Chapter 31:

Chapter 31 - Rewards

Dungeon Eater

I placed the drop items into my pouch and turned to Liv, signalling that I was ready to go. She nodded in agreement and we crossed through the portal.

“…Liv, what’s all this?”

I was in utter shock at the sight before me.

Welm, Jasper and Marcel were all tied to the tree outside the Dungeon portal. They were unconscious, with bruises and black eyes.

“I couldn't have them running away after, I thought they should get reported to ASH and let them take care of this.” Liv replied casually.

“So you this was you!” I exclaimed.

I buried my face into my open hand and wondered what would happen next. For a gold rank, taking out three Silvers would be no problem, it’s still a little surprising seeing it in person. And to talk about it so casually…

“I had to do something, although it was a little hard to beat them with my cloak on.”

“Your cloak…oh that hood from before?”

She nodded lightly. “Yeah, it was something I picked up pretty soon after joining the guild. It has an effect which dampens my strength.”

I didn’t realise items like that existed.

“Well, what’s going to happen to them now?”

“I’ll handle it from here, if anyone asks I’ll just say that I found them like this. There’s no doubt that my handlers will arrive soon, they always tend to find me when I get away…” She scratched her cheek with a coy glance away.

She makes it sound like she runs away a lot…

“They’ll be here soon so you should probably go. Don’t worry, even if these guys talk I’ll make sure nobody uses your name.”

She’s right, this whole situation seems like it would get public since a member of Titans Helm was involved. Letting her handle this might be the best course of action, I’ll just have to trust her and go.

“Thanks, Liv.”

She smiled and gave a small wave as I left.

I trudged through the open valley fields, headed towards the Floor staircase that would lead me back to the lower Floor. A panel of light was triggered once I left the area, appearing in front of me as I walked.

{User has completed emergency quest Escape the dungeon}

{Would you like to receive reward?}

I almost forgot about that, what was the reward again?

“I accept.”

{User has defeated a Wondering Boss, unique drop has been rewarded}

Suddenly black mist covered my hand and a small orb was left behind, in my grasp.

It was completely round and just large enough to fit into my palm. It resonated with a powerful green light that constantly shifted around within the orb, like a passing storm.

I stared into it with absence, after a brief moment I snapped out of my gaze and pulled my eyes away.

What was that just now…I saw colours that I didn’t know even existed.

I focused on it and a small window appeared on top.

{Ability Orb} – {Rarity: S}

I’ve never gotten an S rarity before! So this is the kind of reward I can expect from fighting a wondering boss. Liv mentioned that they drop unique items, this must be what she was talking about.

“What am I supposed to do with this though?

I squeezed the orb with a tight grip and it shattered in my hand. In a panic, I stumbled back.

The moving green energy within it circled my hand and fell onto my skin. It absorbed into my body and suddenly a gust of wind surrounded me.

My hair and clothes waved through the air, weightless. A warm breeze filled my body and I felt the warm embrace of a summer's wind passing over my face. Sensations of warm and cold alike.

“This is amazing…”

{Ability, Zephyr Wind has been obtained}

“Zephyr…wind?” I repeated slowly.

The current of the wind died down and returned to normal. I felt the warm breeze of summer’s air filling my hands.

The same green glow I had become familiar with had now attached itself to my hand. I waved it around, thinking that it would disappear but nothing else happened.

{Zephyr wind allows the user to manipulate the wind around a weapon}

It looks exactly like the ability that the Wondering Boss was using, with the description I’m almost certain it has to be it. Or at least a cheap copy of it, right? There’s only one way to find out for sure.

I pulled out one of my Chakram blades and threw it as far as I could into the distance. The blade arched down and cut through the air at a curve.

Suddenly the Chakram was immersed in green light and circled back into the air with a sudden burst of wind. It flew smoothly with round motions and wide turns.

I grabbed the side of my head and held it in disbelief.

“It worked— it’s working just like how the Rhaskan did it!”

I wriggled my fingers in a meticulous sequence, causing the Chakram to bounce throughout the air in erratic zigzags. It wasn’t quite how I wanted it to move but I was just happy that it stayed in the air.

It was a little harder than I had thought but after a few spins, I managed to get the hang of it. I held out my arm and caught the blade by its handle, snatching it from the air.

“The only real question left is how often can I use this? I didn’t feel any mana being drained, and my energy hasn’t gone down either.”

{Zephyr Wind requires no mana or energy consumption}

Uriel chimed in and continued to inform me of the abilities other details.

{As long as User remains conscious, the effects of Zephyr wind shall remain}

“So all I need to do is focus and be awake, there doesn't seem to be a downside to it then.” I observed the Chakram in my hand with a smile.

Pleased with my new ability I quickly ran through the open fields towards the staircase, excited to get back home.


The nineteenth Floor.

A slim figure with radiant ivory hair stood alone within a cavernous room. The sounds of her heels echoed through the silence as she approached one of the natural pillars at the centre of the room.

With an elegant motion, she raised her arm above her head and gracefully waved it over the stone pillar. Suddenly her eyes shifted and she drove her fist through the pillar, breaking it into pieces with a single swipe from her arm.

“That useless creature…I should have expected as much from mindless beings.” Even though she was upset, her voice remained calm. Almost sultry.

The enraged woman walked ahead, dressed in an eccentric layer of white material that exposed her thigh. It hovered down to the floor, lagging behind her with every step. With each passing step, her bosom would bounce in accordance. The fairest of women in all of Istoria paled in comparison to her.

Her appearance exuded royalty in every sense of the word.

She was absorbed in thought, she rested her face into her palm. She was waiting.

Suddenly the faint thumping of heavy steps approached the room. The sound originated from deep within the cave tunnels where an armoured figure emerged from.

A tall man with jet black hair, larger than most walked towards her. Although he looked like a man, this was no human.

Trailing behind him was a thick black tail, layered with the same midnight scales that made up his armour. His head was the only portion of him uncovered, with two devilish horns peeking out from the sides of his head.

“Why is it that you’ve come here—demon?”

The radiant woman stared blankly at him, then her eyes turned sharp.

“I agree it is unusual for my kind to be within your territory. Coming down to these Floors is a trip I’d rather avoid, but there is a reason. For the sake of our King, your power will—”

“Your King!” He replied before she could finish speaking. “Or have you forgotten that we serve a different ruler?”

He tightened his fists as he spoke, rearing to go. It was obvious that he wanted a fight and that he was seconds away from getting what he wanted.

Although… it wouldn’t be as easy. She wouldn’t fall into someone else’s plans.

“I’m quite familiar with your races ways, as well as your newest heir…I would have expected a proud race such as the Dragonic, to have better judgement in who they select for ruler but I suppose a demon such as myself wouldn’t know any better.”

“Tch—if you came here to talk politics, I suggest you leave.” He turned his back to her.

She glanced to the side and inspected the room. Dirty bones littered the floor with half-broken supplies all around. It was a mess, through and through. Truly a sad omen to someone wasting away on their own.

This had been his layer, not just this room but the entire cave. From the inside it looked empty, quite sad but it wasn’t that at all. It was a dungeon and he was its warden.

“This is the prize for being a proud dragon?” She said derisively.

With the last shred of his patience fleeting, the man extended out his arm in a swift fashion. A dark flame erupted from his hand and burst out in a stream of fire towards her.

His eyes jolted wide open as the flames were extinguished and the woman stood perfectly unscathed. Her hands rested casually at her side as they did before, looking uninterested in the events that had just transpired.


“I haven't come here to discuss pleasantries. I’m here for business. I believe you can help me with something in the near future.”

From within her hand, a wisp of purple light sparked to life. It was no larger than a child’s fist and yet the magical energy produced was enough to make even him shutter.

“I’m sure you’ve heard what makes us Demon so infamous, yes?

His eyes followed in a mesmerised stare, tracking the wisp in her hand as it flowed around in a circle.

Her lips curled into a cherry smile as her perfectly lush lips moved to the sound of her voice.

“Let’s make a deal.”

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