Chapter 13:

Rewarded by Recklessness (Part 2)

Love and Destruction

     It didn’t take very long for them to reach the apartment after that, just as Sylas had hoped. Sluggishly he sat up and freed Actavio, who hurriedly left the vehicle the instant he was able while he had to follow after.

In front of the door Actavio fumbled with his abundance of keys. As soon as he inserted the correct one Sylas embraced him from behind, halting his hand.

“Actavioooo~~” The delinquent purposefully whined as annoyingly as possible.

“Let me open the door, Sylas.”

“Well let me think about it.” He threaded his fingers between Actavio’s and held him in place with the other. Then, he sarcastically pondered, “Hmm…No.”


A bit more reprimanding this time around but still overall exhausted.

So, he continued to ignore the directive. Instead he pulled Actavio closer, grinding his growing bulge against his rear and nuzzling him like a hound would their owner in a deceptive show of affection. Evidently his crush was trying his best not to play into his hand by becoming aroused, and to probe and seduce him all the more Sylas teased his newfound weak point: his ears.

In a low, temptatious purr Sylas platfully bit Actavio’s ear, already flushing it red before he even began to speak. “I’m going to fuck you so hard that your legs will cave like a newborn fawn fresh out of the womb and you won’t even be able to remember your name.” To finish off, he licked the rim and nibbled again.

By the end of his filthy statement the orifice was almost bleeding its color and Actavio had become as tense as a stiff pole in his arms. From what little of his eyes he could see, they were undeniably disquieted and dazed.

Satisfied with the result, he released his love and in a flash Actavio unlocked and threw open the door, fleeing inside.

Sylas sadistically chuckled to himself with an endearing smile, He’s so fucking cute.

The supposed mafia boss had escaped to the confines of the kitchen, not even turning on the lights first. But, Sylas didn’t care. It was better when it was dark anyway.

He closed the door behind him and approached the heavily breathing Actavio who was painted in all sorts of shades of peach and scarlet. Flustered, probably for the first and last time.

As soon as he got close Actavio defensively barked, “You’re a piece of fucking shit.”

It didn’t have much fight behind it. Rather, it felt more like a last half-attempt at trying to push him away, maybe whatever bits of his intuition and reason remained.

Still, Sylas was smiling forevermore.

Actavio was holding the same ear that he tainted as though trying to rub off the words and regain his purity, not that he really had any to begin with.

Now that he had found his calling with his love, he was having the time of his life. Who knew that teasing Actavio could be so entertaining? The only thing he wished was that he figured this out earlier.

“If you hate me so much then do you plan on taking care of that erection yourself or..?”

Actavio answered in the form of an outraged and speechless facial shift that bounced between all manners of disgust and repulsion with some scoffs thrown in. He could watch him flail all day because it really was a once in a lifetime occurrence, alas Sylas was peaked in his arousal and wanted to get his hands on his crush as soon as possible.

In the midst of Actavio’s flustered fumble, he took the opportunity to sneak closer and box him into a corner, trapping and flustering him all the more.

“Stay the fuck away from me.” He spoke under his breath.

Even less fight.

Sylas smiled.

He reached forward to remove Actavio’s jacket only for him to slap his hand away, yet immediately Sylas tried again and the second time around he didn’t fight back. The pearl white jacket unzipped and fell to the floor.

Next was the turtleneck, though he loved it a little too much so maybe it was alright for it to stay. Sylas carried one of Actavio’s arms with both of his own as though putting it on display, then slowly he pulled back the sleeve until it reached his elbows. Beneath the skin tight fabric was a mess of cuts and bruises all from today’s fights.

“Too much defense today, Actavio.” The delinquent sarcastically nagged.

“Maybe if-” Realizing what would have to follow and thus admit to, he stopped.

“If what?” His stretched grin was wide enough to reveal his predatory teeth.

“Fuck off.”

Actavio flung Sylas’s grasp away, letting him then roll the other sleeve with silent ecstasy. Afterwards he lowered Actavio’s sweats and used the silk string he kept for a hair tie to wrap around and tie a bow right at the base of his shaft. He looked like he wanted to retaliate in some manner but was far too mentally drained to do so. Sylas took this chance to take it up a notch, going so far as to use his belt to bind Actavio’s arms behind his back.

Leaving the best for last, he lifted the turtleneck just high enough for it to be over Actavio’s pecs. Along his torso was more of the same cuts and bruises, though not as bad as his arms. Thankfully, his breasts had remained intact.

Momentarily he stepped back and gazed upon his work, chest puffed in pride.

“You look like a present!”

The hazel-blue eyes were looking elsewhere, too embarrassed to confront the pure shame he was forced to endure currently. Although he couldn’t see his mouth due to the facial covering, he could tell Actavio was gritting his teeth to endure it.

To be a little kind Sylas only partially covered his stretched smirk as he decided how he wanted to continue. It’d be nice to put his back against the wall and fuck him face-to-face. But if he really wanted to fuck fuck him behind would be best, so he flipped Actavio over and shoved his chest onto the refrigerator.

Sylas took the bottle of lubricant from his pocket and squeezed an unnecessarily large amount just above his hips before tossing it and his fox-hooded jacket to the ground to accompany the other coat. Originally he wasn’t going to use it but the idea of watching it ooze down Actavio’s already glistening skin was too captivating–and captivating it was.

The abundance of colorless fluid trickled down his arched back leaving a slick trail behind as it made its way to the division of his rear, though of course it couldn’t insert itself. That was for him to do, and with pleasure Sylas gathered what lube he could on his fingers and guided it inside. Some snuck past his hand and continued past to Actavio’s testicles, making his muscles tense further in uncomfortability. Already two fit in with ease, then three.

“You’re still loose from last night. Is that why you fumbled your fights earlier?”

Actavio didn’t orally respond but his ever growing embarrassment was apparent enough.
Somehow even more delighted, Sylas pinched his chest and peaks with his free hand while sliding his fingers inside and out of his rim. More lubricant dripped past, finding its way to Actavio’s crotch if it didn’t plummet to the wooden floorboards in light taps.

“Do you like it better when I fuck you when you’re asleep or awake?” He uttered a low, seductive song into Actavio’s ear. The following respiration shuddered his frame; it became harder and harder to focus with the assault occurring on his sense from all fronts.

“Awake then.” Sylas bit the flushed orifice again. “Spread your legs more for me.”

Unwittingly Actavio complied, letting him remove his teasing ministrations and properly position himself from behind.

Only the head delicately penetrated before the rest of his girth breached past in a single drive. Against Actavio’s will did his rectum allow the foreign familiarity to easily slip through until its entirety had entered and the hilt met with his skin, even at the expense of his own limitations.

Sylas jerked the blonde strands back as he impelled his crush as deep as possible from the start, keeping his spine curved by a firm hold on his arms. Still sensitive from the previous night, Actavio’s extremities were already brought to a tremble as they tried to retain what miniscule amount of strength they had left in them.


Trying to muffle his voice in some way didn’t cross his mind as it usually did, not after Sylas reduced him to a flustered mess before any of this even occurred.

“Now–that I think about it, I’m fucking the underground ring’s revered champion aren’t I? Do you many people would kill to be in my place right now-?” Sylas stopped suddenly, then continued in a cold mutter. “Or really, I should kill them for even thinking of you, let alone like this.”

To remind his love of who and where he belonged, Sylas struck his ass with an open palm. Actavio gasped and twitched a constriction around the pummeling cock.

With beguiling comfort in his tone, Sylas egged him on, “Right, Actavio?”

Again, no oral response. But his melted snowy gaze spoke volumes.

As dark as it was in the apartment Sylas could still make out the scattered wounds on Actavio’s body: the thin cuts from edged nails that he did last night, the splotches of indigo and vermillion in a blend of vibrant and dim shades like flicks of paint carelessly tossed at a canvas, the leather belt wrapped tightly around his wrists and bending them back. So vulnerable. So helpless. Actavio had no choice but to subject himself to him.

Sylas pressed his fingers into the darkest bruise he could find and watched Actavio’s reaction. Pain, fluttering in his hazel-blue eyes. A faint groan until a full fledged raptured sigh replaced it.

“Sy-las..” His name leaked out, almost like he was pleading.

The delinquent’s heart frolicked. Oh how head over heels he was for the mafia boss. Every step of the way it was as if he was begging on his knees to be swept away and lost to history.

Sylas couldn’t contain himself any longer, not that he was really holding back all that much in the first place. Sadism entirely taking over he switched between spanking his crush and torturing his injuries, watching in utter gratification as Actavio leapt between pain and pleasure in an entertaining chase of a dance.

“Does this count as beating you? I don’t really want to replace you as champion though.”

He thrust inside with greater aggression, extracting another pure moan from his love as the waves of pleasure crashed against him.


“Pfft-hahaha!!” Sylas burst uncontrollable laughter then exclaimed with flashing canines, “Fuck-haha! I could-do this forever.”

The overuse of lubricant caused their bodies to collide in a harsh squelch.

“You feel so fucking good. Every time I pull out your ass just sucks me right back in.”

The fridge jirated from every strike and every pummel. Its cold steel stung against the fervent heat that enveloped Actavio’s being, keeping his peaks puckered and erect. His yearning shaft throbbed as it wished for some form of release, but the tightly wrapped bow prevented its flow.

As if hearing its call, Sylas caresses it with falsified sympathy. Immediately, Actavio tensed once more in his arms. Little beads of escaped precum formed at the tip while the rest of it stayed bundled in a pulsating swell in his groin.

“Shit you’re horny. I would’ve been rough with you from the get go if I knew you’d get this hard.”

Finally, words came to the mob boss albeit in a jumbled and stuttered mess.

“Le-t–ah! G-Go-..o~!!”

“Ask me nicely.”

Just as soon as they came, his speech left once more and was replaced with moans.


The duality almost brought Sylas to another eruption of laughter but he left it at a chuckle then focused his attention once more. He gripped Actavio’s arms like the reins of a horse and brutally slammed his prostate in quick succession. If Sylas hadn’t been supporting him, his quivering frame would’ve long since caved and collapsed. Being unable to climax, Actavio’s body sought to release itself elsewhere in the form of a thin trail of saliva that seeped past his facial covering. Every part of him pulsed in a harmonious resound throughout, leaving his thoughts as a blank sheet as it couldn’t formulate anything through the throes of heightened stimulation.

Sylas violently drove his cock as far as he could bury it a final time before overfilling Actavio with his lactic love and lust. With the bow still decorating his shaft, Actavio on the other hand was still left unsatisfied.

The delinquent removed himself and didn’t take any time to recover before further torturing him, so he spoke through long breaths, “Now that..I think about it, you haven’t given me an autograph Mister Champion.” Sylas pulled his crush against him so that their torsos met. “Though I like saying your name more, Actavio.”

Without the distraction of intercourse, he was able to concentrate on fondling Actavio’s painfully erect shaft which looked like it was about to implode with how desperately it wished to burst while its owner was thrashing at even the slightest touch.


“I told ask me nicely.”

Sylas kissed his helix, deliberating on how beautiful it would be to give it a piercing to play with. Actavio only writhed more in his grasp as he tried to shake free, but he only held him tighter. The wilting member still pressed against his numb rear served as a reminder of what he could have, and that it could get much worse.

“Actavio.” He purred more sweetly now, pinching his loudly throbbing length. Its veins almost appeared detachable from how prominent they became.

What sensibility was left of the mafia boss brought itself together to shout in full-hearted sexual frustration, “Ff-Fuck Syl-as~-! Just le-t me co-me–!”

Smiling to himself, the satisfied Sylas finally undid the string. In a flash Actavio’s cock shuddered as it shot out its long held climax in a splatter ranging from the fridge to his own body and everything in between. He stiffened and spasmed in Sylas’s arms before deflating altogether, having pushed his last.

Gasping for air Actavio almost slipped past his embrace as he collapsed until Sylas reaffirmed his grasp on his love. The hazel-blue and once inflamed eyes faded into a debilitated cloud, almost falling unconscious on the spot.

Sylas swept Actavio off his buckled feet with the same smirk as always, just a bit softer.

“I’ll be nice and put you to bed. No guarantees I’ll stop though.”

Pecking the drained and depleted Actavio, he carried on to the mattress with an unrelenting and unsympathetic pep in his step and plenty of energy left to expend.

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