Chapter 23:

Chapter 23 - The Fifth Floor

Dungeon Eater

The Staircase is the bridge that allows us to cross over from Floor to Floor, but much like the name suggests, it is a literal staircase. A long stone staircase with walls surrounding it spirals twice over to the floor above.

We approached the cathedral door carved into the barrier wall at the utmost northern section of the Floor. We entered and began climbing the stairs.

Complicated lines stretched past my shoulder on the walls in the form of etched artwork. It was only a minute or two before we were met by the large cathedral door I was already all too familiar with.

No matter how many times I cross through these, I never get used to how quickly we can ascend to another world. Immediately after stepping foot out of the stairwell, my feet came into contact with the soft flat surface of lush grass and a sweet scent through the breeze.

Large curved trees that wrapped around stones and boulders filled the valley ahead.

It doesn’t seem that different from the Fourth Floor but it’d be impossible not to notice how huge everything is here! I think I might get lost if I didn’t have the map function with me…

“Is this your first time on the fifth floor?” Liv asked.

“…Yeah, this is my first time getting this far.”

“Don’t worry, you’re strong enough to kill most of the monsters on this floor.”

That’s true, since we left the first floor I haven't felt challenged by anything here. The monsters get progressively stronger on each floor but I haven't felt any danger so far. I’ll take any opportunity I can to get stronger but I can’t get overconfident again…I still haven't gotten that night out of my head.

Noticing my face turning sour, Liv moved closer and inquired.

“Is it possible that you’re worried about the Floor boss?”

That’s something that I wasn't worried about at all. I knew there was still plenty of time before the Floors boss would spawn again.

The Tower controls many things and likes to keep onto a fixed pattern, you could say that the Floor Bosses are one of the prime cases. They’re powerful and rare monsters that appear on every fifth floor to guard the staircases to the next floor. The bosses are all different and one of a kind, but once they die, they're gone for a solid week.

I hear that they often give large raiding teams a rough time more often than not, that’s why larger guilds tend to take the lead on dealing with them. That and the fact that they are often picked clean for priceless loot and drops.

“I’m not worried, the boss shouldn’t be appearing for another four days.”

“I’m glad you’re not as uninformed as some of the other adventurers I’ve come across. You really know your stuff.”

It wasn’t anything like that, I just make it a habit to check the flyers hanging outside of ASH headquarters every chance I get. They post various articles and announcements there, including the Boss’ spawn schedules.

It’s pretty easy to miss since it’s drowned behind all the other useless hanging pages so most people never bother to see them.

“You two better snap back to it!” Welm commanded, breaking the calm atmosphere.

My appraisal ability triggered over a large stone buried half under the ground as it rose. Other stones drew closer towards it and shifted into a humanoid figure with lanky arms and a bulky midsection.

The large rock that rested on its torso which acted as a head lit up with two blue lights. Both lights darted around before eventually settling in our direction.

{Field Golem Lv13}

Marcel and Welm gripped their weapons as the Golem rose above them. At full height, the monster was easily 9 feet tall with lanky limbs and a hulking structure.

Eerie sounds of grinding stones escaped the grooves and crevices of its body as it walked.

They must be feeling it too, this thing isn't like the other monsters on this floor, it’s stronger somehow. The other monsters we ran into were all around level 9 but this is the highest one by far.

“What’s a Golem doing out here though?”

“It must have wandered off from its post when chasing some weaker adventurers.”

Marcel and Jasper commented back and forth.

“Whatever the reason, this guy isn't so tough. Move aside, slowpokes!”

Suddenly Welm charged ahead and leapt into the air, his body became enveloped in a powerful red aura that made him move faster.

“There he goes again with that skill, it’s always his first move.” Jasper said with a snarky tone.

{Target has activated Rage} {Target’s physical abilities have increased by 40 percent but have lost rationality}

Thanks to Uriel's appraisal I’ve been able to learn a lot about these guys and how they fight. I’ve actually learned quite a bit about how regular adventurers' skills work in comparison to mine. From what I’ve seen they don’t rely on their mana like I do, it drains their physical energy instead.

It worked so well that I thought I could do the same with Jasper but…My appraisal doesn’t have as much luck deciphering magic it seems, maybe I don’t know enough about it to be able to appraise it.

The golem blocked the attack but Welms axe broke through its arms, literally crumbling its defence.

Even with its arms destroyed and its chest battered the Golem didn’t slow down, it mindlessly continued to swing the lumps of stone on its shoulders and ram into him like a charging bull.

Welm collided against the Golem and was locked in an intense battle of sumo where neither side was letting go. At first, the golem seemed to have the upper hand but Welm slowly began to push it back.

“Seems like that golem's pretty strong, too bad we’re stronger than everything on this floor~” Marcel bragged with a smug chuckle.

He’s beating it, there’s nothing it could do to win without its arms. I know that. Then why?

My hands haven't been able to stop shaking since that thing popped out of the ground. Is it because it looks like the Brancher? No, I’m completely over that experience, this is something else.

Liv jerked her head to the side and then frantically spun around looking off to the area behind us. Her hoodie shifted up and a piece of her face had become exposed. A terrible look of concern plagued her face as she gazed off behind us with wide eyes.

Is thought it was just me, is she feeling it too?

I squinted my eyes, triggering the skill menu to open in front of me. Frantically rushing through the icons webbed together I focused on the bubble labelled with the Scorn Chasers image.

With an agitated tone I called out the name and activated the skill listed,

“Danger sense!”

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