Chapter 4:

So I Demanded a Reward

Cursed Lines

This chapter is from Konya's POV.

I didn't really like getting involved in other people's lives, much less helping them selflessly. I was still losing out on this, because it gave them an aura of happiness around them that I did not enjoy being in. Definitely, I should tell myself, "No Konya, don't interfere". But I recognized the stupid bespectacled one I had recently saved from smashing his head, and I felt sorry for him.

I walked over to the fools who were beating him and took a few seconds to assess their weakness. One of them had a sprained ankle, so I kicked him hard enough to knock him over.

"You guys are so bad at getting girlfriends that you're grouping up with a high school girl from abroad," I said, trying to decide who I should corner now.

They tried to attack me, but I dodged and hit another one in the weak spot, and also threw some hurtful words. It worked exceptionally well, because that day I had already met the quota, so I didn't even have to make an effort.

It's been over a week since that event and I still haven't received any thanks, which I thought I deserved. Furthermore, I was sure the bespectacled one knew who I was, so to make things easier for him, I checked what class he was in and walked past often. I even sent my fan circle back thinking it was a problem, but I still haven't received it.

Sometimes I watched him, wondering if he'd fall again, and he'd probably look better if he wasn't so pale and grimacing in pain. I wouldn't call him cute, but he intrigued me. Besides, he seemed oddly familiar, even for someone from school. Looking at him, I saw that he had other weaknesses than I expected. He often wandered off somewhere in his mind and tried to control his unruly black hair.

I thought about giving him another week and then directly demanding something in return for my help. After all, I wouldn't risk myself for nothing, I had to get something out of it. For such a long wait, it should be something big. I happened to be walking past the art room, remembering that I was supposed to ask them to lend me something. I wasn't sure if anyone was inside, but decided to try my luck since I could sort it out right away.

Apparently, fate told me that I should complete my plan a bit faster, because when I moved the door, the head of the bespectacled leaned out from behind the easel. When he recognized me, he immediately hid back, hoping that I would leave, but I had no intention of doing so. I stepped inside, looking around and glad no one else was there. Luck was on my side, and I couldn't stop smirking.

"I was wondering," I began, trying to get his attention. "I need a small brush for a project, do you have any to spare that I wouldn't have to give back to you later?"

Surprisingly, he immediately got up and went to one of the cupboards, from which he took out a jar and placed it on an empty table.

"Take one you want," he muttered, and went back to his interrupted work, letting me know that after that I should disappear.

Of course, I gave myself a long time to look at each of the potential tools. The four eyes glanced occasionally to make sure I was still here, sighing heavily as I did so. He paused for a drink, and that's when my nostrils were hit by that unmistakable smell. I would have recognized it anywhere and laughed to myself, now it was getting interesting. I went over to see what he was working on, I wasn't expecting a realistic image of a bird of prey attacking some other small, defenceless one. On the chair next to it was a tablet with reference photos and a phone with headphones with a podcast on hold.

"That's pretty drastic," I commented, and moved even closer to put more pressure on him.

He looked at me angrily, pressing his lips into a thin line. He clearly wasn't in the mood that day. I took the opportunity to see that his eyes were olive, but his pupils still hadn't formed properly.

"I will not lie, you keep me waiting a long time for thanks," I announced in a serious tone. "I've already helped you twice, I don't think you're going to leave it like that."

"I've been gathering strength to face your teasing," he replied reluctantly, fiddling with the brush in his hands.

"I'm not that scary."

"You said I was pathetic. I'm all too aware of that."

"It might have slipped," I admitted innocently, remembering some details.

The bespectacled one suddenly stood up and bowed, offering his thanks. When he straightened up, his look said only 'happy?', I tapped him on the head with a brush, he was not much shorter than me.

"It's not enough, I'm asking for more for my help," I muttered.

"What do you want?"

"I want cheesecake." I smiled innocently, harassing people was too much of a job.

"Will you get a cake tomorrow and we'll be even?"

"Yes, but it has to be homemade, not bought, even in the best bakery." I gave him my terms, which only caused another sigh.

He took off his glasses and wiped them with the corner of his apron, and I watched him curiously, waiting for confirmation that I would receive my thank-you gift. In the meantime, I grabbed his phone, put my number in it and called myself.

"Sugiyama Kiyoshi," I said aloud, typing in my contact details, I did my homework, I found out his name earlier. "Just in case I have any other remarks about the cake. Thanks for the brush," I added in farewell, happy with what I managed to achieve.

A few steps from the room, I bumped into the girl who was with him at the time, I had to hold her down, so I saw something interesting in her eyes. I laughed to myself, it got even more interesting. She looked at me and pulled away immediately, adopting a defensive posture.

“Where are you in such a hurry? Is one little Cupid looking for another? Or maybe you are looking for your other half that you will never find?" I smiled as I watched her reaction, the last remark stinging.

"Just leave us alone," she pleaded, trying not to sound too soft but firm enough.

"I'm not going to," I replied. "At least it's going to get interesting."

"We don't want to fight."

"What a pity, because I'm declaring war on you," I laughed. "I'm counting on having a good time, I don't even mind if it's two of you against one of me." I started walking my way. "You'd better bring your little brother in on the subject, because you'll never catch up."

As I walked away, I could feel her furious gaze on me, and the hatred she already felt for me was almost tangible in the air. I pulled a keychain with a small measuring device out of my pocket and glanced at the display. I forgot that Cupids' negative feelings are worth so much more. I turned around and show the girl to smile, pointing to the object I was holding.