Chapter 0:


The Era of World Breakers

What is the difference between the people of this world and the World Breakers? Is it power? Is it the vast knowledge that expands our wildest imaginations? Or is it the memories of their past selves from another world that differentiates us?

No, what differentiates us is the power to travel from other worlds.

Six years ago, ever since the Goddess Interference or the Dawn of Heroes, the very laws that govern this world break. The endless sky opens far wide as if to stretch the boundaries of the world, the monsters ranging from demon-level to mythical-level monsters caused havoc never before, the races were astonished as a light came down from the heavens, they thought, "It was the Goddess retribution for our sinful acts!". Now, the world is entering towards a new era, the Era of World Breakers!

I click my tongue.

'What a load of crap this, Era of World Breakers,' I thought. As my eyes trailed away from the book, I closed it and returned it to the shelf gripping it tightly.

I gaze beyond the windows pane of the library to see the merchant's street once again filled with shady traders, citizens, and patrolling knights.

I walk outside of the Main Library to go from the Guild Hall.

Once again, there aren’t many adventurers to see at the Baullheart Kingdom. Ever since the World Breakers came, many adventurers suffered from quests and most of the time it wasn’t enough to make for a living. Today, finding an adventurer is the same as finding a gold coin in the streets. Heading my way to the Guild Hall, I notice that people are talking about the World Breakers that have accomplished another feat. It seems that they defeated another catastrophe-level rank monsters somewhere in the Lake of the Undead.

'Tsk… damn, World Breakers hoarding quests like that,' I told myself irritated by the news.

Well, I can’t even beat Grade B quests without a party what am I angry about. I walk away and continued heading to the Guild Hall.

I was at the entrance of the Guild Hall when I noticed people coming in and out. “Oi, are they, adventurers,” I excitedly utter. I hurriedly opened the door at the Guild to witness a rare sight.

There are at least 30 adventurers inside. I looked around with a smile on my face to realize that some adventurers are still active nowadays inside the lounge area.

My eyes were glowing with sparkles. I walked inside and passed the lounge area where the adventurers were and headed for the receptionist area.

“Are there new Grade C quests for today?” I asked the receptionist. Still, what’s with these people? Most of the adventurers back then either became knights or transferred to other jobs some even became thieves or assassins.

Now that I think about it most of them were Rank-A adventurers.

“Yes, you can find them at the post-board in the lower right corner.” The receptionist answered pointing the post-board at her left side. I thanked the receptionist.

I walked with gleeful steps and looked at the board to admit some quests today.

There are party requirements for some of the quests. “I guess I’ll take this one it has a fair reward and the quest is not that hard,” I muttered to myself while taking the quest at the board.

While carefully reading the quest I looked at the post-board and there was a quest at the upper board. The required adventurers were S-Rank to SSS-Rank or a World Breaker. A party subjugating a monster it seems. I wasn't interested so I didn't look further. I averted my gaze away from the post-board.

I continued reading the quest instead.

The quest was to find 25 Linterfillis considering that the season is spring finding Linterfillis from forest to mountains is not that rare and not that common. However, this plant carries an aroma that attracts monsters, mostly dire wolves and a single dire wolf fighting power are equivalent to 3 D-Rank adventurers. The deadline is three days from now, so I should be able to finish this in 2 days knowing that my equipment is average and my skills are good at fending off monsters.

Good thing no one hasn't taken this quest yet I am hoping for the reward of this quest, I happily marched towards the receptionist area. I was in a good vibe.

“Can I take this quest individually, please?” I said to the receptionist smiling.

“May I look at your card please?” The receptionist replied with a charming smile. I gave her the card inside my bag.

'She's cute,' I told to myself. I was unconsciously gazing at her until she verified my identity as an adventurer.

She even smiled when she saw me looking. Ah, what a good-hearted girl...

“Yes, you may take this quest individually. The deadline is three days from now. Be careful and always remember to not push yourself, young adventurer.” The receptionist remarked with a bright smile carved on her face.

I received my adventurer's card back and I nodded respectfully. 'I should go to the Guild Hall more often,' I told to myself.

"I should first gather some supplies," I clenched my fist being a bit more fired up than usual.

One last time, I looked back at the lounge area and saw the veteran adventurers. 'Are they forming a party for a quest?' was my suspicion inside my head.

I walked out of the Guild Hall with a bit more motivation than before.

I went back to the streets and head to a shop I frequently shopped at.

As I walked back to the streets, there was a crowd circling towards a posted newspaper. I ponder, what is written? I didn’t bother to look when they are talking loud enough for me to hear.

“Hey, isn’t this the fourth time we’ve got a monster raid attacking nearby villages?” A man said irritated by the news. “Shouldn’t they request adventurers to take care of the matter?” The woman asked with slight confusion. “Adventurers, are gone now, ever since the World Breakers came, then shouldn’t they handle the matter?” A middle-aged man dismayed by the news.

“Speaking of adventurers, we’ve one here. Hey, Astralish came to buy some equipment today?” Rudeus-san said. He waved and called me out.

The crowd was murmuring at each other while their gazes are fixated on me. 'Do I really look like an incompetent adventurer,' I thought to myself.

“I’m not that strong you know? Besides I am already thinking of quitting as an adventurer.” I remarked, averting my eyes away from the crowd. Their dismayed gazes hurt me mentally, to be honest.

In the era, I am living in, I had already considered being a knight. “Anyway, I came to buy some stuff in your store, Rudeus-san,” I added, looking at him.

“You say that all the time but you still haven’t quitted yet have you?” Rudeus-san smirked.

I didn't bother entertaining the crowd. I went inside the shop and gathered the stuff I needed. Rudeus-san followed.

 I looked around the shop while I was gathering pieces of equipment and my eyes widened when a new sword was being displayed.

“Oh, you like that new sword? I’m sorry, but someone had already bought it.” Rudeus-san pointed out.

“Then why are you still displaying it? Besides, it’s not like I have the money to buy a new one.” I shrugged. 'A new sword sounds nice,' I thought.

I walked towards the counter and laid down the stuff I was buying, “I’ll take this all, please.”

“Well, it was pre-ordered and there might be potential customers that like this type of sword.” Rudeus-san happily answered.

“It will be three silver coins.” The owner remarked.

I handed down three silver coins and took the bag.

“I notice that you bought a lot of magic potions and a sack, what’s the quest this time?” Rudeus-san asked while looking and pointing at the bag.

“I need to gather 25 Linterfillis and the deadline is three days from now,” I answered.

“Be careful, and use your magic potions wisely, Astralish.” The owner replied. "Oh, and by the way, I have a message carrier," Rudeus-san added. He showed me a scroll.

"A scroll?" I was a bit disappointed not gonna lie. "You pour mana to the inscribed magic spell and it will deliver a message no matter how far, depending on how much mana you gave it," Rudeus-san answered clearing away my doubts from the scroll.

"I'm sorry, but I don't have any money to buy it." I declined the offer.

"I'm giving it to you." Rudeus-san reached out his hands and gave me the scroll. "Are you sure about this?" I asked. "Yeah, you're a regular customer and this is a bonus!" Rudeus-san remarked.

I took the scroll. 'Accepting the offer does not have demerits,' I thought. "Thanks for this, Rudeus-san, I'll use it wisely!" I happily thanked him.

"Come by again!" Rudeus-san said. While waving his hands.

“Yeah, thanks  for this, I owe you one!” I waved my hands and exited the store and got back to the main street.

I was a bit more motivated again.

While I was walking towards the outside gate there are horses and caravans stationed at the gate. The soldiers are guarding the caravans, apparently, it was about a World Breaker defeating the monster raid on the southwest side of the Baullheart Kingdom. I heard from passing soldiers.

“They sure work fast those World Breakers,” I muttered.

I showed my pass to the guardsman and walked to the outside gate.