Chapter 1:



Pilot Episode Outline Summary

"The Never Happening…" –

“Every family has had at least one thing worth remembering.

For the Neversons, for some reason, it’s the “Never Happened Tree”.

On this Weekend during the season of Mind’s Fall, some of its leaves begin falling. 

So, Newton takes the opportunity to mess with Windsor.

Newton says that Dad said he was told that “One time, while building their house, Great Grandpa Neverson had accidentally leaned on and touched the Never Happened Tree while taking a break and "Never Happened".

And Newton continues, saying, “But…It's probably not true…Dad Never Makes the Best Decisions...It's his Neverson Curse…So, I’m sure by now, he probably would've picked up and tried to scare one of us with a LEAF! Ahhh!”

As he flicked up a leaf behind Windsor, that landed on him.

This causes Windsor to freak out, slip on that same leaf during his freak out, and smack Newton in the eye in the process of falling, causing both of them wish that their embarrassing part of the moment had never happened.

While also on the ground himself, having slipped and fallen as well during his failed prank on Windsor, Newton remarks that “someone should really rake this yard”.

Simultaneously, Windsor was looking up over his head, seemingly as if he was wondering what the more likely odds were, that a Leaf would have landed on his head at that exact moment or that Newton would have used a 1-time New Power to accurately land one onto his head…

And so, Windsor throws a leaf at Newton's face…to which Newton makes an expression of acceptance…then brief thought of revenge…then reacceptance…..And then, Newton starts to continue speaking again.

But they’re both surprised that, in the next moment, they find themselves both raking up leaves and putting the Never Happened Leaves in a different bag from the rest.

They realize that the Leaves can make things Never have Happened...since now they, seemingly, must be pretending to clean the backyard out of goodwill to secretly keep the leaves…

Now, next time they can be more specific to not include any of their memories…

…They start planning things to do…

They'll finally be able to take Risks without Consequences:

Letting people only remember their good jokes until they become popular…..

Trying things they might embarrass themselves at or be laughed at for liking…..

Asking out their crushes without the risk of letting them finish their rejection…..

[They’re so in sync as Thoughts right now that they have a Synaptic Connection and actually say that last one in UNISON !]

The Possibilities Are Endless Without Consequences...

But…will Newton and Windsor even make it to the first day of school to use any of their collected leaves from the Never Happened Tree.....?

Or will an all-out Memory War between family members make it a Weekend to Forget?...”