Chapter 47:

CH 47: A special request?

I was Born the Unloved Twin

We have run out of things to charge in the house. I have no idea how much stuff passed through our hands, okay mostly mine, but it was a lot.Bookmark here

Lilyanne and I have to stay together in order to light up any of such stones. Either one of us can do the charge but in order for us to work, we have to be with a close enough range to one another. While I've gone through quite a good number of experimental charges for Gable, Lilyanne was sleeping away her illness. When she finally awoke, it was back in a state of good health! But it was a little more troublesome to explain to her.Bookmark here

Good thing my sister is a very obedient young child and easily does as I say. I tried to make simple explanations for her but she doesn't quite get it. Mor does she really have to I suppose? Do the concept and basic understanding of electricity even exist here?Bookmark here

She does get that sometimes she has to hold her big sister's hand and push the 'funny thing' out. She can even feel that 'funny thing' fill up into a rock or object of choice. It must be the magical mana she's feeling. So lucky!Bookmark here

She just can't feel when to stop, guess that's my job.Bookmark here

So it's seemed we've powered all rocks that have been supposedly hidden and stored around our house including the jewelry items and or guards' weapons. All for free of charge!Bookmark here

Hey father, I know we saved money from this.Bookmark here

Hey hey, where's my monetary compensation? When do I start getting an allowance anyways?Bookmark here

I don't ever recall ever getting an official allowance the last time. Honestly, I had no need for physical money, especially after my debut into the social world. If I ever wanted anything all I had to do was demand it. No matter the cost, if I wanted it, then I got it, as long as it was purchasable. Allowance? My money purse was seemingly bottomless. The other Rosalia who spent money as if it was nothing but water really hurts my liver.Bookmark here

As the sort of person who hunts down supermarket sales and never buys nonnecessities without a discount, such a thought really makes me want to spit out blood. Damn rich people!Bookmark here

There are no such things as a sale in this world, nor do I need it because I'm one of those damn rich people now. But I can't, I really can't convert to such a wasteful lifestyle. More importantly, I still need to stockpile money for my future.Bookmark here

Who knows what may come? Money is my only true companion and safety net in this life. I'm not just being cheap every time I demand monetary compensation. I need my own capital here.Bookmark here

But no one is trusting a toddler with cold hard cash, or well coins, just yet.Bookmark here

How disappointingBookmark here

Well, I always knew there was a lot of work to be done still. No need to be down this early on. There are other things to do besides dreaming of collecting money.Bookmark here

Since the matters in the kitchen have been mostly caught up on I can breathe a bit easier.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, there is nothing Gable can teach or currently leave me to increase the speed of curing, it's just not possible given my skills or lack of magical items. I knew such a cheat thing was too good to be true, to good to be mine.Bookmark here

I only have the average person's luck, not the protagonist's golden halo.Bookmark here

Gable will still gladly help me out while he's here though, as thanks for making the herbal soaps for him. I quickly had more batches made after receiving such news. He's only here for so long, I need as much soap ready for his speed spells, not just the ones already made. Time is money!Bookmark here

Oh and 'sodas' too! Gather those krackle berries people! You all get your next recipe after we finish!Bookmark here

Abigail's extra effort in gather supplies will not be taken in vain and the rest was easy enough to procure with my family connections.Bookmark here

Mass ingredients form last time, excluding bovine milk, were local and easy to procure in this land. I selected them accordingly after all.Bookmark here

There are no perfumeries around here though so it's just fresh local farmed and wildflowers which we will have to distill and process ourselves. If anything we can dry a few to include as decorations.Bookmark here

This time we have a lot of wild climbing roses, which range from pure white to half pink, and wild orchids. Sunflowers are beginning to bloom too but the oil hasn't been processed or collected yet. Requests for farmers and millers to start on that has been sent on my behalf.Bookmark here

The blooms I'm most excited to work with is the plentiful amount of red poppies we've gathered! Contrary to my namesake, roses bore me. Seriously, it's so generic, people ought to put in more creativity than just roses, roses, and more roses. They're not bad, just overrated.Bookmark here

I want to work with all sorts of things and ingredients. Poppies blossoms are very pretty but they aren't as versatile to work with.Bookmark here

Worry not because I'm mainly interested in the seeds, yes poppy seed!Bookmark here

These poppy seeds are most similar to the common dark grey edible kind that I'm used to. No drugged effects here! Shame about the lack of medicinal potential but these seeds should still be very nutritious!Bookmark here

High in fiber and full of other good things.Bookmark here

I am also excited to make some treats with these things. Lemon poppy seed cake here I come!Bookmark here

Honestly, I'm more excited to eat the seeds than I am to make them into skincare and soap. They taste so good toasted into bread and bagels. Though we don't have bagels here it can still be very yummy. MMmmmm.Bookmark here

Wait why don't we have bagels? I can make bagels?!Bookmark here

It's not that I just want to eat them, this works for both business and pleasure! They do make for an excellent exfoliator in skincare, Or you can grind them up and use the paste against inflammation and for moisturizing.Bookmark here

Wait, if I make both lemon poppy seed cake and soap will people get confused and try eating the soap? I'm worried, I've seen modern people from the other world accidentally eat soap all the time...Well that will just have to be a risk we shall have to take.Bookmark here

Okay everyone, gather all the supplies, gear up the safety equipment and commence for Rosalia's Skin-lab round #2!Bookmark here

-----Bookmark here

Success!Bookmark here

This time went much smoother and easier than the first time we tried creating soap at the capital. Experience is the best teacher!Bookmark here

With Gable's magical help everything looks as if they've been cured for many months. Even the long wait time milk-based ones!Bookmark here

They're essentially ready to go, though I do need to figure out how to keep bubbles from forming or the colors from gelling. Not cosmetically appealing enough to be market ready just yet, not if I'm aiming to sell these things for an absurd amount to some other damn rich people.Bookmark here

Oh well, it's a work in progress.Bookmark here

I'm so happy at the sped up results, I even used some of my precious poppy seeds reserved for eating into a curd paste cream for George! Here here my little acne-prone test subject, I have more good things for you!Bookmark here

There's so much soap made that, of course, everyone who was involved, aka slave labored by me, gets some as a reward. I'm not dumb enough to not leave some reward and incentive to my employees. Stick and carrot, or something like that.Bookmark here

A good portion of it will go just to the official household use. They're not up to standards to sell yet but it's fine to use at home. The kitchen and the stables need them the most as well as the washing staff. Everyone would more than appreciate these additions.Bookmark here

There's still so much left over though and I already have supplies coming in for round 3. What to do...Bookmark here

So I asked to see if I could hit 3 birds with one stone. To the training camps!Bookmark here

"Grampa, could Lilyanne and I go to the Garrison with you?"Bookmark here

"What's that Rosa, do you miss seeing your grampa that much?!"Bookmark here

"Just Gable."Bookmark here

"Oh...well that's fair."Bookmark here

Even if grampa is gone and running around doing who knows what for Gable, he still tries to make dinners with us at the mansion, if not then breakfast. While I knew I could probably get such a request approved easily I still buttered him up with some good food at dinner, mmm poppy seed onion bread was also a success. I should inquire about layering it baked with cheese though. The bread yeast research is getting there.Bookmark here

"But Gable visits you two at home too, why do you want to go hmmmm?" hums grampa in an exaggerated manner. But then again all of him is really rather exaggerated.Bookmark here

"You're still testing out our powers right, or well Lilyanne's power. I know you have a lot more stuff that can be charged at the camp, it would be easier to just take us there and let Lilyanne go wild."Bookmark here

It's reasonable enough request that benefits everyone, but grampa and his troops even more so. I know they're worried about Lilyanne's condition but Gable is a curious man, how far can she go? What is her power limit and how does it work?Bookmark here

"We'll see how your sister feels in the morning. But I think it should be A-ok."Bookmark here

"Thank you grampa."Bookmark here

"But you have to be the one to tell your mother."Bookmark here

"Ack! Gramps, wait no."Bookmark here

I don't feel anything from the charges, I'm not the power source here. I figure at most I'm the converter that gets whatever's going on in Lilyanne into a useable state for them to use. Thus I feel no side effects. It's Lilyanne everyone has to consider.Bookmark here

But the next morning she's in fine health and I had a whole evening to pack and prepare. A little wobbly from near two weeks of fever and bed rest but giddy to be up and going out.Bookmark here

"Field twip field twip!"Bookmark here

"Right Lily, we're going on a field trip!Bookmark here

"We go wit gwamp!"Bookmark here

"Yes, grampa is taking us so we're nice and safe. Say thank you to mother for letting us go."Bookmark here

"Yay grampy! Go now?!"Bookmark here

"Lilyanne, say bye-bye and thank you to 'mama'"Bookmark here

"Mama! Mama tank youuuu! Mama I wuv you!"Bookmark here

Against Lilyane's innocent unbridled joy and my very reasonable explanations, mother caves and allows for us to go. Honestly, she should just get used to it seeing as how I plan on coming and going from there quite a lot.Bookmark here

I should do something to improve the travel in between though. Grampa's not always here and I'm not allowed to horseback ride on my own yet, still being far too small. But carriage rides are inconvenient and makes me sick while the early morning shipments are too early for me to wake up. Better roads? A shuttle wagon schedule?Bookmark here

I mull over it on the hour ride over, forcefully settling myself between grampa and his steed. I don't care if he makes fun of me endlessly for being needy. No motion sick carriages for me, not if I can help it.Bookmark here

Behind the first gate, Uncle Geoff waits for us, as reliable as ever.Bookmark here

"Good morning Uncle Geoff, Lillyane say hello."Bookmark here

"Hewo!"Bookmark here

"My it feels like it's been so long since I last saw you girls, you've gotten so big. And Rosalia what a dashing little hair cut you have now."Bookmark here

Now this is a genuine well-spoken gentleman! Ah, more men need to take a note from you uncle Geoff.Bookmark here

While he leads us to where Gable has set up his temporary lab office I can't help but say hello or talk a bit to the familiar faces we passed by. I even see the grumpy cat - uh I mean Yuna has survived his odd butterfly bite with no side effects. Except maybe complaints, which is understandable. I'd be too if a butterfly vampire bit me out of commission like a bad drunk.Bookmark here

Along the way, I note for people to send Tamera or Vincent my way if they run into them.Bookmark here

Until then we head down, unsurprisingly, underground. Gable sure likes to burrow himself hidden huh, but I also think that if there were power stones running this place they would be hidden where no one could see.Bookmark here

Since uncle Geoff is guiding us down with grampa, it's safe to say he's in on this too. Nice to count another safe person.Bookmark here

In a deep basement chamber that was surprisingly easy to access, stood Gable with levitating notes ready to be scribbled. Even more shocking was how large and wide the chamber was. The only thing was that there were no rocks like I was expecting.Bookmark here

"Oh it's here Rosalia, can't you see them?"Bookmark here

No, I really can't. It's just a large empty hallway, supported with many tall stone columns, Which on closer inspection seem to be made of different materials. Oh I see! It's like someone mined a mountain and built this.Bookmark here

"The columns! They've been built into the support beams and foundations!"Bookmark here

"Good job, ingenious isn't it? But terribly impossible to move. They're all interconnected and hold incomparably more than power stones we've been working with before. Don't worry about exploding these, I expect you'll reach your limits here."Bookmark here

He was right.Bookmark here

While I don't feel any effects, it's tiring to just stand around doing nothing while acting as a battery converter. I half lean with my face squishing the cool rock as I wait for Lilyanne to tire out, emptying her mana pools far faster than her little body could restore it. She already charged so much these past few days too.Bookmark here

Lilyanne was told to focus on pushing but for over an hour I felt like we were just standing around.Bookmark here

But hey I'm the one who can't feel the magic here. Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

Back on the surface again I run into Amar and Lukas before I do Tamera and Vincent For why Lilyanne and I separate, well she's getting coddled by grampa somewhere for being tired and I got bored.Bookmark here

In this space that is grampa's domain, don't I essentially have free rein to roam where I please? There's not a soul here who doesn't recognize the Lord commander's precious grandchildren.Bookmark here

Still, it takes a lot of guts or foolishness to ambush me the way these two have.Bookmark here

"Is it true?!"Bookmark here

"What is Lukas? And get off of me already!"Bookmark here

"Hi Rosalia! Sorry, Rosalia.Bookmark here

"Hi to you too Amar. Now, will you guys get off me?"Bookmark here

Today it is not a Rosalia sandwich but a dogpile, with me at the bottom. I sense no other children around, though I know they exist. These two must have sought me out specifically.Bookmark here

"The good thing!"Bookmark here

"The what now?"Bookmark here

"What Lukas wants to say is that the kitchens are talking about this amazing thing. It's called something like 'pizza' -"Bookmark here

"Word is that it can only be made not by your house but by you. Is that true? Is it even better than a soda?! Oh do you still have any more of that too?"Bookmark here

"Pizza? The kitchens are talking about it to the troops?"Bookmark here

"Nah, Marcus hears it Grendada who heard from Shurine who talked to Old Tonka who works deliveries."Bookmark here

"...You heard from who?"Bookmark here

Is Lukas a little boy or a gossipy middle-aged woman?Bookmark here

"But Dana confirms it too because she's worked both the cafeteria and your home's kitchens."Bookmark here

"Ah that makes more sense, thank you Amar."Bookmark here

"So? Is it amazingly delicious?"Bookmark here

"It's not even ready yet, but I like it a lot. That's why I'm trying to make it just right"Bookmark here

"Sounds good enough for me, right Amar?" grins Lukas.Bookmark here

"Tasty things are tasty." the other boy nods along.Bookmark here

It's interesting how news gets around but it makes sense if my kitchen staff and the cafeteria here work hand in hand. I mean the ovens here are much larger and we get the bread rolls delivered ...wait a minute.Bookmark here

The ovens here are better for making bread....hmm.Bookmark here

"So Rosalia, when will they be ready?! Everyone talks about this 'pizza' like it's a legend or something. I have to try it before I leave, please please please."Bookmark here

Lukas begs, puppy eyes on full force. I should call it a piggy eye but I can't blame him. I also got always got excited when hearing about new restaurant openings or food trends. Internet foodporn videos did not help. Amar pats his friend's back in support.Bookmark here

"We're really glad Lukas gets to go apprentice with Gable but since everyone is talking about this pizza-"Bookmark here

"Please please please let me try it before I go."Bookmark here

This gives me another idea actually.Bookmark here

"And everyone's heard about it?"Bookmark here

"Uh yeah, did I not say it enough before?"Bookmark here

"No no no you said plenty Lukas. But do you think people would be willing to help?"Bookmark here

"Of course, duh. Why wouldn't they?!"Bookmark here

"Bartering, favors, and work are traded more than money around here Rosalia. But I see people gamble with money a lot? A lot of things work."Bookmark here

Yes, work and barter. A lot like school or prison. I can work with this.Bookmark here

"Well then listen up! Follow my instructions carefully and I promise you all the pizza you can possibly eat."Bookmark here

After all, what kind of going away party is better than a pizza party?Bookmark here

-----Bookmark here

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