Chapter 0:


Convergence. Eli and Ama.

As the radiant sun began its descent, casting a golden glow across the ravaged battlefield, a chorus of triumphant cries and exultant cheers swept through the air like a fervent tempest. The long and arduous war had reached its climax, and the news of victory spread like wildfire, carrying on the frenzied voices of messengers and soldiers alike. The resounding shouts of triumph, along with magic particles filled the atmosphere, intermingling with the acrid scent of burnt woods and the lingering echoes of battle.

Amidst the chaotic symphony of elation, Elias, a battle-worn general, stood at the heart of the tumult, clutching his aching stomach with trembling hands. His once majestic armor, now battered and dented, bore witness to the countless conflicts endured.

Each labored breath he took was laden with the weight of the fallen, the comrades lost, and the sacrifices made. Slowly, like a fading ember, he retreated from the frontlines, his movements imbued with a mix of exhaustion and tentative relief.

Slowly, he retreated to the shelter of a weathered tree, seeking solace in its sturdy embrace.

Leaning against its ancient trunk, he closed his eyes, allowing the roar of the victorious soldiers to wash over him, their fervent cries blending with the distant sound of swords landing on the ground as well as the thunderous footsteps of the medic mage running around looking for wounded warriors.

Whispers of triumph danced upon his lips, their ethereal cadence lost in the clamor of the victorious soldiers. Yet, within his weary heart, each whisper carried the weight of sacrifice and resilience, a testament to the unwavering spirit that propelled him through the harshest of trials.

A young-looking warrior, one of Elias' devoted pupils, approached with wide-eyed enthusiasm, eager to share the news of the hard-won victory. But before the soldier's words could find their voice, a sudden wave of pain surged through Elias' body. A gasp escaped his lips as he instinctively clutched his stomach, feeling the warmth seep through his fingers. His cloak, once a symbol of pride and protection, now bore the crimson stain of his wounds, a stark reminder of the price paid for victory.

Before the joyous news could pass the soldier's lips, a crimson stain blossomed upon Elias' cloak, the lifeblood seeping through the fabric. The soldier's countenance transformed from elation to despair, a piercing cry for aid piercing the air.

In a blink, warriors and a mage rushed to Elias' side, their cries of "master!" resounding through the chaos. A medic, armed with ancient arts, also ran towards him ignoring the wind pressure that pushed her bulky robes.

Guided by the power of magic, conjured water to soothe Elias' pain. Yet, fate had other plans. 

Just as the water neared Elias' outstretched hand, his eyes fluttered closed, surrendering to the depths of unconsciousness. In that instant, the world he knew faded away, leaving behind only silence and the distant echoes of his pupils and comrades' desperate pleas.


He opened his eyes. A different world is now welcoming his awakening.

In a mere heartbeat, Elias found himself transported to a world unknown. Rain fell upon his youthful visage, its gentle touch replacing the bloodstained battleground with the purity of water. Rainwater.

Sprawled upon the earth, his form now that of a twelve-year-old boy, he gazed upward, eyes wide with wonder. 

For some time, he just lay there, suspended between worlds, the echoes of war fading into the distance, replaced by the burgeoning mysteries of this new realm.  

Amidst the drenched landscape, Elias stirred from the depths of unconsciousness, his eyelids fluttering open to reveal a world unknown. Confusion mingled with remnants of battle, and his mind grappled with the disorienting shift from the brink of death to the embrace of youth. Raindrops kissed his face, each delicate touch a gentle reminder that he was no longer where he once was.

A tinge of fear colored his thoughts, an unfamiliar vulnerability he had not known before. In the depths of his being, he longed for answers, for clarity in this mysterious metamorphosis that had befallen him.

With trembling hands, Elias rose from the damp earth, his gaze falling upon an old and tattered book, weathered by time and the elements. Its pages, once filled with stories of chivalry and valor, now bore faded ink and frail illustrations of knights bearing armor similar to his own. A flicker of recognition danced within his eyes, a distant memory struggling to surface. Yet, the puzzle remained incomplete, the pieces of his fragmented reality refusing to align. As droplets cascaded from his soaked hair, Elias clutched the book tightly, as if by holding onto it, he could grasp a sense of purpose, a tether to the world he once knew.

And so, under the veiled sky, Elias embarked on a journey of self-discovery, a lone figure moving through the rain-soaked landscape. With the echoes of battle fading into memory, he walked, his steps accompanied by the rhythmic melody of rain, embracing the unknown with a resolute heart and the flicker of hope that lay dormant within his soul.


With the rain persistently drumming on the asphalt, Elias stood frozen as the enigmatic black box-shaped vehicle came to a halt before him. His heart quickened its rhythm, his instincts honed by years of battle urging him to take defensive measures. In the absence of familiarity, he reached for a sharp, jagged object nearby, gripping it tightly as a makeshift weapon. Elias assumed a stance born of both caution and resolve, his eyes fixated on the mysterious contraption before him. 

But to Elias' surprise, his defensive posture softened as a young woman emerged, dashing towards him with a stick in hand and a fabric shield protecting her from the relentless rain. There was no malice in her eyes, no threat emanating from her presence. Instead, Elias sensed a familiar concern, a motherly worry that touched a chord within his soul.

The woman, her voice filled with both apprehension and kindness, asked how he was feeling. But Elias, overwhelmed by the weight of things that happening and the weighty silence that lingered within him, found himself unable to utter a response. Instead, he bowed his head, a gesture that carried the weight of unspoken gratitude for taking the bother to approach him. At that moment, a window of the vehicle opened, revealing the face of an older man, his voice carrying a sense of urgency as he called out to Elias, beckoning him to come inside. Elias raised his gaze to meet the man's eyes, finding a mixture of concern and guidance within their depths. A glimmer of trust ignited within him, borne from the understanding that this man, too, held a piece of the puzzle that was his new reality. At that moment, he realized that perhaps not every encounter in this unfamiliar world was destined to be fraught with danger. There was a chance, however small, that he had stumbled upon a guiding light amidst the downpour.

And so, with cautious steps and a flicker of hope, Elias approached the enigmatic vehicle. Uncertainty mingled with the flicker of trust within his heart, yet he sensed a fragile thread of connection weaving its way through the rain-soaked air.  

As the door of the vehicle swung open, Elias was met with the sight of a girl around his age seated inside. Her eyes held a glimmer of kindness as she extended a handkerchief toward him. Elias hesitated for a moment, his pride urging him not to dirty the delicate fabric with his rain-soaked hands.

"I appreciate the gesture," he spoke softly, his voice laced with gratitude, "but I fear I would only wet it further." Though she still keeps her head down, the girl's remained unwavering and won't withdraw the handkerchief.

Elias eyed his bare, mud-streaked feet, still unsure whether he should bring the remnants of his journey into the pristine confines of the vehicle. But the woman speak assurance that compelled him to trust in the newfound path he was embarking upon.

Nodding, Elias gingerly placed one foot, then the other, onto the vehicle's floor, the rainwater leaving faint traces of dampness behind. As he settled into the seat, he also finally take the girl's handkerchief that she was still holding on.

The engine roared to life, and the vehicle began to move, its motion carrying Elias further away from the battlefields and into a realm of possibilities.

Elias sits in the backseat, his eyes gazing out the window, lost in his own thoughts. The parents share concerned glances, trying to find the right words to break through his guarded demeanor. The family's concern for Elias was palpable in their gentle attempts at conversation, their words laced with the worry of parents who longed to understand and help.

The number of times, Elias's lips twitch into a faint smile, appreciating their understanding and patience, but he still doesn't utter a word.  With each passing moment, the rain-soaked world outside transformed into a blur, fading into the backdrop of his memories. As Elias watched the world rush by, a sense of anticipation welled up within him.

Suddenly, Elias feels an overwhelming discomfort.

Without a word, he opens the door and leaps out, his body hitting the ground. Pain shoots through his limbs, but he pushes forward, his footsteps carrying him farther away from the vehicle.

The father slams on the brakes, bringing the car to a screeching halt. The mother, her heart racing, flings open the door and races after Elias, Without even screaming a name she doesn't even know yet, her voice filled with desperation.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the distraught parents, their daughter Amaya has quietly slipped out of the car, her eyes fixed on Elias's back, running into the darkness of the land filled with damp trees.


Elias found himself leaning against an old tree, his youthful breaths coming in gasps as if he had just concluded a long-fought battle. As the rain began to thin, he felt a sudden calmness wash over him, allowing him to close his eyes in serene surrender.

From the shelter of the old tree, Amaya's hand reached out and gently grasped Elias' garment, their silent bond growing stronger. Elias exhaled, sensing Amaya's unwavering presence. "You should go," he softly urged, his voice filled with concern and longing. Yet, a profound silence wove between them, carrying unspoken depths.

Then, Amaya tightened her hold on Elias' attire, her lips trembling, and finally, in a soft voice, she uttered, "I'm cold..."

As the rain begins to subside and the world around them is painted with hues of gold, Elias hesitates. A wave of compassion washes over him, and slowly, he starts to walk again, with Amaya by his side.

They emerge onto the roadside, where warmth and worry embrace them in the form of Amaya's loving parents. Their eyes glistening with relief, they draw Elias and Amaya into a tender embrace. The sun peeks through the clouds, casting a gentle glow upon their reunion, a radiant symbol of hope after the storm.
Elias's scars of war, both seen and unseen, were now hidden beneath the visage of youth, and the weight of responsibility shifted upon his narrow shoulders. And so, still, hesitantly, this young boy stepped into the unknown, allowing himself to be guided by the voices of strangers who, in their own way, seemed poised to shape his destiny.

Prologue ends.

Syed Al Wasee
Lucid Levia