Chapter 15:

Chapter 15: Level Up.


Reed sat down and opened his inventory once again. He scanned through the items he had looted from the wolves and he realized that some of them could be sold for some gold.

“How convenient.”

‘To think, it was designed in such a way that end user had to personally experience it with his own body before learning about any of it functions…’

‘Hell, I wasn’t given much of an explanation during the penalty and I almost died as a result back then.’

‘Not to mention… a specific animal calling me as a contractor…’

{Will you sell ‘Item: Wolf pelt (basic item)}


With the clinging sounds of coins, his inventory appeared next. Right at the bottom of the display, in the column saying ‘Gold coins’, he could see the number 15 appearing there.

‘15 Gold coins, eh,’

He couldn’t really use that type of ‘money’ in real life, and he couldn’t even use the store properly yet, so he had no idea just how much these Gold coins are worth.

A specific word caught Reed’s attention.


He smiled and selected buy.

Unfortunately for him, the store turned out to be one cold customer.

{Level too low to access the store.}


He then tries again.

{Level too low to access the store.}

He sighs, he was already familiar with the cold-shoulder treatment from the places that required him to pay up, so this was fine.

“Sure, sure.”

He stood there for a moment, trying to think of a way to level up quickly so he could access the store.

As he turned around, the feeling of discontent dissipated in an instant.

"Well, speak of the devil," he muttered to himself.

A horde of goblins, their beady eyes glowing with malice and hunger, had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Their wiry frames were coated in mottled fur, and their clawed hands twitched with anticipation as they closed in on him.

Their jagged teeth were bared in snarls, drool dripping from their lips as they prepared to attack. Their ears were pointed and twitching, alert to every sound around them. The goblins' skin was a sickly green as if they had been poisoned, and their faces were contorted in a hideous expression of rage. Each goblin holds its own make-shift weapons.

Reed's eyes glinted with excitement as he saw the horde of goblins approaching him. With a smirk on his face, he cracked his knuckles.

Reed was surrounded by a horde of goblins, their red eyes gleaming with malice as they closed in on him.

{Bogrod Goblins}

Reed scanned the horde of goblins and spotted several carrying crude weapons. Without hesitation, he lunged forward and disarmed a goblin wielding a rusty blade. With a grin, he spun the weapon expertly and plunged it into the goblin's chest.

The other goblins snarled and charged toward him, but Reed was ready. He evaded their clumsy attacks with ease, using his speed to dart in and out of the group, striking them down one by one with their own weapons. As he fought, Reed noticed the goblins were not just blindly attacking, but adapting to his moves and working together to corner him.

"This isn't going to be easy," Reed muttered to himself as he kicked a goblin away and grabbed its club. "But I've faced worse than this."

With a fierce determination, Reed continued to battle the goblins, he used his {Flame Lv.1} skill to set his enemies ablaze, then activated his {Accel Lv.1} to speed up his movements and make him nearly untouchable. When a goblin managed to land a hit, Reed activated his {Heal Lv.1} skill to recover quickly and keep fighting.

The goblins were smart, but Reed was smarter. He anticipated their moves and countered with deadly precision. With each strike, he felt his muscles tense and his heart race. This was what he lived for - the thrill of battle, the joy of victory.

But despite his skill and determination, Reed knew he was at a disadvantage without a proper weapon. He could feel his strength flagging, his movements slowing. "If only could wield that sword," he muttered through gritted teeth.

As if in answer to his prayers, a goblin charged toward him, wielding a wicked-looking blade. Reed sidestepped the attack and grabbed the weapon. His eyes widen as he takes hold of the sword.

‘It's heavy!’

With a shout, he swung it with all his might. The blade sliced through the air, cleaving through goblins like they were made of paper.

With a fierce battle cry, Reed pressed his attack, cutting down every goblin in his path. With each slash, he heard a familiar beep.

{Level up!}

{Obtain Stat points}

{You’ve killed a Bogrod Goblin}

{You’ve killed a Bogrod Goblin}

{You’ve killed a Bogrod Goblin}

{You’ve killed a Bogrod Goblin}

{Obtain Stat points}

Breathing heavily, Reed leaned against a wall "That was close," he said to himself, grinning despite his exhaustion.

Reed took a deep breath. He had just finished battling a small horde of goblins, and his body ached all over. He knew he had done well, but he wanted to see just how well he had done. He opened up his stats window.

His heart raced as he scanned the screen. His experience bar had risen significantly, and he had leveled up.


He felt a rush of excitement as he saw that he had gained several stat points. He knew that these points could make a significant difference in his future battles.

"Alright, let's see where I should put these points," he muttered to himself. He scrolled through the various stats, considering his options. He knew he needed more strength to wield the heavy weapons he had been using, but he also wanted to be quicker on his feet. In the end, he decided to split the points and level up all of his stats.

{Name: Reed}

-Level: 2

-Class: Healer

-Title: None

-Vigor: 70

-Mana: 65


Strength: 35

Agility: 29

Intelligence: 29

Endurance: 29


{Passive Skills}

-Determination Lv. 2

-Serpent Senses. Lv. 2


-Accel Lv.1

-Heal Lv. 1

-Flame Lv.1

{Available points to distribute: 0}

“Weird, I should be level 10 or something…” he muttered to himself.

He looks at his stats and his level.

“I level up rather slowly, but my stats are different”

After a quick final glance at his overall stats, he shrugged it off.

With a satisfied grin, he closed his stats window and stood up. He felt stronger and faster already.

However, his short rest was interrupted, as he heard the ominous sound of a horn being blown in the cave.


Using his passive skill {Serpent Senses} the cave illuminated with a neon-green glow as his eyes changed. He could see the massive horde of goblins coming from all directions, their beady eyes fixed on him.

“Tch! Can’t take a quick break.”

The goblins were bigger and stronger than the ones he had just defeated, armed with crude weapons and covered in scraps of armor.


Without hesitation, Reed grinned and reached into his inventory, equipping the iron long-sword. Its blade glinted menacingly in the dim light of the cave. He couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement course through his veins as he prepared for battle.

"Let’s test this weapon," Reed muttered to himself, his voice low and dangerous. "Let's see what these goblins are made of."

As the horde closed in on him, Reed assessed their movements, looking for weaknesses in their formation. He dashed towards them with his {Accel Lv.1} skill, the wind whistling past him. With his {Flame Lv.1} skill, he sliced through the first line of goblins, his sword cutting through their flesh with ease.

The goblins fought back with a ferocity that caught Reed off-guard. They were smarter than he had given them credit for, dodging and weaving around his attacks, and striking him with their crude weapons.

Reed's {Heal lv.1} skill came in handy as he felt a sharp pain in his side. He quickly cast the spell, the magic enveloping him and healing his wounds. He knew he had to be more careful, and he couldn't afford to get cocky.

As the battle raged on, Reed's movements became more fluid, his attacks more precise. He used the goblins' weapons against them, disarming them and using their own weapons to take them down.

"Is that all you've got?" Reed taunted, his eyes blazing with excitement. "Come on, give me a real challenge!"

The goblins snarled and bared their teeth, their bloodlust rising. They charged towards Reed, their weapons raised high. But Reed was ready for them, his sword at the ready, and a smirk on his lips.

The sound of metal clashing against metal echoed throughout the cave as Reed fought on, his adrenaline pumping.

After a long battle. Reed lay there, breathing heavily as he looked around at the mountain of goblin corpses surrounding him. He couldn't help but smile at the sight before him, feeling a sense of satisfaction wash over him. The iron long-sword was now dull from the countless goblins it had sliced through, but it was still in his grip.

{Skill: Sword Mastery has been learned}

"Looks like I made quite a mess," Reed muttered to himself, chuckling as he tried to catch his breath. The cave was silent now, the sound of battle had ceased. He closed his eyes, feeling the adrenaline slowly leaving his system.

After a few minutes, he stood up and stretched his sore muscles. The pile of corpses was impressive, but Reed knew he couldn't let his guard down just yet. He checked his surroundings using his passive-skill serpent senses, scanning for any signs of danger.

"Looks like leveling up paid off," Reed said with a grin, thinking about the stat points he had earned.

A strange message popped up into his view.


{You have acquired the ‘Title: Goblin Reaper’.}

‘A title?’

{Title: Goblin Reaper}

-A Title is given to a user in hunting goblins. This title increases the user’s damage dealt to goblins by 20% and the critical hit chance against human-like monsters by 10%. Additionally, it grants the user a unique skill called Goblin Slayer, which allows them to detect the presence of humanoid-like monsters within a certain range and deal bonus damage to them.

When he opened his Status Window to take a look, The ‘Title’ column indeed has been updated.

{Name: Reed}

-Level: 2

-Class: Healer

-Title: Goblin Reaper

-Vigor: 70

-Mana: 65


Strength: 35

Agility: 29

Intelligence: 29

Endurance: 29

Wisdom: 18

{Passive Skills}

-Determination Lv. 2

-Serpent Senses. Lv. 2

-Sword Mastery Lv. 2


-Accel Lv.2

-Heal Lv. 2

-Flame Lv.2

{Available points to distribute: 0}

A bonus boost to his stat when hunting humanoid-like creatures….

"Time to move on," Reed said to himself, wiping the sweat off his brow. He started walking towards the exit of the cave, the iron long-sword still in his hand. As he walked, he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in his abilities.

Reed stepped cautiously through the dark, winding cave, his eyes scanning the shadows for any sign of movement. The faint glow from his serpent senses allowed him to detect the presence of any nearby monsters, but he couldn't see them clearly yet.

As he walked, he heard the echoing growl of a Bear. Its eyes glowed in the darkness, reflecting the dim light of Reed's serpent senses. The bear lunged forward and summons lighting, its razor-sharp claws extended, but Reed was quick to react. He sidestepped the attack and struck back with his long sword, the blade slicing cleanly through the bear's fur and into its flesh.

{You’ve killed a Shadow Claw Bear }

A Monkey-type was next, leaping from the shadows with a fierce howl. Its long, sharp nails glinted in the dim light, but Reed was unfazed. He sidestepped again, dodging the monkey's attack, and then countered with a swift strike of his own. The monkey's scream echoed through the cave as Reed's blade found its mark.

{You’ve killed a Cursed Simian }

Next came a pack of wolves, their eyes glowing red in the darkness. They circled Reed, baring their teeth and growling, but Reed remained calm. He waited until the right moment, and then lashed out with his sword, taking down one wolf after another with ease.

{You’ve killed a Shadow Fang Lupus.}

{You’ve killed a Shadow Fang Lupus.}

{You’ve killed a Shadow Fang Lupus.}

Orcs emerged from the shadows, their brutish forms looming over Reed. Their heavy axes glinted in the dim light, but Reed was faster and more skilled. He dodged their attacks and struck back with precise, deadly blows.

{You’ve killed a Bloodmaw Orcs.}

A giant snake slithered towards him, its forked tongue flickering in the air. Reed dodged the snake's strikes, his sword moving with fluid grace. He struck back with his flame skill, burning the snake's flesh and weakening it for the final blow. To his surprise, as the creature recoiled in pain, it released a burst of poisonous gas that engulfed him.

Reed coughed and spluttered, his eyes watering, but he knew he had to stay focused. And then, something strange happened. He felt a surge of energy coursing through his body as if the poison had awakened a hidden power within him.

He closed his eyes and concentrated, feeling the poison seeping into his veins. And then, as if by magic, he opened his eyes and saw a new icon in his HUD - a poison skill!

{You’ve killed a Venomstrike Serpent.}

Finally, the demon rabbit appeared, hopping towards him on its hind legs. Reed almost laughed at the sight, but he knew better than to underestimate his foe. He waited until the rabbit lunged, and then struck back with a single, deadly blow.

{You’ve killed a Dreadfang Hare.}

With each monster defeated, Reed gained experience, stat points, and some new skills. His strength increased, his reflexes sharpened, and his senses became even more acute.

{Skill: Lighting Strike.}

Type: Active Skill

Mana cost: 20

- After killing the Shadowclaw Bear, User can unleash a powerful bolt of lightning to strike enemies. The bolt deals heavy damage and has a chance to stun the target, rendering them immobile for a short period of time.

{Name: Reed}

-Level: 2

-Class: Healer

-Title: Goblin Reaper

-Vigor: 89

-Mana: 34


Strength: 49

Agility: 35

Intelligence: 35

Endurance: 35

Wisdom: 29

{Passive Skills}

-Determination Lv. 2

-Serpent Senses. Lv.2

-Sword Mastery Lv. 2

{Active Skills}

-Accel Lv.2

-Heal Lv. 2

-Flame Lv.2

-Lighting Strike Lv.2

{Available points to distribute: 0}

Reed continued his journey through the dark and treacherous cave, slaying every demonic creature in his path. As he fought, he noticed a change in the atmosphere around him. The air seemed lighter, and the sounds of his enemies' screeches echoed differently. Looking up, he saw the names of the monsters above their heads, once a deep shade of red, had now turned to a pure white color.

‘three rusted daggers, a set of rusted armor, a broken iron club, and one crystal of some sort.

While killing all those monsters, he learned that he could sometimes find loot from their bellies, of course, none of them was all that useful.

The rusted daggers possessed a lower attack power bonus compared to the swords he’d been using until now, and the rusted armor was not something he could actually wear. He's been wearing a makeshift wolf fur cape all the time, without any shirt whatsoever. Only pants and a fur cape.

When he sold them all off, he earned a whooping thousand Gold.

{Current Gold: 2,239}

‘.…even then, I can’t really celebrate, can I?’

Well, no matter how much he hoarded this Gold currency, he couldn’t use them anyways. At least not for now. He noticed that his sword was about to break too.

‘Gotta find some good weapons too…’

He found himself at a crossroads.

In front, the stairs lead up to a large door.

‘A giant door?’

“Well, that brings back memories..”

With his {Serpent Senses} stat, he could sense the aura of something ominous and sinister. Without a doubt, something really strong was waiting for him.

He didn’t have to see it to know.

Reed recalled a previous memory, where a hunter must kill the boss to escape the domain.

The existence of the ‘Boss’

Reed had been roaming the cave in order to raise his levels and figure out where to locate the exit. He noticed while fighting monsters his stat level and his level stopped leveling.

He had prepared himself as much as he could but, when the time to actually go there came, he was lets out a nervous smile.

Reed slapped his face hard.

‘There’s no need to be nervous, I’ve come so far…’

A certain amount of tension was a must in order to maintain the peak condition. And this amount was just about right for him.

Reed gripped his sword tightly with both of his hands and slowly walks towards the door.

He gulped.

“Come on, Reed, you've faced far worse than this," he muttered to himself, his voice echoing off the stone walls.

With a grunt of determination, he swung the door open, revealing a dark, cavernous chamber beyond. The air was thick with the scent of decay and the faint sound of distant whispers echoed through the darkness.

Reed took a step forward, his sword at the ready. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light.

But as soon as he crossed the threshold, he was met with an unexpected attack. Two massive fists, each the size of a small car, erupted from the shadows and collided with his body, sending him flying across the room.

‘It’s fast.’

Reed's vision spun as he crashed to the ground, his body slamming against the hard stone floor. He struggled to catch his breath as pain surged through his body, but he refused to give up.

‘What the hell!?’

He healed himself.

As he stood up, the shadow attacked again, but this time Reed was ready. He brought up his sword, the iron long sword glinting in the dim light, and parried the blow with all his strength. The clash of metal against shadow echoed throughout the room.

Reed felt the sword vibrating in his hand, and then he heard the sickening sound of it breaking in two. He stumbled backward, surprised at the force of the shadow's attack. He had never seen anything like it before.

The shadow loomed over him, its form shifting and changing in the darkness. Reed felt a chill run down his spine as he realized that this creature was unlike anything he had ever faced before. He gritted his teeth and prepared himself for the next attack.

Reed's eyes narrowed as he saw the massive figure emerging from the shadows. Its stone skin reflected the dim light, making it difficult to discern any features except for the glowing red eyes that stared back at him. The creature let out a roar, revealing rows of sharp teeth, as it raised its fist to strike again.

‘The Sleeping Guardian, Obsidian Gargoyle’

Reed could clearly see the orange-colored name of the monster.

It was a creature incomparably faster and stronger than those with their names written in white.

Reed gulped and cautiously studied the Boss monster call the obsidian Gargoyle.

its body carved from jet-black stone. The surface of its form glistened with an otherworldly sheen, reflecting the faint light that trickled into the chamber. Its eyes, glowing with an ominous red hue, pierced through the darkness, revealing a malevolent intelligence that lay within.

Fighting with a sword wouldn’t work.

Reed's gaze locked onto the colossal figure looming before him—the boss of the obsidian gargoyle. Its imposing presence sent shivers down his spine, but he refused to be intimidated. With a determined glint in his eyes, he stepped forward, inching closer to the beast.

Reed gritted his teeth as he faced the towering obsidian gargoyle. His sword lay in ruins at his feet, and he was forced to rely on his skills alone. He had tried everything in his arsenal, from {Accel} to {Flame}, but nothing had worked. The gargoyle seemed invincible, impervious to any attack he could muster.

As he dodged another crushing blow from the gargoyle's massive fist, Reed's mind raced. He needed a way to defeat the beast, and fast. That's when an idea struck him like a bolt of lightning.

He looked up at the gargoyle and saw its dark, obsidian skin. Then he remembered his newly acquired skill, {Lightning Strike}. He knew that lightning could conduct through metal, and the gargoyle's rocky exterior might just be conductive enough to channel his lightning strike.

His eyes narrowed, and a glint of determination mingled with a newfound brilliance. He recalled the Aurora stone he had discovered on his journey, a mystical gem said to enhance one's powers. This was his opportunity, the key to turning the tide of the battle.

{The Aurora Stone}, how can I forget about this…’

With unwavering focus, Reed carefully studied the gargoyle's movements, searching for a momentary vulnerability. He realized that the creature's immense size and weight made it slow in its actions. That was his opening.

With his plan formed, Reed waited for the perfect moment. As the gargoyle charged at him once more, Reed dodged to the side and unleashed a massive blast of flames, creating a blazing inferno in front of the gargoyle.

In that chaotic maelstrom, Reed activated the power of the Aurora stone. Its energy surged through him, infusing his skills with newfound potency. The flames burned hotter, and the lightning crackled with intensified ferocity.

With a resounding boom, the elements collided in a cataclysmic explosion. Fire and lightning merged into a devastating force, creating a dazzling display of destruction. The ground quaked beneath them as the shock wave reverberated through the cavern.

Amidst the chaos, Reed seized his moment. His eyes gleamed with a menacing glint as he soared through the inferno, his enhanced skills propelling him toward the gargoyle's weakened form.

“Got you…”

In a single swift motion, he delivered the finishing blow, striking the creature with a concentrated surge of lightning and fire.

The gargoyle let out a final bellow of defeat before crumbling into a pile of shattered stone. Reed stood triumphant, his body pulsating with the exhilaration of victory. The battle had been fierce, but he had emerged stronger than ever, his skills now elevated to a new level of power.

When the dust settled, Reed emerged victorious. He had outsmarted the obsidian gargoyle with his lightning and fire skills, and the beast lay shattered at his feet.

{You have killed the ‘The Sleeping Guardian, Obsidian Gargoyle’}

{Level up!}

{Obtain Stat points}

{Obtain Stat points}

{Obtain Stat points}

{Obtain Stat points}

As expected of a boss mob.

His level rose up by 1 after killing the gargoyle.

Reed tightly clenched his fists

The level that had been stagnating at 2 had jumped up to 3.

After a chaotic day, he only managed to level up by 3 levels.

“What a shitty system…”


He had obtained lots of stat points and not to mention his skills level was up by 3 levels.

{Name: Reed}

-Level: 3

-Class: Healer

-Title: Goblin Reaper

-Vigor: 24

-Mana: 12


Strength: 49

Agility: 45

Intelligence: 45

Endurance: 45

Wisdom: 35

{Passive Skills}

-Determination Lv. 5

-Serpent Senses. Lv. 5

-Sword Mastery Lv. 5

{Active Skills}

-Accel Lv.5

-Heal Lv. 5

-Flame Lv.5

-Lighting Strike Lv. 5

{Available points to distribute: 0}

Reed stood over the defeated obsidian gargoyle, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath. He couldn't believe he had managed to defeat the beast, but the satisfaction of victory was short-lived as he realized his sword was completely broken.

"Damn it," he muttered, frustrated. "I can't believe my sword broke in the middle of the fight."

As he rummaged through the gargoyle's remains, his eyes widened in excitement. Nestled within the debris, he discovered two weapons shimmering with power and potential.

"Looks like I got lucky," he said, picking up the weapons. "These are both type c weapons, and they look like they're in good condition."

{Item: Thunder Fang}

Rarity: C

Type: Short Sword

-A lightning-infused short sword with a jagged edge. The lightning energy coursing through the blade increases its sharpness and allows for devastating strikes. The handle is wrapped in black leather, and the pommel is adorned with a small blue gem that glows when the weapon is wielded. It requires quick and precise movements to make the most of its potential.

{Item: Venomous Sting}

Rarity: C

Type: Dagger

-A poisoned-tipped dagger with a serrated edge. The blade is coated with a potent venom that can weaken and paralyze enemies. Its short length makes it ideal for close combat and quick strikes. The handle is made of dark wood and has a snake-shaped guard that curves around the hand. It requires agility and stealth to make the most of its potential.

Reed looked at the two Type C items he had just looted from the obsidian gargoyle. He couldn't help but wonder why a creature like that would carry such valuable items.

"Why would a gargoyle have these items? It doesn't make sense," Reed muttered to himself as he examined the weapons and equipment.

He turned the short sword over in his hand, admiring the intricate designs etched into the blade. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

"And what about this dagger?" he continued, picking up the second item. "It's so lightweight, but the blade is so sharp. It looks like it could cut through anything."

Reed paused, deep in thought. "Maybe the gargoyle wasn't just a mindless creature. Perhaps it had a master who ordered it to carry these items."

He shook his head. "No, that can't be it. It was too powerful to be just a mere servant."

But as he looked around the room, he noticed something he had missed before. There was a stairway that seemed to lead up to a door, hidden behind some rubble.

“A door?”

He wondered if it was possible that there was more to this domain than he had originally thought.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Reed decided to investigate further. He made his way up the stairs, his footsteps echoing in the darkness. As he approached the door, He pushed the door open slowly and was met with a blinding light.

A cold gust of wind greeted him, carrying with it the stench of decay and death.

He stepped through the threshold and into the new world, and his eyes widened in terror at the sight before him.

The landscape was vast and open, dotted with twisted trees and jagged rocks that jutted up from the ground. The sky above was a sickly shade of green, with dark clouds that churned and boiled menacingly. The air was thick with the stench of sulfur and decay, and the ground beneath his feet felt like it could crumble away at any moment.

As far as the eye could see, there were deep canyons and towering cliffs that seemed to stretch on endlessly, separating the different regions of the world. The distant echoes of growls and roars reverberated through the air, warning Reed of the dangers that lurked in this ominous realm.

Reed's eyes widened as he took in the eerie and foreboding world before him. He couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The vulture popped out of thin air and perched nearby.

"Where... where in the world are we?"

The vulture cackled, its sharp gaze fixed on Reed.

[Welcome, traveler, to the realm of shadows and despair,]

It croaked, its voice carrying a hint of ancient wisdom.

[This is a place known as the Desolate Abyss, a convergence of realms where the boundaries of life and death intertwine.]

Reed's eyes narrowed, his gaze transfixed on the giant figure seated upon the towering throne in the center of the world. The vulture continued, sensing Reed's growing intrigue.

[That, is the Sentinel of Eternity. An ancient behemoth who has stood vigil over the throne for centuries, awaiting the arrival of a worthy successor.]

Reed felt a surge of anticipation coursing through his veins as his eyes gleamed with a menacing hue.

a notification suddenly popped up in front of him. It was the system, informing him of a new task.

{New Task: Kill the seven kings of the realm.}

-Rewards: Legendary equipment and a chance to earn the title ‘King’ .

Reed's eyes widened in surprise. Eight kings? Title of the king? The stakes were higher than he expected, but he couldn't deny the excitement that coursed through him. He had faced tough challenges before, but this one was on a whole different level.

Reed smirked, his hand instinctively going to the hilt of his new short sword. "Well then, it looks like I have a new challenge ahead of me."