Chapter 1:

The First Time We Met

I'm Not a Stalker, I Promise!!!

The first time Chigusa and I met was in early Spring on the school rooftop. At that time, I was on the top, she was at the bottom. No, I’m sorry. That might have given you a wrong idea. I was actually saving her from falling to her death and by mistake; she directly fall into my top. Honest mistake. But that’s what got me into this mess.

The teacher caught us. Then, we're sent to the teacher's homeroom together. A few of kids are peering outside trying to see what’s going on. As soon as the two of us are seated, Mr. Onigura shot me a dirty look. Hey, I’m not the at fault here, but he already judging me. But, I know why he’s picking sides. It’s because of the girl sitting right next to me who looks like an angel.

Chigusa Emiya. The beauty and brain of my class. She sits 3 desk away from me. I always thought her as a perfect model student. That is until she act stupid and try to kill herself. I mean, what was that about? Even if life is hard, suicide is not the answer. She’s lucky that I was there or else who knows what might had happened.

Oh, I know. She could be dead. And that would be terrible news for everyone involved.

As I watches her from the corner of my eyes, Chigusa seem calm and collected. And here I thought she going to cry. Please Mr. Onigura.... I didn’t mean to do it. It’s all just a mistake. My fault. I didn't mean to go up there just to fall into my death. That sort of things, you know? But so far, no a word from her. None.

I wonder what's going on her mind right now?

“Do you have anything to say for yourselves?” Mr. Onigura said after a prolong silence. We look at each other. When it's clear that I'm not gonna say anything, Chigusa stand up, pretend to clear her throat, and immediately bow down her head.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Onigura. I promise it won’t happen again.” She says. There it is... The word apology that I was waiting for. But, wait...  What does she mean by ‘won't happen again

The suicide thing... Does she plan to do it again?

“What do you mean by that, Emiya-san? Is this something casual thing the two of you do?” the teacher asks while crossing his arms. She nodded her head.

“Of course. Afterall, we’re dating.” She said before suddenly grabbed my arm. My jaw dropped. We’re dating? Chigusa and I? When?

“Umm... Mr. Onigura.” I said but didn’t finished. Chigusa fingers already pinching my arm. I immediately keep my mouth shut. I turned at Chigusa and see her eyes. She want me to keep quiet and so I did.

“You... and this kid?” Mr. Onigura ask with a stink eye. She immediately nods with a smile. Mr. Onigura scratches his head in confusion. Well, he is not alone. I can’t believe it either.

“So, lovers huh? Now that something you don't see everyday.” he said. His eyes are on my face the entire time as he said that. Chigusa and I look at each other.

“But, Mr. Onigura...” I try to intervene. Mr. Onigura suddenly slammed the table.

“Shut up... Not a word from you. I was this close of beating you for dare to molest our school precious jewel.” He said. I frowns.

Err... excuse me... Precious what?

“Mr. Onigura. We’re very sorry. We try to keep our relationship a secret. As you know, I am the star of this school and he, well my boyfriend over here... He’s just not used to all the attention. I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, you know? So we went to the rooftop so nobody could find us. It's really unfortunate that lost my balance at the ledge. Luckily, my boyfriend is there to catch me...” she swoon. What a load of nonsense. Who would believe all of that crap?

But, for somewhat reason - Mr. Onigura is satisfied.

“Well, if you’re dating then... There’s nothing I could do. I thought this kid is just a pervert who trying to take advantage of you. But, even so - this is still a school ground, Emiya-san. You can’t going at it like its some cheap love hotel. Remember where you at!” Mr. Onigura add sternly.

“Yes... You’re absolutely right! We are very sorry, Mr. Onigura. We promise that it won’t happen again.” Emiya nodded. Our teacher sighs.

“Still, I couldn’t believe it... You and this kid. I’ll say... you really caught me by surprise, Emiya-san.” he said and folded his arms. I stood there like an idiot, biting my lips.

Oii... oii, Mr. Onigura. I know Chigusa Emiya is beautiful and smart girl, but I have my own name too. It’s Cho Miyamura. 

“Anyway, you’re lucky that I am the one who caught you. Just make sure it didn’t happen again, understood?”

“Yes, sir.” She said and looks at me. When I didn’t respond, she quickly pinched my arm again. “Yes, sir.” I repeated almost immediately. Chigusa smiles. After a few more minutes of scolding, Mr. Onigura finally let us go. We left the homeroom and begin walking towards the school gate. As soon as we’re both alone, I opened my mouth.

“What was that all about? Why did you lie to him and say we’re dating?” I ask in panic. She quickly covered my mouth and led me behind a tree. There, she let me go.

“I’m sorry... But there’s no way anyone would know what I intend to do up there. I’m sorry to drag you into this too.” she said, almost apologetic.

“You think? Which part of us dating makes any sense to you? Even Mr. Onigura barely believes you.”

“I know it’s odd, but that’s the best excuse I could come with. I hope you could play along.” Chigusa replied with a smile. Well, for what its worth – she does have a beautiful smile. It wasn’t so bad to be pair with a beauty like her. Afterall, she might not realize this, but we do have a lot in common.

We’re both smart (she’s sometimes a few rank above me, but other times I was above hers), likes to read at the library (I do too), and didn’t have a lot of friends. Not sure why, but all the girls seems to avoid Chigusa for some reason. Perhaps, deep down inside - Chigusa is an anti-social like me, you know?

“What were you thinking?” she suddenly poke my cheek. I immediately blushes.

“No... nothing. Your action just took me by surprise, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry, Miyamura. We weren’t actually dating. I’m just using that as an excuse to save both of us.”

“I know. Eh, did just called me ‘Miyamura’? just now?”

“Yes. That’s your name right? Cho Miyamura?”

“Ehhh, you know my name?”

“Of course! We’re classmate, aren’t we? You are the guy who always two ranks above or below me. Of course I remember you.”



“Never mind. Forget it.”

“I know what you wanna ask, but can you pretend that it didn’t happen? I already regret it.”

“But, are you okay though? You don't feel like... you know - going up there again?”

“Yes, don’t worry about me.”

“I can’t not worry about you.”

“Why is that?”

“Because... we’re classmate, aren’t we?”

“You’re right.” She replied and look at her feet. I wasn’t quite sure what to say either. We look around us awkwardly. After a while, I decided to break the silence between us.

“So, what now?” I asked. Chigusa shrugs.

“Let see... There still detention thing that Mr. Onigura gonna set up for us. For now, let’s worry about that first.” she said with a smile. I watches her forcing a smile and think there's something she's not telling me. It's okay if Chigusa didn't want to be honest. The fact that she's not avoiding me like most other girls does is already blessing enough. 

Perhaps, a detention wasn't such a bad idea after all. 

- End of Chapter 1 -

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