Chapter 6:

The Council of Water

Drowned Gods

The Water Kingdom’s palace was a structure of ice, massive and beautiful in its scope. It was of an ice that could never melt, formed from the breath of Seiya, and carved with such intricacy that blended the light into incredible displays of art. In the main hall, the ice tricked the light into wavering lines of blue and green and purple. It made the room feel as if it was lost beneath a shifting ocean. The archways were adorned with crescent moons and across the floor the history of their kingdom was sculpted.

There was the image of Seiya freeing herself from the restraints of the Elder dragons allowing for the birth of the oceans and the human race. Rolling forth like waves were images of the kingdom’s great heroes and dragons clashing against the other tribes until victory was achieved and the oppressed people of water had finally inherited most of the world.
At the foot of the council’s table, where sat General Skies before the council, was an image of their current emperor, Tsun, rising upon a tsunami to wipe away the remnants of the other civilizations.

“You captured an ancient alive?,” Councilwoman Vera asked. She was young, at least compared to the rest of the council, being in her late thirties and in charge of social affairs.

“That is correct.”

“And have him in custody aboard the Marmont still?” she continued.


“Are you mad?!” cut in the second oldest member of the council, Jarvis. He was a man of small stature that one would purposely combed his hair over his balding head and curled his mustache to take attention away from his bloated stomach.

“Excuse me, Councilman Jarvis?” General Skies asked amazed with the old man’s tone.

“That creature is a threat. How could you be so-.”

“Jarvis,” Councilwoman Devry said, patting the air. Devry was in her early fifties, and had come to the council after twenty years of service in the army. “Let us hear the general out. Do you forget he is a guardian? He must have some reasoning.” The others in the group nodded their consent. “Please, General Skies, if you would explain your actions.”

Skies nodded and quickly recounted the events of their siege. The council listened intently as he explained that the boy, emitting such energy that his body was surrounded by a blackish red flame, had just come out of the sanctuary chambers where an elite scout had been sent. Despite the power, there seemed to lack a consciousness to his actions, as if he had no control over himself or any understanding of his power.

Hearing this, Emperor Tsun leaned forward, uncrossing his hands to place them on the table. “Did Aires concur that the boy might not have been properly handled during his rite?”

“Yes,” General Skies admitted.

“Even more-“ Councilman Jarvis began.

“Jarvis,” the emperor cut him off. “I do appreciate your zeal. But do remember,” ____ said, turning his stare directly at Jarvis. “That your place is strictly religious.” He kept his gaze on Jarvis for a few seconds more before turning back to Skies. “Now, being of his blood, I believe the boy can be useful. Secure him in Allilat. I will personally decide on the degree of his care.”

“Emperor,” Skies said with a bow.

“Good work, General,” Emperor Tsun congratulated. “And Council, thank you for your observations, you are now dismissed.”

The council and Skies both stood up to leave.

“Devry, if you would be so kind as to stay behind,” Tsun stated without even looking in her direction.

Devry sat back down as the rest made their way out the hall.

Drowned Gods