Chapter 26:

Chapter 26 - Overwhelming Force

Dungeon Eater

I stepped back, gaining a full view of the Rhaskan’s body. It was covered with massive puffy white feathers with green at the tips. At the end of its head was a large curved beak that sent shivers down my spine.

The Rhaskan stood up on its long thin legs and spread out its wings, creating an intimidating aura as it was encompassed in a green light. Suddenly the feathers on its head stood up like a crown, its eyes lit up with a cutting red aura and glared directly at me.

Is it some kind of transformation?

My feet instinctively stepped back, I didn’t have time to think about my next move, I simply ran.

The green aura around it spread through the feathers on its body, causing them to shift green entirely and firm up. The green bristly feathers of its body made it appear much skinnier but vastly taller.

A sharp sensation crossed my cheek followed by a green blur which shot past me. I touched the stinging section and noticed blood running down my fingers.

Was that another monster, It was so small though.

The Rhaskan charged towards me, it shot through the air like an arrow and extended its wings out as it flew.

{Rush Activated}

I can’t risk getting hit, I need to avoid this at all costs!

Running to the sides would be pointless, with the size of this thing I wouldn’t be able to escape. I frantically glanced at my sides for an opening but nothing would work.

I raced forward directly at the bird's beak and in the last second, ducked to the ground and slid under it. As I passed underneath, I noticed the large amount of feathers falling over me from the monster's body.

After coming up on the other side, the Rhaskan flew out over the water.

“That was close, I need to—”

Another blur shot past me, cutting into my shoulder and then again into my leg. I winced back and dashed away using the Rush skill once again. As another blur darted past I followed behind it and nabbed it out of the air, catching it in my hand to see.

“It’s using the feathers?” My eyes widened.

I jumped back and noticed a few of them flying around me, gliding around on a fixed path.

That green light that surrounded it, it’s controlling the feathers! Then if all it needs is a couple of feathers, it might overwhelm me soon.

I ducked and weaved through the clutter of feathers flying around me; they continued to narrowly fly past me like an onslaught of arrows.

As one shot directly to my face, I slashed at it with my Chakram, causing it to knick against my blade and fall out of the air. Before it could touch the floor the feather lit up once more and flew around me, back into orbit.

There’s no end to these things, I can’t find an opening—


My head turned to the origin of the blood-curdling screech. The Rhaskan circled back and was seconds away from grabbing me with its massive bony talons.

With an acrobatic leap, I twisted through the air in the direction of the monster and sliced against its legs. I hoped to cut them off but once my blade cut into its skin I felt the hard resistance of the Chakram grinding against its hard surface.

My weapon knocked back without leaving a scratch, sending my arm flying back with it.

“Ack—what the hell is with that thing? Its talons are even tougher than the Golem, is this thing made of iron?”

With the Boss standing still I quickly activated my appraisal and focused on it.

{Wandering Boss Rhaskan Lv30}

I’ve never fought anything that strong before, my weapons won’t be able to kill it. Will my skills be any different though?

Suddenly a gust of wind crashed into me and forced my body back into the wall of the room. A line of spit was forced out of my mouth as my back slammed against the solid stone of the wall.

“What…is this?” I muttered.

The Rhaskan hovered over the water and flapped its wings with powerful beats, causing a prodigious force of wind to crash into me. My body was completely pinned to the wall and had no chance of moving.

It’s bad enough that this thing is from the higher floors but it’s also got that insane green magic—Urgh!

A veil of feathers rained off of its wings and filled the air. They danced lightly across the air when suddenly the green light filled them and locked them into place.

Countless amounts of feathers remained still, floating above the ground.

They’re aiming at me like an army of archers—I can’t avoid it!

Shadow Step would never make it out of this. The range is only a meter, after all, that wouldn’t be able to escape this current.

The Rhaskan raised its head into the air, its crown perked up high above its head and stretched out. It extended its head forward, commanding all the feathers forward in response.

“If you think I’ll roll over and let you kill me, then screw you.”

Suddenly a silver aura covered my body, a spectral form began to cover me like a suit of armour. The grey light formed around me in the shape of the Golem from before and followed the motions of my body as it was pinned to the wall.

The feathers crashed into the spectral body, bouncing off of it like sticks hitting metal. They covered the floor around me, battered and broken from the impact.

“Those guards of yours outside, they helped me out quite a bit. If it weren't for them, I would have never unlocked this amazing skill.”

{Iron Body has been activated}

My body's pretty much impervious to those feathers when I use the skill but it takes much more mana than I thought. I can’t expect to use this as much as I’d hoped but, it’ll do.

The current of wind had stopped and my body dropped from the wall with a free motion.

Without wasting any time, I dashed towards the Boss. If I had gotten caught in that again there was no way I would survive it.

The Rhaskan beat its wings against the ground and slowly lifted into the air, creating a gust beneath it as it rose.

I shot forward over the water with my Rush skill and launched off into the air above its body. A powerful white aura circled over my foot like a vortex and surged throughout my leg.

The Boss continued its ascent and snapped at me with its beak. I waited for it to get close enough, watching as the inside of its mouth grew closer at an alarming rate.

Not yet…not yet…Now!

{Strike Kick activated}

The Rhaskan's head reeled back from the impact and crashed into the water. A large surge of pressure cracked the ring of stone around the water as the Rhaskan lay out over the tree.

The pain from that hit shot throughout my leg and went slightly numb but I could barely feel it through all the adrenaline. The only feeling I was focused on was the large smile forming across my face.

“How was that!” I shouted.

The health bar above its head came into view and my eyes widened.

After using my most powerful skill I barely managed to chip away its health. Not only was it still in the green percentage but it was closer to full than anything else.