


Power of Fear

Hannibal and Scipio's location.

"Oi! Black suit kid." Hannibal pointed at Akashi.

"I do not talk to enemies." Akashi responded coldly.

"Tch... Fine, I'll ask Blondie over there."

Akane, who was facing Scipio Africanus, looked behind at Hannibal.

"Why is this town so dead? I haven't encountered a single person yet."

"Hannibal Barca, we are here to stall them, not have fun talk!" Scipio shouted.

Stall? We are not in a winning position anyways Akane thought.

"This is town X." Akane responded to Hannibal's question.


"You seriously don't know?..." Akane sighed, but she continued as this was a good opportunity to position herself in a favorable position.

"Roughly five years ago, after the election of President Zenithias... no, it was more like a formality. Our town was the only one who didn't vote for him. We thought it was a courageous move to fight against dictatorship... but we were put in our place soon enough..." As Akane was explaining, she positioned herself high in the sky, preparing for a kick towards Scipio Africanus.

"Zenithias... I heard the country of Zandaks is prospering under him, even though it is a dictatorship." Scipio said while drawing a short sword with a golden lion on its hilt.

"It looks like it's prospering from the outside... but it is at the cost of the wellbeing of the people."

"Oh, come on! Tell me how Zenny put you in your place." Hannibal jumped on top of the wall, clearly seeing Akane prepare herself for a surprise attack on Scipio.

"Tch... after a month, an angry mob of citizens stormed in our town and massacred... more than half of us. Leading the massacre was a man in a white suit and a mask who was standing on a black board held by roughly twenty people... it was Zenithias... After that our town was not considered as part of the country of Zandaks." Akane flew to the opposite side of the wall, keeping an eye on both Hannibal and Scipio.

"This Zenithias dude sounds just as useless as our Pope, Qin Shi Huang... Nah... I take that back... at least Zenithias is capable of something." Hannibal laughed.

"Qin Shi Huang? Useless?" Akane said with confusion.

Meanwhile, Akashi, who finally understood what was going on, started drawing and sheathing his sword for a weapon.

After drawing a tennis racket, a red curtain, and a battery, he drew a giant hammer of the size of half of his body length.

"That is an interesting power boy. Though that hammer is not going to do a thing to me." Scipio said.

"That boy is mine, Scips! Don't you touch other people's prey!" Hannibal shouted.

"Akane..." Akashi called out in a low voice.


"I know for a fact I have lived here my whole life... but... I don't... I don't remember any of this..." Akashi said in a desperate voice.

"Akashi, what are you talking about-"

"I SEE, I SEE! YOUR WHOLE STORY WAS FAKE... THAT PISSES ME OFF!" Hannibal jumped in the air from the top of the wall.

"No, Hannibal, this is not a story. It is a fact." Scipio stated.

"SHUT IT!" Hannibal attempted to punch Akane, but Akashi, with his hammer, which was attached to his sword, slammed Hannibal into the ground.

"We will talk about this when we get home, Akashi."

Akashi simply nodded.

"Now..." Akane smiled kindly and dashed towards Scipio.

"I will show you my power!" Scipio slashed at Akane, who dodged effortlessly to the right and back flipped into a kick.

Scipio stepped back to dodge it.

"Not really impressed." Akane said mockingly with a smile.

"Akaaneeeee!" Akashi shouted.

He was flying in the air and was dropping down from a height of ten feet.

"Among all of the Cardinals... I am not an infected. Brute strength is all I have got." Scipio said while clutching his fists.

"So you weren't attacking me, but in Akashi's direction. I have to say... to generate so much wind energy with just a single swing, that cannot be done by a simple human."

"Indeed, I am not a simple human... I am Scipio Africanus of Rome!"

"Ugh... The hell was that?" Hannibal, who was on the ground, finally got up to his feet.


"Huh?" Hannibal looked directly above him.

He saw Akashi falling down from a great height.

"Fuck!" Akashi landed directly on top of Hannibal.

Akashi instantly distanced himself.

"Don't ruin my beautiful face boy..." Hannibal said, who was even more injured.

"I don't think even a cardinal can win against me, in such a weakened state." Akashi said confidently.

"That boy is inexperienced." Scipio told Akane.

"What do you mean?"

"Hannibal's power cannot be defeated... As he fears defeat itself."

"You are not telling me-"

"Indeed, he has the fear against defeat."


"Come at me, boy!" Hannibal said while keeping his hands on his eyes.

"Showing off won't work." Akashi charged with his sword-hammer and attempted an over head strike on Hannibal, who easily dodged it by side stepping.

"What? That's impossible!"

Hannibal then using his left elbow, destroyed Akashi's hammer and kicked him into the wall with a right leg to his stomach.

"Ugh... " Akashi vomited out blood.

"Seriously? Is that all you got?" Hannibal mocked Akashi.

"For Kumojoshi's safety..." Akashi got back to his feet. "FOR KUMOJOSHI'S SAFETY I HAVE TO FIGHT!"

Akashi sheathed his sword, drew a green sofa, and immediately attacked Hannibal, who was caught off guard.

Hannibal was sent flying into the wall opposite Akashi.

"Tch... seems that you are not some average Joe."


Meanwhile, Scipio was trying to hit and grab Akane with his bare hands.

"Not using your sword? Seems that you really DO care about Hannibal."

"How dare you!" Scipio went for a full power punch but yet again failed to hit his mark.

Seeing this opening, Akane grabbed hold of Scipio's silver armor from the back of his head and started lifting him in the air.

"Surprisingly you are not that heavy!" Akane said with a smile.

Akane realized that she won't be able to win easily with the injuries she sustained from Augustus of the Cycle of Months and decided to fly him in the air and drop him in a random location he is not aware of.

"This is disrespectful! Unhand me!" Scipio started moving around vigorously.

Akane's hands started tearing, and blood started to flow out.

"Ouch... Akashi, we are going to retreat!" Akane shouted with pain.

"No! I will defeat him..."

"Don't be a fool! We have stalled enough time for Kumojoshi." Akane said.


"Stall? Hey Scipio, isn't that what we are doing-  Woah, what are you doing in the air?!" Hannibal asked with amusement.

"Help me, you fool!" Scipio shouted.

"Only if you say pleaaase!"

"That is the last thing I'll ever do."

"Then forget it, you big buffoon."

Akane flew away with high speed, quickly getting out of sight.

"So, what? Are you going to run away?" Hannibal asked with a smug smile.

"Think what you will... I will be the one to defeat you." Akashi quickly dashed away towards the route of the mansion.

"That boy is not a complete fool... Anyways, it's not like we would have had a winner." Hannibal walked away in a random direction.

"Scipio... hopefully that fool makes it out alive... no, I know he will." Hannibal muttered to himself.