Chapter 29:

The Mysterious Lyra

I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

Lyra’s performance during her tests reminded lots of people about the previous perfect queen candidate—the unfortunate girl who died young.Bookmark here

There were similarities in how they conducted themselves during the tests—however, Lyra’s performance was described as more exuberant and jovial, in contrast to Reinst’s performance, which was more meek and docile, yet gave off her strong character.Bookmark here

The two have many similarities, as both exhibited the qualities of the previous queens. Only the character displayed is different, as each person’s character differs.Bookmark here

Take the king’s mother, for example—being the only heir to the throne, she was brought up to be the ideal queen and heir to the throne—she gave off the image of a delicate, yet strong flower with the same level of elegance and skills that Reinst and Lyra managed to display.Bookmark here

Yes, Lyra didn’t even realize it herself.Bookmark here

But, right now, she has managed to change her submissive and obeying character as Reinst—and displayed more of her true character.Bookmark here

This is the result of the years she’s spent as Lyra.Bookmark here

Even so, the surprisingly unexpected result overwhelmed even her parents. Just what are they thinking about her daughter?Bookmark here

And why didn’t they interrogate Lyra’s suspicious answers?Bookmark here

Let’s take a step back, to the day where Lyra’s tests took place...Bookmark here

Cyan’s POVBookmark here

I can’t comprehend it.Bookmark here

How can Lyra accomplish such a feat?Bookmark here

I mean, I purposely didn’t prepare her with any etiquette training and anything similar to that (fearing that she might be pressured to be the future queen and I would lose her earlier... it’s unthinkable!), but she could conduct herself in such a manner?!Bookmark here

And what’s up with her knowledge?Bookmark here

Is she a genius or really gifted?!Bookmark here

It’s as if she’d been trained for years, as if she has known all the knowledge!Bookmark here

Even the tutors can’t comprehend it, and they also testified that Lyra didn’t cheat.Bookmark here

Wait, how dare they even thought of her cheating?!Bookmark here

*clear throats*Bookmark here

This is totally beyond my imagination.Bookmark here

Never did I imagine my daughter would be like this.Bookmark here

Don’t get me wrong. Whatever happens, I will always love her.Bookmark here

But still, I need some explanation as to how she could do that…Bookmark here

She didn’t even aim to be the queen, so why…?Bookmark here

…I think I need to reread the bibliographies of talented and gifted people to find some hints, some similarities… and hear what Cassie’s thinking about it.Bookmark here

Cassie’s POVBookmark here

…I know that intelligence can be inherited, and that I’ve always been praised as gifted.Bookmark here

But… I am gifted in terms of magic, and I’m a fast learner due to my thirst for knowledge, and that I’ve read countless books.Bookmark here

However, in terms of elegance and noble etiquettes – mannerism… I have no interest in such formalities, nor was I considered gifted in them.Bookmark here

But Lyra…?Bookmark here

Her magic knowledge is so-so, but she’s eager to learn, and has always been able to comprehend my teaching quite fast.Bookmark here

Her common knowledge is superb, but she sometimes needs to know some recent updates.Bookmark here

However…Bookmark here

She’s beyond genius in terms of her etiquette and mannerism. She can even be announced as the future queen right now, heck, nobody would be able to object that decision after seeing her performance.Bookmark here

We didn’t even train her, so how come…?Bookmark here

Even Queen Shaula needed to struggle a lot when she learned all the required skills to be the queen.Bookmark here

Wait… I think I have heard some phenomenon of oddly gifted people like her and the theories surrounding their mysteries.Bookmark here

I wonder what does Cyan think about this…?Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

On their way to get Lyra back after accompanying Luca...Bookmark here

“Hey, Cyan, what do you think? Should Lyra still learn everything again, despite the result?” Cassie asked, unsure.Bookmark here

“...won’t she be bored, though?” Cyan remembered that he was definitely bored during his etiquette classes, despite not being good at it.Bookmark here

“So, leave the choice to her?”Bookmark here

“Sounds like a good idea.”Bookmark here

“...Should we press for more answers from her? About how she could...?”Bookmark here

“We have asked her after the tests, right?” Cyan raised his eyebrows.Bookmark here

“True, but, she seems to be holding something back.”Bookmark here

“It indicates that she doesn’t want to tell whatever it is, right?” Cyan deducted.Bookmark here

“Maybe, she doesn’t want to talk about it in front of the tutors?” Cassie hoped her daughter could tell them everything.Bookmark here

“It can be... okay, let’s try asking, then,” Cyan said.Bookmark here

The discussion was abruptly stopped, as they finally could see the figure of their beloved daughter, along with the little prince.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

When they finally got home, Cyan and Cassie escorted Lyra to her room, closed the door, and were about to ask about how Lyra could accomplish such a feat...Bookmark here

But, they soon realized the nervous look on Lyra’s face.Bookmark here

Her legs were slightly trembling, and her expression remained calm despite showing the obvious signs of nervousness.Bookmark here

Cyan and Cassie didn’t proceed to ask.Bookmark here

The two of them looked at each other—as if they were communicating with their thoughts.Bookmark here

They somehow could tell that they were thinking the same thing.Bookmark here

Seems like Lyra’s afraid of questioning, which means she is reluctant to honestly tell us. Bookmark here

The two slightly nodded, agreeing that they shouldn’t press the matter further.Bookmark here

Cassie finally opened her mouth.Bookmark here

“So, Lyra... you can choose : will you go through all the education of what you’ve shown that you’re capable of, just in case... or not?”Bookmark here

That nervous look and slight trembling left Lyra, and they knew they did the right thing.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Later on, that night...Bookmark here

“Hey, I know we talked about it before, but seriously, what did you think about Lyra’s performance? We could discuss it right now, I think...” Cassie asked, while burying her body in the blanket.Bookmark here

They couldn’t discuss the issue fully on their way back.Bookmark here

Cyan positioned himself near his wife and closed the book he was reading.Bookmark here

“Absolutely astonishing. And she said she only learned everything from what she saw during Alt’s birthday parties, the books, others’ way of conduct, and some shows? Is that even possible?” Cyan put his hand on his chin, thinking.Bookmark here

“It’s something that you need to get used to doing… Practice and training would make it perfect. Even if she can absorb the knowledge about it at a rapid speed, she would still need practice…”Bookmark here

“You think so, too?”Bookmark here

“Yes. It’s really a mystery… Altaire was also gifted, but it’s just that he’s a fast learner. He needed practices to attain the good results. Lyra’s different.”Bookmark here

Cassie knows comparing her children isn’t a good thing, but they clearly need a parameter. Obviously, Lyra is not your average girl.Bookmark here

...but then again, Altaire can’t be a good parameter for comparison.Bookmark here

Still.Bookmark here

“Yeah. I am glad we are blessed with such gifted children, but Lyra... Hey, you aren’t frightened by our own daughter, right?” Cyan asked, but his question was way too absurd, that Cassie was flabbergasted.Bookmark here

“Huh? Are you kidding me? No way! No matter how, she is still our daughter! …Or, are you frightened of her because of this?”Bookmark here

“No, I won’t! She’s our cherished daughter!” Cyan raised his voice.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

The two of them glared at each other in silence.Bookmark here

...Oops.Bookmark here

Hope we are not too loud... The children might be sleeping. Bookmark here

“…Actually, Lyra is really a wonder. Like how she seemed to understand everything we said even when she was still a young toddler, how she was a very obedient and mature child… It’s like…,” Cassie stopped.Bookmark here

“…Like…?”Bookmark here

“…Like she’s known everything from the beginning of her life…? Can she read minds, maybe?”Bookmark here

“Well… I beg to differ. Look, some of her knowledge is quite outdated, and we had to correct her sometimes… So perhaps that is not the case.”Bookmark here

“…True. …wait, outdated knowledge?!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’ve read the bibliographies of some influential people in the past… It’s written that they [were gifted with the ancient knowledge from the God] or [received divine revelation from God]… Like how [The Hero] gained the said [divine revelation of military strategies and battle techniques], despite being the son of ordinary peasants.”Bookmark here

“Do you think Lyra’s like that, too?”Bookmark here

“…It can be…?” Cyan was quite unsure.Bookmark here

Hmm, something is not right.Bookmark here

“…wait, I think I have another theory bearing a closer resemblance to her. [The Greatest Magician] was also a precocious child during her younger days, gaining incredible magical knowledge that her family and other people near her didn’t even know anything about… And… she also had some outdated knowledge…”Bookmark here

Again, silence ensued, and the two only stared at each other.Bookmark here

“What did the rumors and record say about [The Greatest Magician]?” Cyan asked.Bookmark here

Her story is kinda similar to Lyra’s situation…Bookmark here

“…Lots of theories, but there’s this one odd theory… You know [Samsara]?” Cass threw out a foreign term.Bookmark here

“The endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth? You mean, the cycle of life?” Luckily, Cyan has the knowledge about it, so the discussion can proceed without any haste.Bookmark here

“Yeah. It’s said that all souls would be reborn after they’re death… but normally… let me put an emphasis here. NORMALLY, they would lose all their past memories before being born. But, there have been cases where some could retain parts or even the whole memories of their past self.”Bookmark here

Cass inhaled a long breath before continuing.Bookmark here

“They hypothesized that [The Greatest Magician] retained some of her past memories… and I think…”Bookmark here

“…our Lyra, too?” Cyan continued her sentence.Bookmark here

“Most probably.” Cass nodded.Bookmark here

“…you think she’s the reincarnation of some past queen?”Bookmark here

“We can’t be so sure about that, but there’s a possibility. Or some noble with extensive knowledge about mannerism and etiquette for an ideal queen. And judging from Lyra’s poor explanation to us and her reaction earlier today, I bet she doesn’t want to tell us about it.” Cassie guessed it right.Bookmark here

Yes, Lyra was reluctant to tell her parents the truth about herself.Bookmark here

“…apparently, yes. And if this is true, then that would probably explain some of her weird behaviors…” Cyan thought back to Lyra’s behavior that he couldn’t understand why.Bookmark here

“I wish she could tell us about that, and so we can help her overcome her past memories… Like, perhaps she had some kind of bad memories with [Dark] magic,” Cass remembered Lyra’s extreme rejection of her [Dark] element.Bookmark here

“Hey, it’s not good to force her to tell us… right? She is our daughter, but she has the right to defend her privacy.”Bookmark here

“I know… I just wish I can do more for her, since I am her mother, after all.” Cassie sighed.Bookmark here

“Hey, I think she has opened up to us quite a lot, don’t you think? Don’t you remember how she used to be more submissive and seemed to hold back lots of things compared to the present her?” Cyan reminded Cassie.Bookmark here

“Yeah, well, that might be true, but she doesn’t seem to be fully open to us…wait, what if she likes her past parents better than us, and that’s why she doesn’t want to open up to us about it?” Cassie’s imagination started to wander off.Bookmark here

“Hey, hey! There is no way… wait, you mean, she thinks I’m not a loving papa enough?!” Cyan started to get anxious, too.Bookmark here

...Cyan, you should listen to yourself, saying a loving papa without any hesitation. And you are a member of the Elite Royal Spies!Bookmark here

“We are a high-ranked noble family, but she doesn’t receive the proper luxury a noble should have! What if she was born to some wealthy and better family in her past? She must have been pampered, but now she must live without those luxuries?!” Cassie imagined the common wealthy nobles.Bookmark here

“…Uhhhh Cass, sorry for involving you in this household… You must have it better when you were at your parents’ house, right?” Cyan was being sensitive, this time.Bookmark here

“No, no, I am an exception. Though at first we were in an arranged engagement, in the end, it was my choice to be with you. But Lyra didn’t get to choose her parents, right?”Bookmark here

The two didn’t think highly of themselves, and started to fret out, wanting to be better than “Lyra’s previous parents”—all while they haven’t even confirmed the validity of their hypothesis about Lyra being a reincarnated person with some of her memories intact.Bookmark here

The two of them hold a high position in the Royal Court, but somehow their brain can’t function right when it comes to their children?Bookmark here

The world is full of mysteries, indeed!Bookmark here

They went silent to think.Bookmark here

“A-anyway! Let’s not force her to tell us what she actually didn’t want to… okay?” Cyan finally broke the silence.Bookmark here

I don’t want her to feel that we are way too nosy as a parent… and to feel that she would be better off with her previous parents. Bookmark here

No, no, the thought is just too terrifying.Bookmark here

Cyan gulped.Bookmark here

Cassie nodded.Bookmark here

“Yeah, if the day when she wants to tell us comes, we should be able to accept her, no matter what.”Bookmark here

No matter if she is still more attached to her previous family… (Cyan)Bookmark here

Noo, I hate to think about that, I feel so inadequate as a mother. (Cassie)Bookmark here

Cassie started to sweat in her anxiety.Bookmark here

“Yes, I know that we can accept and love her, no matter what happens,” Cyan said, while grasping Cassie’s hand.Bookmark here

Even if our hearts might be crushed by her story…Bookmark here

And the two people finally reached their (foolish) conclusions.Bookmark here

That night, they had nightmares of being compared to the other parents and how their daughter preferred the other over them.Bookmark here

“I miss my old parents… if only I could be with them…”Bookmark here

The image of their daughter weeping alone in her bed while lamenting her current birth circumstances, kept playing over and over in their dreams.Bookmark here

Before long, their dream also displayed Altaire, who pouted and wished for a better set of parents, while looking at the other wealthier noble children with the eyes full of envy.Bookmark here

The next morning.Bookmark here

It was a beautiful morning like usual.Bookmark here

The clear blue skies, the refreshing air, the nice smell of the sunlight.Bookmark here

The nice smell of Chloe’s cooking!Bookmark here

A table with enough food for the family.Bookmark here

As usual, the children gobbled their food right away.Bookmark here

“Lyra. Altaire,” Cass said.Bookmark here

“”Yes?”” Both Lyra and Altaire stopped to put foods and drinks inside their mouths and shifted their attention to their parents.Bookmark here

“Do you think we are good enough as your parents?” Cyan asked.Bookmark here

Lyra almost choked and Altaire gushed out his drink.Bookmark here

“Wha, what, Dad, Mom, what’s up with you two?” Altaire asked, as he slightly laughed at his parents’ foolish question.Bookmark here

Lyra choked on her food and coughed for a while.Bookmark here

The children thought their parents were only joking and didn’t respond any more than that.Bookmark here

“Uhmm, you know that we love you very much, yes, both of you… right?” Cass asked.Bookmark here

Lyra almost drank her water to relieve her cough, but then she stopped, as she was surprised by Cass’ follow-up question. It was quite a rhetorical question.Bookmark here

“Mommm, come on, of course we know! And I love you two very much, Mom, Dad! I couldn’t ask for better parents!” Altaire stretched his arms up, as if he was sending hugs to Cass and Cyan.Bookmark here

Lyra finally stopped coughing.Bookmark here

“Mom, Dad, what’s up? Of course, I love you!” She blushed as she said this. She is still not used to say those lines out loud.Bookmark here

Hearing that, the foolish parents felt relieved.Bookmark here

“I, is that so? Thank you…,” Cassie also blushed.Bookmark here

“Sorry for the weird question, haha!” Cyan smiled in relief.Bookmark here

“Dad, you’re always the weirdo, but Mom, it’s so unlike you!” Altaire blurted it out without thinking.Bookmark here

“Ah, well… you know that I’m a weirdo…,” Cyan’s voice when he said that indicated that he didn’t agree with Alt’s opinion, and then he continued to speak.Bookmark here

“And though we are a ducal family, we are not that wealthy. Wouldn’t you want to choose to be born to another family that has it better than… your current one, given the choice?”Bookmark here

Lyra’s expression stiffened.Bookmark here

She may have remembered her past self and the wealth she’s enjoyed.Bookmark here

…or did she remember her unhappiness despite having all the wealth she could enjoy?Bookmark here

“Uhm, while it’s true that I want my family to be wealthier… but I still love you two, Dad, Mom. So, it’s okay. I promise I will quickly grow up and help you—help to make our family rich!” Altaire said, his eyes full of determination.Bookmark here

To be honest, hearing this from their own child made them both happy and felt touched.Bookmark here

And yes, Altaire really wanted to enter the special class just so he can quickly help his beloved parents.Bookmark here

“…If I can choose my parents,” Lyra said.Bookmark here

Cassie and Cyan reflexively focused their attention to Lyra, as they started to have a cold sweat.Bookmark here

“Obviously, I would still choose you two,” she said, with her soft and sincere tone.Bookmark here

Hearing that, Cass and Cyan quietly sighed in relief, and looked at each other.Bookmark here

Though they were silent, their eyes communicated.Bookmark here

Guess we worried over nothing.Bookmark here

Yes, indeed, you two worried over nothing, and was tortured by it all night long.Bookmark here

Afterward, they decided they won’t excessively question Lyra, no matter how odd her behavior might seem… unless it’s absolutely necessary.Bookmark here

For now, it’s enough.Bookmark here

They have the rest of their lives to learn more about their daughter, after all, so why try to risk it and destroy the trust they have built?Bookmark here

Nothing good will be gained from forcing her to tell what she doesn’t want them to know.Bookmark here

If they forced her, she might develop insecurities and decreased trust towards them.Bookmark here

So, it’s okay.Bookmark here

Let’s take it easy, slow and steady.Bookmark here

After all, we are family.Bookmark here

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