Chapter 4:

Napoleon's Little Red Man

Pandora's Box

I had returned home and locked myself in my room. There was no going back now, I already consulted with the school's faculty office and filed all the paperwork to officially begin my campaign.

I didn't even know where I should begin. President is the only elected position on the student council, all other positions are by appointment. As secretary, I never actually had to run a campaign before.

President Sato on the other hand already had experience running. Last year she ran as a freshman and absolutely decimated the senior who was running for reelection. For an underclassmen, she was incredibly charismatic and managed to sway the vast majority of students. I even voted for her myself.

I sat back in my desk chair.

"I guess I'll print some flyers and post them around the school or... Um... Who am I kidding, I'm completely in over my head."

I was already losing confidence in myself and my campaign only just launched less than two hours ago.

*Click* *Click*

I could have sworn the ballpoint that was laying on my desk had just clicked itself open.

Suddenly there was a peculiar draft in the room, despite my window being closed

"Huh, maybe it's a ghost."

I laughed to myself.

"I hope you're not giving up already."

I jumped a bit. The voice that was speaking was one that I didn't recognize. It seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Uh... Is someone there?"

It was quiet for a moment. There was no response. I wondered maybe if I just imagined it. But then suddenly,

"Ha ha, you're a funny guy Kuro, you know that?"

I flung myself out of my chair and ran across the room.

"What the *BLEEP*!"

Sitting on my desk was a little red devil man with charcoal black hair, who was probably about two feet tall. He wore a little black coat with white fur lining the collar and sleeves and sticking out of his tiny black pants was a pointy tail.

"Woah, watch the language. This is supposed to be a family friendly story."

"Get away!"

I started grabbing books and video game cases from my shelf and whipping them at the devil man out of fear.

"Calm down man. I just want to talk."

"What the heck are you and how do you know my name!?"

"I've been called many things over the centuries by every culture around the world, but to make things simple let's just say I'm a devil and my name is Red. You sparked my interest, Kuro. It's been a while since I've been to the human world and I thought it might be entertaining to see how things play out for you."

I calmed down for a moment.

"Oh, I get it. You're here to give me a magic notebook that kills anyone who's name I write in it or something along those lines."

He laughed.

"No, not even close. This is real life, not some kind of manga, but I did reveal myself to offer you my assistance."

"Assistance with what?"

"Your little student council election of course. I know how badly you want to show up that arrogant brown haired girl."

I cautiously went back over to my desk. What he was saying caught my attention.

"Are you saying you can make sure I win?"

"No, not at all. I don't have the power to see nor alter the future, but what I can do is be an advisor to you and guide you towards victory."

"Eh... If you can't guarantee that I win I don't see any benefit in this."

"Wait a second before you jump to any conclusions. Do you want to know who the last human I advised was?"

"Sure, I guess so."

"Napoleon Bonaparte."

"You mean the emperor of France!"

"Yes and he would have probably conquered the world if he didn't get full of himself and stop taking my advice. I was the one who told him not to attack Russia in the winter, but he did it anyway."

"So, are you saying I'm destined to take over the world?"

"Ha, you must watch too much anime or something. Of course not, I'm just here to help you win a school election, that's all."

"I will admit this offer is pretty tempting, but I'm guessing there's something you're going to want out of this."

"I'm glad you asked! You see Kuro, my pal, I have a dream. You know what that dream is?"

"To change the world..."

He smirked at me.

"No, not even close. I want to be a manga artist."

"But what does that have to do with me?"

"I need inspiration and I personally think the little predicament you've gotten yourself in will make a good story."

"So you want to make a manga about me?"

"Yes exactly."

"But I'm assuming I'm the only one who can see and hear you. How are you going to publish a book?"

"You're right about only you being able to see and hear me. The other stuff, don't sweat the details, I have my sources."

"But still, it feels like there should be more of a catch."

"I was just about to get to that. There is one single stipulation to this deal. Like any story there has to be a satisfying ending, so I've decided you have to get a girlfriend by the end of this election.”

"What happens if I can't?"

"You'll spontaneously combust in front of everyone at your school."

"I think I can manage to find at least one girl that likes me."

What he doesn't realize is that I'm already one step ahead of him. I can easily get that crazy girl Kanna to go out wit-

"I know right now you're thinking how you can just pretend to date that art girl who's obsessed with you, but that's not going to work. It can't be a one sided romance, it has to be mutual."

Darn he's good! Still at this point what do I have to lose? Worst that happens is I go out in a blaze of glory.

"You got yourself a deal, Red... So do we like shake hands or something to seal this deal?"

"I guess if you want. When I made a deal with Napoleon we shook hands inside one the great pyramids... but I guess your room is alright too."

"I mean, if you want we can go to a park or something."

"No it's fine, let's just shake already."

At that moment we shook hands, signifying our deal.

"You know this is kind of like that manga Dea-"

Red cut me off.

"Stop trying to reference that particular manga! We don't need a copyright claim filed against us."

"Oh... Sorry about that."

I was suddenly feeling very confident. Sato Shiina may have a lot going for her, but I have something she doesn't... A deal with the devil.

I started laughing maniacally.


Red also joined in.


I couldn't help but keep going. I felt completely invincible!


"SHUT UP! I'm trying to study!" My sister said, banging on my door.

"Oh, sorry."

I brought my volume down to a whisper.

"So what do we do first?"

"For now just go about as usual, I'll let you know soon enough."

Red smiled with a devilish grin.

Taylor J