Chapter 1:

Chapter One

The Foreign Yakuza

The world doesn't wait for you or behave in accordance with your wishes. David had a consistent memory of these phrases from his early years. He came from a large family of six in the corrupt political and administrative system of a developing nation. Since he was a young child, he had been taught that his family did not have enough money and that he should have lower expectations of his peers. As he grew older, he increasingly gave up on himself and his goals in an effort to save his parents' embarrassment and improve the lives of his siblings.

His confidence gradually declined as a result of this behavior, and he started to isolate himself from those around him. Because of his limited resources, he was reluctant to spend time out with his friends and grew progressively more alone. Despite this, he cherished his studies and made an effort to please his family, especially his mother, who constantly commended him for his academic progress.

After some time, David enrolled in college. He was a tall boy with gray eyes, an aquiline nose, and brown hair. He worked and studied concurrently during his time as a student so he could pay for his education and living expenses without putting a burden on his family. But he continued to prefer being alone, and the only places he had friends were on campus. He felt that spending money was necessary for enjoyment and camaraderie, and he could not afford to do this with his hard-earned money.

He had the same view of emotional attachments, and following a failed attempt, he made the decision to postpone love and affection until he had sufficient financial backing.

Despite all the challenges, he managed to earn a bachelor's and a master's degree in quick succession with good grades. After much work, he was eventually able to enter Tokyo University at the age of 25 and be awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government. Even though he believed Japan to be a developed and civilized nation, he had little awareness of its realities, making this opportunity a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him. He had always wanted to live outside of his own country.

He finished all of his work in three months, and with the help of his funds from part-time student jobs, he was able to pay the deposit for his trip to Japan. David had no idea how his visit to Japan would alter the course of the rest of his life. Maybe he should remember that the world always has a problem for you in addition to his typical sentence.

It's been about six months since he arrived in Tokyo. He was able to interact with locals during this period since he had passed the Japanese conversation course, and he was gradually becoming accustomed to his new surroundings. He had a good time being a PhD student. He did not have to work while he was a student because the scholarship's funding covered both his living expenses and his tuition.

He was trusted and was able to quickly build a positive relationship with his mentor, Prof. Okada. Everyone at the Faculty of Science knew him as a quiet but responsible individual, and without realizing it, he had quickly become quite well-liked by the students.

He had to go through the rain to his rented accommodation after a long day of work because it was the middle of the rainy season. “Don't be fatigued, David; you did well today.” Professor Okada smiled as he approached him as he was folding his white coat. “Do the analysis on time and present the findings to me before our meeting the following week.”

“Sure, Professor, I'll start tonight and try to deliver the results to you as soon as possible” David replied with a nod of agreement.

- Don't rush, young man; you have a lot of work to do tomorrow, when you will be my assistant and teach undergraduate biology students. Instead, get plenty of rest and complete your assignments when you have time. Take care of yourself on the way back; I won't need any more of your time.

David bowed in the traditional Japanese manner and said, “Thank you, Professor. Have a good night.” as he turned his back on him to make sure everything was off and in order. After turning off the lights and grabbing his umbrella, he left the lab.

He frequently took city trains to get home. It took only 9–10 minutes to travel by rail from Wakamatsu-Kawada Station, which was not far from his house, to Hongo-Sanchome Station, which was near the university. He liked walking in the rain, and it was a light rain that day, so he made the decision to walk. He didn't care that it would take him at least an hour to walk there.

He opened his umbrella, and as soon as he was about to leave the building, a voice said, "David?" He turned his head and saw Yonas. This warm and happy boy was from Madagascar, and he is doing his PhD in another department of the Faculty of Science. Always noticed for his skin color, he approached David with a wide smile and said, "How are you, my friend? Are you going home?" David said with a smile, "I'm fine, Jonas; yes, I'm done with my work today and I'm leaving; how are you? Are things going well?"

- If Prof. Murai permits it, I'm not bad. I'm so exhausted; now I have to go home and read the reference book in its entirety once more.

- Be patient; he may seem severe, but he is an experienced individual.

Yunas added, “Japanese people are very patient” and then he nodded in agreement. “Can I accompany you to the station?” he asked with a bashful smile “I didn't bring my umbrella” David graciously grinned and replied, “Of course, my friend, let's go” and they proceeded to walk to the station together.

They said their goodbyes in front of the station, and Jonas boarded the train bound for Koto City, the opposite direction of David. David was tempted to take the train home for a second, but when he saw the rain, he shrugged and walked out of the station.

In order to block out the city's background noise and enjoy his time alone, he inserted his hands-free into his ears. He then strolled aimlessly through the streets. When he was informed that his cell phone's battery was low, he had already gone more than halfway there. He paused the song reluctantly and hid the hands-free in his luggage. Before he took a few more steps, he overheard a voice in the distance coming from an alley.

He was not a curious guy by nature, and he always preferred to keep to himself, but at that time he found himself unwittingly lured to the alley. Three people were beating someone 5 meters from the end of the dark alley. David was not a fighter, and furthermore, it was against the law for a foreigner to damage a Japanese person without first getting deported. He pulled out his phone, stood in the middle of the roadway, and shouted, "Hey! "Let him go!" Before David could threaten to contact the police, the attackers looked up but were only able to make out the enormous figure of the announcer in the brilliant shadow of the alley. As a result, they ran across the alley.

Confused, David stood still for a few moments, but then he remembered the beaten person and entered the alley. A young boy was lying near the garbage and was breathing hard. Given his height and build, he's probably a high schooled, David thought. He must have been involved with the wrong people. He bent down next to him and gently said, “Are you okay, boy? Can you get up?” The boy was shaken and half stood up. His face was bruised in several places; his right eye was swollen, and the corner of his lip was torn.

Once more, David said, “Can you stand up? Would you like me to make an ambulance call?” But the youngster did nothing but stare at him impassively. he was hoisted off the ground by David, who swore, took off his jacket, placed it over his shoulders, and gently gripped her armpit. Fortunately, his legs were sound, although he appeared bewildered and unaware of his surroundings.

He initially intended to take the youngster to the hospital or a clinic via cab, but he soon regretted it because he could get into trouble if they suspected he had hurt the boy. He assumed the youngster had said something as he stood in the alley, bowed his head, and exclaimed, “What? Have you spoken up?” “No hospital” a feeble voice retorted.

- What?! Why? terribly beating you!

There was no sound for a few moments, and David thought that the boy had passed out. Just as he was determined to take the risk and take him to the hospital, the boy's weak voice said, “No hospital… Leave me here… I'm fine... I don't need your help…” David said with a sigh, “You're hurt like this and you say you're fine? Okay, I won't take you to the hospital, but I can't leave you here. If you're really fine, come with me; my house is nearby, if you can get there, I will leave you” and started to move.

The youngster, who was helpless to object, began to proceed slowly but almost passed out before reaching the end of the alley. David, who was taller and found it difficult to drag him alongside him, knelt down and turned him onto his back. He had gone home sooner because the rain was growing heavier.

Throughout the way, he kept wondering why he had done this at all. If something bad happened to the youngster, who would be held accountable but him? What if the youngster suffered a concussion or internal bleeding? But if he refused to go to the hospital, does that imply there was a problem? Why did he actually get involved? He got home with these thoughts and quick steps.

His home was a 15-meter room in an old two-story, eight-room boarding house. He did not communicate with his neighbors and was unfamiliar with them. He climbed the stairs with effort and a load on his shoulders to Unit 7, his room. He entered, opened the door, and gently placed the boy down. He quickly brought a towel and cleaned the boy's head before escorting him to the main area of the room, where he sat on the floor and leaned against his bed.

The boy's white t-shirt was fully soaked and soiled; he had to remove it to examine his body and avoid getting a cold. He cautiously removed his shirt, but something caught him off guard. His left chest and right arm were covered in tattoos. Why should a high school student get a tattoo? Was he one of those high school lads who looked for fights and trouble? Is that why he refused to go to the hospital, so his family and school wouldn't find out?

He shook his head and pushed these thoughts away. This boy's personal difficulties were unimportant to him; he placed a hand on his skinny and slightly trained body. His body was free of scars and bruises, as if they had just targeted his face. He dried himself tenderly with a towel, draped the towel over her shoulders, stood up, went to the cabinet over the sink, and returned with the first aid kit.

He tried to place him on the bed after cleaning the wounds and treating the initial facial injuries, but found that his pants were also wet. He removed the boy's pants with hesitation and embarrassment and attempted to dry his legs without looking at his lower body. Fortunately, his underwear was not wet, so he quickly changed into a boy's t-shirt from his luggage. Because of his body type, the t-shirt was too big for him and reached his thighs.

He sighed and tossed him onto the bed, covering him with a blanket. It was only then that he realized he was damp, shivering, and hungry. He decided to take a hot shower before eating. The boy's respiration was normal, and there was most likely no significant issue. As he walked to the bathroom, he thought to himself, “I hope I don't get in trouble. God, give me a luck”


He'd arrived home at the height of the heat, as he often did. He despised summer classes, but he had little choice due to a lack of work in the tests. He envied Yosuke and Kotaru, who could spend their summer holidays at the pool with their girlfriends. He walked into the house, exhausted, and exclaimed, “I'm here!” However, there was no response to the welcome.

“Where are they going in this heat?” he wondered as he removed his shoes. He placed his hand on the hall door handle, assuming that the air conditioner had been turned on and that he might cool himself, perhaps by looking in the refrigerator for something to eat. With this notion in mind, he grinned, unlocked the door, and entered the room, but all he saw in front of his eyes was crimson and blood!

He abruptly opened his eyes and shifted from lying down to sitting up. The anguish on his face caused him to pull himself together as he panted. His cheeks were flushed, and his temples throbbed. The right eye had to be forced open. He used his left eye to glance around. He had no idea what was going on in that room! What exactly was he doing here? He pushed his mind; he was returning to his buddies before the evening when he was abruptly grabbed from behind. They hit him on the head, and he was bewildered and watched being pulled into the alley, and afterwards he just remembered the pain and the blows.

The sound of water was coming from somewhere outside the wide window of the room, even though the rain had ceased and the weather was gloomy. He looked at himself and furiously realized that they had taken off his clothes and placed on a loose and ludicrous dress. They must have dragged him here after he fainted to punish him and kick his pride. As he fisted his palm fiercely, the sound of the water stopped. He stood up quickly. There was a pair of scissors on the tiny table in the middle of the room. He snatched them up and hurried to the bathroom door. He had to show these scum that he fell with him. What ramifications!


The bath was warm and comfortable. David had washed the boy's clothes together with his own, tied the towel around his waist, got the basket of wet clothes, and opened the bathroom door. As soon as he intended to go out of the door, he was hit by a heavy trunk, the basket was freed from his grasp, and he himself did not fall to the floor by force or with the help of the door handle, but he lost his equilibrium and sat on the floor.

At the door, the child with one healthy and angry eye, clutching a pair of scissors, exclaimed harshly, “What kind of trash are you, you bastard? They've gotten to the stage where they're hiring foreigners? You're a jerk among jerks, and they sold me to you?! Huh?! Come up, speak up!”

When the youngster repeated, “Why are you looking at me like an idiot, bastard?” David was only looking at him in shock. “What?! can't you speak Japanese?” David shook his head and remarked "I know Japanese, so if you talk a bit more slowly, I can understand you better”

“Oh, look, what a creditor the foreigner is!” the youngster exclaimed as he furrowed his brows. “So who are you? How did you bring me here?”

“Could you let me get dressed first?” David asked as he sat down, shuddering. After giving him a few moments to think, the boy answered, “Okay, but be careful not to play smart, or I'll tear you to pieces” David nodded while he sighed. He left the bathroom while being closely watched after cautiously rising and grabbing the laundry basket.

In the corner of the room, with his back to the boy, he put on the clothes and then sat on the floor next to the table. The boy, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed watching him the whole time, said as he played with the scissors in his hand, "Well, now talk." David sighed and said, “First of all, I'm glad you're safe, but really, this way of talking Not right for a boy your age” As soon as the boy was about to say something, David continued, “But it's none of my business; I'm David, David Powell; I'm a student; and today, out of luck, I decided to come here on foot” and he pointed to the room and continued “I mean my home”

"Unfortunately, I heard a commotion from an alley on the way," he added, taking a big breath. I'm not sure why I snooped and moved to the side. Three people were hitting one victim, but they fled when they saw me." He extended his hand. "That person was you," he continued, pointing to the youngster. I was about to call an ambulance or carry you to the hospital, but you declined. However, because I couldn't leave, I brought you here with me. That was the end of the narrative."

The boy, who was still looking at David with suspicion, said, “Do you expect me to believe this nonsense? You bring everyone you find to your house and strip them?!” David shrugged his shoulders and said while pointing “My phone is charging in the corner; if you don't believe me, you can call the police. I'm sorry about your clothes, but they were wet and dirty. If I had left your body, the sheets would have been dirty and you might have caught a cold; that's why I had to bring you in and dry you.” Then, pointing to the basket, he said, “I washed yours and my own clothes; if you let me spread them out, you can wear them again when they dry” The boy paused and said "Really, you don’t know me or them?”

- If you're referring to the assailants, I didn't see their faces. Not to mention you; I've just been in Japan for 6 months and don't know anyone my age, let alone a high school boy.

The boy frowned. “high school boy? Me?!” And David nodded his head in response. The boy said angrily “Why do you think I'm a kid? You're so big, desert giant!” David blinked and said softly, “I'm sorry; I didn't mean to offend you; your face is hurt; I made a wrong judgment based on your physique; I'm sorry”

The boy grinned and commented “Very polite for a foreigner” before dropping the scissors on the ground. In shock, David said “Do you trust me?” the boy shook his head and replied “You're not like liars; you would have hurt me while I was unconscious” David nodded and asked “May I know your name and age? Of course, if you want”

- Akira, Shinka Akira. I am 27 years old.

David said in disbelief “What?! 27?!! You mean you're older than me?” Akira slightly tilted his head and said, “I'm older than you? You look like dad!” David nodded firmly “I'm 25!”

- are you kidding?!

- No! Why should I do this! wait.

After saying this, he got up, took his bag, which was in the corner of the room, took out a card from it, and pointed it towards Akira. Suspiciously, he took the card from his hand and took a look. As if it were a student card, he looked at the date of birth on the card and saw that he was right. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “look like you really younger; it doesn't suit your figure” David took the card with a shy smile and put it in his bag and said, "You must be hungry; I'm very hungry; please wait a few moments while I hang up clothes, then I will prepare food."

And he stood up and went to the basket without looking at him. Akira sat back down on the bed, woozy. He was still wary of this foreigner. It's possible that all of his remarks were lies, and he was looking for an opportunity. As soon as his clothes were dry, he should have returned to headquarters.

Without noticing the boy, David spread out the clothing, walked to his small refrigerator, pulled out two packages of ready-made noodles, and started the water boiling. He reflected on his luck and misfortune as he waited. The youngster was in good health and truly believed what he said, but he was also an adult and might have criminal intentions. Thinking, in any case, was useless. It would have been preferable if his clothing had dried sooner. He yearned to enjoy his calm and solitude once more.

“Shinka-san, if you want, you can use my phone and call your family so they can look for you” he offered while waiting for the water to boil. “Don't tell me, Shinka-san!” Akira said as he lay down. “That is a word I despise! Besides, I don't have a family!” he grumbled.

David paused briefly before pouring boiling water into the bowl of noodles, and as he carried the plates to the table, he remarked, “I'm sorry, but you're older than me, and according to Japanese culture, it's not right to call you by an empty family name.Why do you despise it?” And he didn't bring up the subject of family. “These customs belong to the Japanese; it is not necessary for a foreigner like you to observe them” he added as he sat back on the bed “I despise it since they used to mock me by calling me Shinkansen instead of Shinka-san!”

“I understand; sorry” David said, nodding “So, if it's all right with you, I'll call you Akira-san” As he picked up his bowl of noodles, he said “Call it whatever you want; I don't care” He then lifted the lid. He took some noodles with a chopstick from the steam pouring out and put them in his mouth. He spits the contents of his mouth back into the noodle dish due to the heat and wounds within his mouth.

David said sadly, “You shouldn't be in such a hurry; I don't know what their problem was with you, but they burned your face as much as they could; you should let the food cool down and then eat” and he started eating. Akira answered with a disgusted look and closed his eyes a little. He heard again, “I'm sorry that I don't have better food; I'm mostly alone, and no one comes to my house. That's why I eat whatever happens” and continued to eat.

Akira looked at him with a healthy eye. This foreigner was odd; he was easy to work with while also keeping his distance. He didn't ask him any questions while he was helping him, and even after he regained consciousness, he didn't ask him to leave right away. With a growling tummy, he came to a halt, took up his bowl of noodles, and began eating cautiously.

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