Chapter 20:

Chapter 20 - Time to Hunt

Dungeon Eater

The bright blue skies were long replaced by the beautiful view of twilight overlooking the Fourth Floor.

The members of my daily party and I sat around a small fire where we had all the drops and items collected from the day.

Jasper, Marcel and Welm sat together snickering joyfully as they rummaged through the loot while the mysterious girl I was yet to talk to sat by herself opposite us. She barely spoke through the day and kept to herself most of the time.

At first, I thought she might just have been shy but it seems like she’s actively trying not to get involved with anyone.

“Looks like we scored pretty well for the day, not bad everyone.” Welm announced as he stood up over the items.

Small shards ranging in colour, black stingers and all sorts of rocks and furs were found in the mix. Since we were still on the lower floors I doubt anything among it would sell for too much but once it’s put together, it could fetch for quite a bit.

I put a lot of blood and sweat into the dangerous position I played today, I hated every second of it but it is finally over. Now all that’s left is to get what I earned.

“Here, this is yours.” Welm tossed over a small stone no larger than my pinkie.

My eyes looked blankly down at the small stone, Welm turned back around and continued dividing between the other two members.

I focused my vision on the shard and skimmed through the stats. Confirming my suspicions I was faced with a description saying that it barely had any magical energy tied to it.

“Where’s the rest of it?” I asked with a dumbfounded expression.

“Rest of it? This kid's hilarious!” Marcel laughed.

“Look kid, I let you join because you stood out from those other small fries by the fountain but don’t forget who you are.” Welm’s glare became menacing, delivering a cutting aura of a beast rather than a man. “You’re still a nobody who needs silver ranks to get this far, get greedy and you might end up hurt.”

“But I helped clear all those hoards, I must have killed at least a third of the monsters!”


My mouth remained open, speechless at the carefree tone in his voice.

Jasper tossed one of the larger stones up and down in his hands as he glared at me. “You’re just the bait; we didn’t ask you to fight, did we?”

“That’s right, we told you that all you needed to do was run around and try not to get hit remember? It’s not our fault that you decided to play Silver rank and cut up some monsters.”

My fingers balled into a tight fist and began to shake uncontrollably from anger. I could feel my body moving on its own, it took everything I had not to let it go further.

Stay calm…stay calm. I might be a little stronger but these guys are still Silver rank, I can’t let what happened last night repeat itself.

That being said…is there nothing I can do about this?

“You’re stealing.”

The faint voice of the woman standing opposite us called out from across the fire. Her hood was still well over her face but I could see her eyes well through the darkness.

They looked like two clear amber jewels, resonating their beauty through the dark like freshly lit lanterns.

“What was that?”

Jasper walked up to her and stood directly in front of her, leaving very little room between them. His eyes went sharp and the relaxed smile on his face had shrunk into a looming scowl.

“You think we’re thieves or something?” He asked sounding quite irritated.

This is bad, at this rate a fight will break out and that girl will get into trouble. I need to break this up somehow. If she ends up provoking these guys too much, things might just turn into a fight.

“I’ll give him my share then, that shouldn’t be a problem right?” Without wasting any time she threw over a small pouch filled with a collection of small stones and other monster objects.

“Everything…are you joking with me?” I asked nervously. “I can’t take this, you earned it fair and square!”

I tried fighting against it and wanted to hand it back to her but she held out a hand, stopping me from coming any closer. I couldn't see her face but I could tell from that alone that she wouldn’t budge on the matter.

“Tsk! Do whatever you want, you weaklings are all crazy or something.”

Still, in disbelief I stood there quietly, clutching to the pouch wondering what to say. I looked up hoping to let something out, even just a small thank you but she had already moved to her seat again.

I gingerly walked over to her side of the fire and sat beside her on the ground. A long log covered in grass and silvery flowers acted as a nice support for our backs.

I scooted a little closer to speak to her but as I moved closer she moved three scoots away.

Is it me that she can't stand or does she just hate talking to people…

“T-thanks, for what you did earlier.”

“Mm.” She nodded gently.

“My name is Rei…Rei Alos.”

For a brief moment, there was no reply, but even so, I remained there at her side looking down at the floor.

“Liv.” She said quietly.


“I’m Liv.”

My mouth curved into a smile.

The first time she had spoken to me and it was a simple introduction, so then why was I smiling so much? My excitement didn’t last long though, shortly after she leaned closer and whispered into my ear.

“Are you really a Rust rank?”

My eyes shot open.

Sure I was using my skills here and there but I made sure not to get careless and use anything flashy. She must have a keen eye to be able to see past my moves.

“I’ve always been fast, I’ve just been going all out lately. You’re a silver rank right?” I tried shifting the conversation with a casual remark, keeping my eye contact light.


“If you’re a silver rank then why are you partying with a group like this? Sorry if it’s a little too personal, I just don’t understand why someone would.”

After a short pause with her head lowered she finally raised it back up to me and looked me in the eyes. With a small crackle from the flames, I was able to see her face, only for a short second but I saw her clear as day.

“I wanted to be free.” She stated firmly.

My face grew warm just like it did last night, except this time I hadn’t drunk a thing. My heart began to pound and my eyes wouldn’t settle either.

“I don’t think I understand.” I responded.

She didn’t seem all too pleased by my response and turned away.

“We should rest, we should be reaching the staircase in the morning.”


The fire was nothing but coals and everyone had retired to their section around the fire. After Liv retired to sleep everyone else did the same shortly after.

The whole floor might as well have been asleep, not a single sound could be heard…so then why?


I couldn't get that image out of my head, no matter how much I tried to calm down I wouldn’t stop seeing her when I closed my eyes! Those round amber eyes, her silky white hair…the slight pink colour of her lips- it keeps racing through my head!!

I silently rolled over onto my back and grabbed my Chakram's out from my belt.

If I can’t get my body to settle down then I’ll just tire it out, maybe this way I can make up for some of the progress I lost today.

Time to hunt.