Chapter 2:

Kuro's New Start

Pandora's Box

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Normally the sound of my alarm clock was like having a bucket of cold water being thrown at my ear drums. Today however, it was different. I awoke excitedly to begin my day.

Now that I was no longer on the student council, I had a lot of spare time after school. I figured I'd take this opportunity to reinvent myself a bit and maybe join a new club. Who knows, maybe I'll even get a girlfriend.

Eagerly, I ran downstairs while attempting to put on the khaki trousers of my school uniform and simultaneously tightening a black tie around my white collared shirt. I nearly tripped down the stairs, but was able to recover before I fell to the bottom. Once I got to the kitchen, I threw some toast in the toaster.


It popped up and I buttered it.

"Ha ha ha ha."

It was the same laughter I heard yesterday. I looked around the kitchen.

"Strange?" I said to myself.

My parents were on a trip and my younger sister had already left. I was the only person currently at home.

"All this excitement must be over stimulating my brain."

I would have pondered it a bit longer, but I had to get going. I wouldn't want to be late for being an hour early to school.

Typically I'd leave for school a bit later. However, since Yoshino Mei, the student council vice president, was my neighbor, I had to make sure I left early to avoid any awkward confrontations with her. Considering I made her cry yesterday, I can't imagine she thinks too fondly of me now.

Before leaving I peaked out my front door to make sure there was no sign of anyone outside the Yoshino household. It looked clear.

I rushed out my front door and tried sneaking past when;

"Good Morning, Kuro-kun!"

I didn't see her, since she was crouched, tending her flower garden... It wasn't Mei though, rather it was Mei's mother. She definitely had a resemblance to her daughter. The only difference is she didn't have the same petite build.

"Oh, good morning to you too, Yoshino-san."

"You're headed off a bit early today, aren't you? Normally you and Mei walk to school together."

"Oh yeah... There's something I have to help a teacher with this morning."

"Such a good boy as usual. I hope you have a wonderful day!"

It didn't seem like Mei said anything about yesterday to her parents, which is honestly best for both our sakes. Our parents are best friends and would love nothing more than Mei and me to get married one day. They would be devastated if they heard about yesterday. My mother would honestly probably kill me.

I bid her farewell and made my way over to school.


This had been the first time I'd ever been to school this early. It was quiet in a peaceful kind of way. I felt almost obligated to avoid making noise in fear of disrupting the silence. As far as I was aware I was the only soul walking through the hallway.

This was good. I wanted to try and avoid any awkward encounters with the girls from the student council. None of them are in the same class as me. Once I get to my classroom, I'll be safe for the day.

At that moment, I should have gone directly to class, but unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me. I decided to walk around the hallways a bit longer.

Since there was no one around... I wanted to see what it was like to run through the empty hallway. I started from one end and started booking it towards the other.

I didn't get a chance to get very far because another student came out from around a corner. If I had been going full speed I definitely would have collided with her.

"I'm so sorr-!" I paused.

Unlucky for me, this student was Sakai Rin, the student council's treasurer. She was wearing her tennis uniform. I'd assume she probably had practice this morning.

She shot me a death stare that felt as if I were staring at a Valkyrie about to impale me with a spear. I'm sure there were some choice words for me going through her head at that moment...

Rather than saying anything though, she simply proceeded to walk past me without saying a word.

I muttered to myself, under my breath.

"Typical tsundere."

I'm pretty sure she heard that because she stopped for a moment, as if she was contemplating a comeback. She must have decided to just hold in her anger and not give me the time of day, since she continued walking again.

To avoid any other awkward situations, I decided to just go to my classroom and doodle until class started.

After some time, other students began trickling into the room. For the most part no one really paid attention to me. Everyone except one student in particular...

"Dude, I saw your text last. Are you serious? You actually did it!?"

He spoke loud and obnoxious as he came up to me and set his protein shake on my desk. The boy was slightly taller than me with a slim build. His hair was black and his eyes were brown. He wore a blue sweatshirt over his school uniform with a yellow dumbbell logo on.

"Of course I was serious. After school yesterday, I officially resigned."

He smacked my back.

"I didn't think you had it in you. What did you tell those stuck up females anyway?"

I smirked a bit.

"I don't want to go too much into the details, but let's just say I told them all off."

"Ha, I didn't think you had that sigma mindset in you. To be honest, ever since we started high school and you joined the student council, I thought you kind of turned into a simp."

This student's name was Ota Ryo. I've known him since middle school. He's a bit of an odd guy, but I'd consider him my best friend.

"I would have loved to see the looks on Yoshino and that tsundere chick's faces."

Ryo was not particularly fond of the girls on the student council, especially Mei. At one point or another he tried making several passes at all three of them and of course he was rejected harshly each time. He even managed to get himself banned from ever entering the student council room.

"How about you start lifting with me after school, bro." He asked.

These past few weeks, he's gotten into listening to those motivational fitness influencers. He's started spending all his time after school at the gym and he constantly uses terms like "alpha," "sigma," "beta," and "grindset."

"As fun as that sounds, I think I'm going to scope out some clubs after school."

"Fine, but don't get jealous when you see my massive gains. The girls in this class will be fighting over me."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

The two of us continued razzing each other until class began.


At noon lunchtime began. Ryo had gone off to do who knows what. I was left to sit alone at my desk eating a piece of bread I purchased from the school store.

"*Whisper* *Whisper*"

I looked up from my desk for a moment. The group of girls, who were sitting across the room from me, quickly averted their gazes. It was obvious they were talking about me. I noticed two guys in the corner pointing towards me also.

"I wonder if word has gotten out." I muttered.

It was only a matter of time before the student body found out I quit the student council. I'm not particularly sure why that would be a big deal considering I was only the secretary.

"*Whisper* *whisper*"

Another group of girls were standing in the corner muttering amongst themselves. All of them were looking in my direction and giving me dirty looks.

I'm not sure what their problem is, what happened yesterday is between me and the girls on the student council. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, so I got up and went out to the hallway.

Outside the classroom there were once again gazes fixed on me. The girls especially seemed to be staring me down. I felt so awkward that I rushed straight to the bathroom.

"What the heck is going on?"

I don't get it, it's like everyone is taking this personally. The girls on the Student council are really popular. Maybe people feel I was too harsh on them or something?

Hopefully this petty drama blows over soon. Even so, this isn't going to deter me from finding a new club to join.

Lunch was only about halfway over and I wanted to avoid any unwanted attention. I ended up spending the rest of my lunch period in a stall.