Chapter 30:

Chapter 30 - Friendship

Dungeon Eater

As the Rhaskan's body fell to the ground, a layer of dust rose into the air. It settled around me and created a veil over the room.

Across the clouded cave was Olivia, she ran towards me.

{Congratulations on defeating the Wondering Boss!}

{5 000 Exp gained}

{Level Up}

{Additional 3 500 Exp has been awarded for defeating Wondering Boss}

{User has levelled up}

Two levels for risking my life… there’s no chance that this would ever feel worth it.

“Rei—Rei are you okay!”

Liv rushed over to me and examined my wounds. She circled me, jolting to different angles, looking for anything that shouldn’t be there.

“I’m fine, I promise. I’m alright, just a little sore…” A sharp pain rushed through my sides, just under my rib.

She didn’t buy it, she could see through me and knew that I was dying on the inside. I’m surprised I managed to stand for as long as I did.

My leg reached its limit and I fell, Liv caught me before I could reach the ground and supported me with my arm over her shoulder.

“Don’t act brave.”


She reached into her pouch attached to her waist and pulled out another elixir. It wasn’t nearly as pristine as the last one, the colour was a much duller red and looked like dyed water.

{Health Elixir} {Quality: B}

“Another potion?”

“I’m sorry it’s not as strong as the last one but this should help take the edge off a bit. Those cuts should fade away but your ribs won’t heal as easily.”

“Thank you...” Our eyes met and I quickly looked away. I was acting a lot tenser as if I didn’t know how to behave around her.

When I looked back at her, she had been pouting.


Her face soured, a bitter expression overcame it.

“Even you’re treating me differently, now that you know who I am.” She turned back at me.

She turned away and walked.

“Wait—Olivia wait!” I called out and reached out for her arm.

I stopped right before I could reach her, not knowing what I would say if I did. My hand curled back and retracted away.

“It’s been this way since I could remember. The moment I got my grace and rose to Gold Rank.”

“Been like what?” I asked.

Her widened eyes turned to me and the full effects of her amber glare left me speechless. With a slight catch in her throat, she replied.

“I wanted to go—on an adventure!” She closed her hand into a ball and her eyes fell into a depressed grimace. “Not being able to choose my own fights…it really is the worst.”

She must have felt trapped, how hard must it have been in her guild for her to feel like this? I’ve only heard people talk about the benefits or opportunities that come with joining a large guild…I suppose those were all the words of starry-eyed solo’s like me who had never joined one themselves.

“I know it’s silly, but I wanted one adventure where I wasn’t ‘Olivia from Titans Helm’, but rather…just me. I mean, I can’t even enter the dungeon without permission from the guild.” She sighed.

The pressure of being in a guild goes beyond anything I’ve experienced. I didn’t realise it could become that hard for someone, especially not her.

I stood up and walked away, leaving no reply.

Liv tilted her head to the side with concern. “Rei?”

I walked over to the Rhaskan's body and held out my hand, I took a deep breath and spoke clearly.


The mist shot out from my palm and collided with the Rhaskan, it slowly spread over its body like a sheet until it was completely covered. The figure enveloped in mist shook and thrashed underneath as it condensed down and retracted back into my hand.

I gripped my arm with my free hand for support and braced myself.

It’s really strong…it might just throw me off balance! No—I need to remain standing, don’t show weakness, now. Not now!

I endured as the shadowy mist crashed into my hand and disappeared out of sight.

{User has successfully devoured Wondering Boss Rhaskan}

{Skill Tree has been updated}

As the skill tree opened up before me, a whole new web of icons and skills became available to me. The majority of them were locked but they were all displayed for me to see.

“What was that, I’ve never seen anything like that before?” She asked with a bewildered stare.

Her mouth remained slightly open as she approached me, she glanced to where the Rhaskan was before and looked to be having a hard time believing what she had just seen.

“Where did it go?”

I held out my hand, with my palm facing up. Black mist swirled over my palm and various items began to appear in my hand.

“Those items— Are those item drops?”

“Yes, these came from the Rhaskan just now. That mist was part of my skill, Arsenal.”

Her eyes lit up with a cute shimmer as her lips curved into an O.

“Arsenal…? I’ve never heard of that skill before. I’ve never even seen anything like it. Is it possibly, a unique skill?!” As soon as she said it she covered her mouth with her hand and calmed herself down. Her eyes still glistened with excitement.

She put down her hands and tucked away the loose strand of snowy hair hanging in front of her eyes.

“Then why are you showing me this, you must have kept it a secret for a reason right?” She asked curiously.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to trust you with it.”

I’m not sure that this would make her feel better, it might even be a stupid thing to reveal my secret but…

“This should make us even, right?”

Her eyes lowered and her mouth began to coil into a subtle smile. Her thin strawberry lips perked and revealed just how exultant she was.

“I’d say about thirty percent even.” She replied cheekily.

“Only thirty percent?! I just showed you my unique skill, surely that’s worth a little more?”

Liv placed a finger on her chin and pretended to go deep in thought, after a brief moment of suspense she replied. “I’d be willing to take it to sixty.”

I dropped my head and looked defeated. While my head hung down I heard the faint sound of laughter, which caused my ears to perk up.

It was an innocent giggle with such a sweet sound, not only playful but also easy on the ears. It was close to the most adorable thing I had ever heard.

My head rose with a quick jolt and I could feel my face growing warm. I imagine it must have looked like a tomato because as soon as she saw me she went red, herself.

We locked eyes for a moment, staring at the reflections of ourselves through each other’s eyes. I had seen them a few times already but her eyes seemed even more beautiful than before.

Suddenly at the other end of the room, where the small narrow room was, a portal appeared. It swirled in a clockwise stream, emitting a blue glow.

“That’s the door that will take us back.” She said faintly.


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