Chapter 45:

CH 45: Plusle and Minun

I was Born the Unloved Twin

I'm very used to this sight. Bookmark here

The room is stale and far too warm as we walk in from the hallway. Bookmark here

At the side of mother's bed is a large bassinet, not dissimilar to a low crib. It reeks of medicinal herbs made stronger by the heat. It's unnaturally warm with no windows are open for fear of a chill affecting the delicate little creature inside.Bookmark here

It's a pathetic sight. An infant girl lies there huffing and puffing through an uneasy sleep, red all over and very visibly suffering. Occasionally she lets out a low squeak of pain or weak strain breathing.Bookmark here

If I wasn't used to such a sight from the last life I might honestly think she was actually dying.Bookmark here

Poor Lilyanne, lying there in a fit of a fever. Even though she has a long line of servants to wait on her hand and foot, has mother and father's never ending love, she can't enjoy it through the fog of physical pain. Bookmark here

Honestly, because I'm so used to the sight, seeing it for years as Rosalia, it doesn't affect me much. Sorry, does that make me a bad person? At most I feel sorry for her because of her age, it must hurt a lot right? Just because I know she'll be fine doesn't mean she's actually ok. Bookmark here

As a physically healthy person, I can't judge. As cursed as my fate is in this life, if there was one thing the Gods or whatever gave Rosalia it was a healthy body. This is the ironic trade-off between us sisters and our lives.Bookmark here

I wonder how times people wished it was the reverse? Meh old news, had nothing to do with me.Bookmark here

With a prompt order from mother the maids shuffle out in a line, head bowed, not a single one out of place. Full obedience.Bookmark here

Mother's maids are really a different level. Bookmark here

When they bow to my parents I realize that they don't even knowledge Gable. I don't think anyone besides my parents have...he must have made himself selectively invisible. Were the servants just watching my parents speak to thin air like crazy people this whole time? Bookmark here

The door almost closes when it's stopped by a familiar muscular frame. Grampa enters, alone this time with a nod towards Gable. He locks the door with a smack and it resonates around the room in a way that can't be natural. Sparks of green lightening confirm that thought but Grampa stands by the door, steady as an imperial guard. Bookmark here

"I need to be clear now, that everything you see and hear shortly will stay between us. It is of utmost importance that this stays quiet. For everyone's safety, but especially the children. "Bookmark here

Mother clenches even tighter against father's side, near melting into him and where he holds me in the crook of his other arm. It's too warm to be comfortable but they stay in this position even while vocally agreeing.Bookmark here

"Yes of course, of course Gable. Papa."Bookmark here

"I swear, anything for my family."Bookmark here

"Hmm"Bookmark here

Gable stares past us and I know it's grampa staring back. It's as if they're conversing without any words, a language of their own, and it's honestly very unnerving. As if this awkward tension wasn't bad enough. Bookmark here

"I must ask you all again, does this happen often and had the child's symptoms ever been so severe?"Bookmark here

"Yes! My Lilyanne has always been weak since birth! We were warned from the start that she might not make it long, I fear for her each day that passes."Bookmark here

Father both hush and comforts mother at once, shushing her back to some semblance of sanity before taking over. I can feel myself rock in tandem with his soothing gestures.Bookmark here

"Indeed the clergy invited from the church warned off of such things, but I saw no real reason to fear. Not after the first few days that is. Lilyanne does indeed prone to bouts and sickness but no more serious than many children."Bookmark here

"Dear, how could you say that?!"Bookmark here

"Ssshhh Maria, I must speak as I see it. Lilyanne is small but no smaller than the average child her age. She's weak but not in a life threatening manner like we so feared at first. Certainly, in comparison to Rosalia she seems overly sickly, but to another child? It's not uncommon."Bookmark here

What a surprise! I had no idea father analyzed to this point. Though he's not as viably emotional or fussy as mother I always thought they were more along the same mindset.Bookmark here

Did he think this way last time too? Bookmark here

"What do you think Rosalia?" prompts Gable. Bookmark here

He looks at me sincerely, speaking to me as respectful as any adult. Though he does treat me like a small child most of the time he's never doubted my mind. Such a thing makes me oddly eager to please.Bookmark here

But what to say? In the past life Lilyanne was always bursting in fevers and taking ill. If it was before I would certainly say so along the same lines as mother. But isn't that just blindly repeating mother?Bookmark here

But about the Lilyanne of the present? Bookmark here

"I think.... I think Father's right. Most of the time she gets sick she bounces right back! It's never...serious. She's always ok soon after a nap."Bookmark here

This is not an exact repeat of the last life, I've been slow to realize that but I'm the one most making sure we're not repeating things. She's significantly healthier this time around. I'm not sure what's really changed but something definitely did this time around.Bookmark here

"Maria, you're the most concerned one, is this true."Bookmark here

"I...I suppose but, she's always been so frail and gets ill so often. She should be burning up so much in the first place. "Bookmark here

"And do you remember the bouts of illness you would get as a little girl? Does it feel familiar?" Bookmark here

"I...I don't recall so clearly...papa?"Bookmark here

She turns as much as she can in father's hold, a teary look back towards grampa standing tall at the door. He smiles at her tenderly, soft in the way I've seen him look at Lilyanne, the other Lilyanne. Bookmark here

"You grew out of them love, as soon as you were old enough to hold a sword they stopped. Haha, I admit that took a lot longer than the girls now."Bookmark here

"Is that so Papa..."Bookmark here

Gable interrupts again, temporarily clearing the strange mood mother is in.Bookmark here

"Rosalia, it's been a long time since you last have seen each other, would you like to sit and comfort your sister?"Bookmark here

It's phrased as a question but I get the feeling it's not, especially since Gable's already outstretched his hands to take me from my father. He's also sharply suspicious, still to save the mood I nod and comply.Bookmark here

"But am I allowed to?"Bookmark here

I recall how they isolated us back then. Lilyanne needed her space to rest and it would do no good for the both of us to be sick. I had so many lessons to attend to after all.Bookmark here

"Yes, it's not contagious. I'm sure of it," assured Gable.Bookmark here

The heat radiating from Lilyanne is much more uncomfortable than being cradled like a baby into anyone's arms. The sheets are a tad damp from her sweat and whatever fluids I don't want to think about. I'm more than certain she cries in her sleep, which I know from experience of course. Bookmark here

Her forehead is as hot as it looks, and her whimpering lulls at the touch of my hand. At the temperature she's at it might as well be fresh snow, can we wet a cloth or something to cool her down?Bookmark here

But father continues with his observations before I can ask. Bookmark here

"Typically her fevers, if it gets to that point. are short. Taking no more than a few hours and nothing but a full night of rest couldn't solve. The longest she has ever been continuously sick has been three days at most and that was only once before. While it hurts my heart as a parent to see her suffer contentiously, for this child to have a fever here and there is nothing new."Bookmark here

"Darling...."Bookmark here

"This...whatever she has now is actually serious. It's been going on for over a week, far longer than usual. We don't know how much further it can hold, it as if we're back to when she was just born. I beg of you, whatever it is if it can help our little girl, please. Please let us try."Bookmark here

"Over a week, would you say it began while you were traveling back?"Bookmark here

"Yes, we rushed home as soon as possible using magical aids but she progressively got worse and worse over time. "Bookmark here

"Oh, we should have never taken that trip!not when she's so small. I should have stayed and kept us behind, it's all my fault"Bookmark here

"Maria my love no, no it's mine. I should have done better and gone alone. "Bookmark here

"Of course not my darling Frederick, it's me wo-"Bookmark here

Blah Blah Blah there they go again. Bookmark here

Oi stupid couple, we're still here. Stop going off in your own world. Shut up and let Gable explain things already. Hey rather than say I was neglected because of the attention on Lilyanne, would it be safer to say they forgot about me due to each other?Bookmark here

Father stupidly waits upon mother at all times, mother frets over Lilyanne, Lilyanne being near always sick and need fretting on, huh that all kind of makes sense.Bookmark here

"That's quite enough the both of you! It's no one's fault but Ronald's."Bookmark here

Huh.? What the hell?Bookmark here

Well that shocked everyone silent, the world's grossest couple included. Like a bad comedy, all eyes go to grampa, who only scratches his cheek in a way that says he's not too bothered. Oi guilty party, what's with this dragged out silence? We want some answers here!Bookmark here

*sigh* "The clergymen weren't wrong. it's a miracle your youngest has survived. This much pure mana output would have killed a grown adult, magically enhanced or not, many times over. It's too much, too concentrated for any one vessel let alone a newborn baby. Blame Ronald's freakish genetics."Bookmark here

Again, what?! What's with this revelation?Bookmark here

Except for Grampa and the unconscious Lilyanne, the Ventrella family must have the same empty shocked faces. Bookmark here

"As a mere child, she's nowhere near a large or strong enough vessel for the source of pure mana her body is creating. Being a pure non-elemental type, she has no natural outlet for the mana, to escape nor can she control it yet, this causes it to pool and overflow, often resulting in fevers."Bookmark here

"Such a thing, does this also explain my own childhood sickness?"Bookmark here

"To some extent yes, it's normal for blessed children to struggle with controlling their gifts in the early years. Generally, they either perish too soon or have a body capable of storing and using their gifts , as you did when you started to grow up."Bookmark here

Mother would have bitten through her lip had father not stopped her.Bookmark here

"The power of the Dawn then," he whispers.Bookmark here

"Her gift is too strong." Gable agrees, nodding solemnly.Bookmark here

"But that's not papa's fault, it's...this is too cruel. Oh the goddess, this is too cruel." mother sobs.Bookmark here

Tense moment but hey spoiler alert: Lilyanne lives. Bookmark here

Girl gets her cake and gets to eat it too. She'll live and grow up to be very blessed. Her excessive power pool is a good thing once she figures out how to use it. I don't see how cruel the Goddess supposedly is towards Lilyanne. I mean sure these fevers hurt now but she's going to be fiiiiine, trust me. Bookmark here

But I'm the only one who knows these spoilers.Bookmark here

"Ronald, hand me one."Bookmark here

A rough plain uncut stone flies through the air, no larger than a softball. It looks different than the one Lukas used to make the world snow but I have a feeling it serves a similar purpose.Bookmark here

"Even without a strong enough pool, the body can typically outlet the mana back into nature and the elements around it. More often then not people struggle to close these channels to hoard these pools. Lilyanne, however, does not have these natural channels."Bookmark here

He presents the stone to my parents, who are still attached from hip to chest as if it were a delicate treasure rather than the ugly rock it is.Bookmark here

"This material is unknown but it is the only substance that can naturally siphon pure magical mana."Bookmark here

"Then we must use it right away!"Bookmark here

"No my Buttercup, Save this for a day when the child needs it most. Today is not that day."Bookmark here

"She's going through such a fever! How could she not need it yet?!"Bookmark here

"You mean it can get worse." Bookmark here

Father reasons, struggling to keep an anxious mother still. With his free hand, he gently accepts the rock and hands it over to mother, as if asking her to safe keep their daughter's life saving treasure. Bookmark here

"Yes, it can always get worse. Besides, didn't I say by normal means your child should have perished by now. Why do you think that hasn't happened yet?"Bookmark here

Everyone turns to look back at the still unconscious Lilyanne. While she's still flushed, her breathing seemed to have evened out and her sleep a lot less restless. Bookmark here

Actually I don't think they're staring at her so much as they're staring at me. What the hell did I do now? Gable, a little clarification here, please?Bookmark here

But it's grampa who speaks up from across the room, that tone of voice running shivers through me.Bookmark here

"What the Goddess gives, can just as easily be taken away. "Bookmark here

"...Papa?"Bookmark here

"It's my fault Maria, Frederick. If I hadn't taken Rosalia away for so long then Lilyanne would haven't gotten to this state. I make no excuses for myself. "Bookmark here

Guilty, honest sincere guilt, is not a good look on him. As ridiculous and insane as this man is, I think I prefer to see him with the usual carefree air over this. But the more pressing question is, what does this have to do with me?Bookmark here

Is this the power I've been dreaming of for two lifetimes?Bookmark here

"Well, what's done is done. It was a rather conclusive experiment. Treat it as a bad cold and give the child plenty of rest but keep the girls together. They don't need to be directly touching though that may be of help if the distance is a thing." Bookmark here

Gable waves off. in the same way, he brushed off Yuna's venomous bite. As if Lilyanne's life defining illness that made her the pitiful maiden she is, really was nothing more than a bad cold, and I'm the common antibiotics. No biggie....Bookmark here

Yes biggie!!!Bookmark here

Hey, your explanation sucked! What going on? Tell me my long awaited cheat power!Bookmark here

Ah did I scream that out loud? Whoops.Bookmark here

But the mood lifts and clears like a rainstorm has just passed, grampa's laughter the lingering thunder rumbling. Bookmark here

"Haha ah we're not too sure about that yet either! Right Gable!."Bookmark here

"Indeed, more observation has to be made to be certain. But rather than a 'power', it may be more accurate to say it's a lack of one. A negative if you will."Bookmark here

"...So I don't get to wield any magical powers?"Bookmark here

"No, that's directly opposite to how your supposed element would work."Bookmark here

"Any enhancements? Cool passive abilities? Anything?"Bookmark here

"Well, you can offset your sister's output for one...."Bookmark here

Grampa's interrupting voice booms out again, sic kingly nice and overly cheerful.Bookmark here

"That means NOPE!"Bookmark here

The tiny blooming hope that cracked through in my heart has been crash-landed and burned with a falling asteroid. It is now a sad sad murder scene, Top 10 saddest anime deaths should consider me on the list. Here lies Rosalia's hope and dreams. Bookmark here

"Rosalia dear, your face." Bookmark here

My father reminds me, already half recovered from his shock. Ah, what sort of funny expressions did I do now? I'm allowed to go through all my stages of grief here okay, I was misled!Bookmark here

"Oh no Rosa, you're crying. My baby no, does it hurt somewhere? Is it the mana flow?! Papa! Gable dear fix it!"Bookmark here

Mother rushes up wipe my face that is indeed showing how I can't control this body's tear ducts. Yes of course my pride hurts, I wanted magic too! Bookmark here

"Well, I don't know if it will help but there is one more thing I'd like to try confirming today. Ronald."Bookmark here

"Yes dear"Bookmark here

"...."Bookmark here

Gable rolls his eyes before three other similarly sized rocks fly over. They're all rough and unpolished but it's clear they're different colors and most likely different minerals. One of them looks exactly like a small version of the ice rock from earlier. Bookmark here

"These are different elemental stones. Naturally, Lilyanne's pure mana can't runoff back into nature, however with Rosalia's effect..." Bookmark here

The rocks gently plop down between my sister and I, Upon contact, they light up immediately. Just a zap and glow, like someone plugged the lights in. Bookmark here

"Together, the output into the air is compatible with anything. "Bookmark here

Gable lets out a very out of place grin, one of a satisfied mad scientist. It matches grampa's crazy one too eerily well. Bookmark here

Does this make me, well us, essentially a human battery? Ahh I think it does, what a sick joke .Bookmark here

Wait a damn minute!Bookmark here

Living battery + positive and negative traits + twins + cute and tiny = _______Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Are we fucking Pokemon?!!! Oh my god we're the little red and blue pikachu rip offs! I don't even get to be one of the cool Pokemon, I'm a support type! God I don't even get to evolve! This is an even sicker joke! WTF!!!Bookmark here

Seriously, what sort of cheap rip off power is this?!Bookmark here

...At least I'm cute.Bookmark here

-----Bookmark here

________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Author: *throws next chapter out there*Bookmark here

Pokemon funfacts: Plusle and Minun have almost identical move sets. Plusle is a bit more attack stacked while Minun more defense.Bookmark here

However, a Plusle can learn/use Last Resort. On the other hand Minun can learn Charm and Trump Card.Bookmark here

Does this mean anything in this story? Who knows? Certainly not me, the author!Bookmark here

Also in most games, the description of Plusle has it draining telephone poles for power. There are no telephone poles for Lilyanne to drain right?Bookmark here

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