Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Journey of the Damned

The sun had set behind the mountains, casting long shadows over the dusty road. The air was thick with the smell of smoke and sulfur. The town was empty, save for a few stray dogs and a couple of crows circling overhead.

I was the last surviving member of my unit, stranded in this godforsaken place. All around me, the ruins of the town lay in shambles, a testament to the horrors that had befallen it. The only thing that remained intact was the church at the edge of town.

I had come here in search of refuge, but I knew it was a fool's errand. The church was the last place anyone would seek sanctuary, not after what had happened here. But I had nowhere else to go. And so, with a heavy heart, I began my journey toward the damned.

As I approached the church, I heard faint whispers in the wind. The voices were not human, but something darker, something otherworldly. I pushed the heavy wooden doors open, and the whispers grew louder.

Inside, the church was empty, save for a few candles flickering in the darkness. The walls were adorned with old tapestries, depicting scenes of angels and demons locked in eternal battle. I felt a chill run down my spine as I made my way to the altar.

There, I found a book, bound in leather and clasped shut with a silver lock. I knew instinctively that it was the key to unlocking the secrets of this place. I opened the book, and the whispers grew louder still.

The pages were filled with arcane symbols and incantations, written in a language I did not understand. But as I read, the words began to make sense to me, as if they had been etched into my very soul.

I felt a dark energy course through my veins, and I knew that I had been chosen. The whispers had been calling out to me, and I had heeded their call. I had become a part of this place, a part of the journey of the damned.

As the night wore on, I performed the rituals in the book, chanting the incantations under my breath. The candles flickered and danced, casting strange shadows on the walls. I felt a presence in the room, something ancient and powerful, something that had been waiting for me.

And then, I saw it. A figure emerged from the darkness, wreathed in flames. Its eyes were two blazing orbs, and its voice was like thunder. It spoke to me in a language I did not understand, but I knew what it wanted.

It wanted me to join it, to become one with the darkness. And I knew that I could not refuse it. I had come too far, and I had given too much. I had lost everything I had ever cared about, and I had nothing left to lose.

And so, I embraced the flames, feeling them consume me, feeling the power surge through my body. I knew that I was no longer human, no longer bound by mortal laws. I had become something greater, something beyond good or evil.

And as I left the church, the town was alive once more. The crows had flown away, and the stray dogs had vanished. People had returned to their homes, their faces filled with joy and wonder. They did not see me, for I was no longer a part of their world.

I had become a part of the journey of the damned, a part of the darkness that lay beyond the veil. And I knew that I would never return to the world of the living. But I was content, for I had found my place in the universe, a place where I belonged.

And so, I walked into the night, my soul ablaze with the power of the darkness. I was a warrior, a champion of the damned, I am Ken and I knew that my journey had only just begun.


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