Chapter 0:

The Start of a New Life

Rebirth and Romance: The Road to Adventuring!

The droning and beeps of the hospital equipment is something Rin has long since gotten used to. Another month of health complications put him back in his almost personally reserved room, sighing as he stares out the window to the familiar scenery.

Eventually he gets bored, and grabs the remote to turn on the tv. Maybe if he got lucky, they'd be running a documentary on old explorers and the harrowing adventures they faced. Those were always his favorites.

Of course, he couldn't be that lucky, and after changing the channels enough times, he leaves it on some comedy. At least the noise would keep him company. Dozed out, he doesn't realize the screen had changed, and a beautiful androgynous figure looks at him through the TV.

"Hello! Anyone home?" They call out and Rin practically jumps from his bed.

"Oh good, we're connected! Yay!" They smile, "You are Rin from Earth right?"

Rin nods, "Uh, is this a prank?" He didn't recognize the other figure, but maybe the staff had gotten help from a family member or something.

"Nope! I am Ry! Goddess of Blessings, here to give you a better chance at life!"

He glances around, waiting for the joke to end. Eventually the bit has to end right?

"Not one for talking? Well that's no problem. I can do the talking for the two of us! You see every so often the veil between our world and others get thin enough for us to bring one person through. I won the contest this year so I chose you!"

Before he can ask, she interrupts, "You see I love people with strong wishes and desires, and my world can certainly fulfill all those for you. A strong body, a place to explore." She smirks, "Attractive people."

Rin flushes, "And there's no conditions, no world to save, no princesses to rescue? Or maybe you want me to spread your faith?"

She laughs, twinkling, "No way, I'm not like my brethren, I just want you to live your life as you please."

It sounds too good to be true. But Rin is tired of monotony, he's tired of feeling like his life is so close to being cut short. He's desperate for his first real breath of fresh air.

With that in mind, he holds out his hand, "Take me away?"

And with a smile and a wave of Ry's hand, Rin is enveloped in a bright light.

To the new world he goes.